Saturday, November 25, 2023

Rats, dirty stikin Rats!



Finished up this classic Skaven Warband that my sone had run way back in the day. He never got around to painting them, so over the last week I got them painted up.

The Whole Warband, The Copperheads

The Leader, Copper Head himself.

A Skaven Warlock

A couple of Spear and Shield Skaven

A Flail and dual wielding sword rat

A few Slingers, rat with claws and throwing stars 

This was a fun project to bring to life, my son was over on Thanksgiving and knew as soon as he saw them and had a huge smile on his face, something in his eye told me he is itching to go back to the dammed city!

Happy Thanksgiving travelers.


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Codsticker said...

I got into The Hobby just as Mordheim hit the shelves. I loved the Skaven models and I was awash in nostalgia looking at your photos.