Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Halloween Time

 Okay, just in time for Halloween, I painted up a few Reaper models to be used with my Warhammer Quest games, or any sort of fantasy. Enjoy

Happy Halloween folks!


Friday, October 27, 2023

Incoming Big Stompy Robot stuff!


Got busy on some more CAV models the other day. I have a large collection, but these I recently purchased from Talon Games. Like a few folks I got excited about the pending launch of the new GW Epic game, but the delays sort of bummed me out. I then took a hard look at what do I have that could simulate the same sort of game, two ideas came to me, one, CAV and the other Wiley Games Battle suit Alpha.

So I busted out BA and started looking at it, and hence the reason for purchasing more CAV models. John has some very nice models and it was time to get a few more. 

First up are the new Tsuiski II aircraft which look very similar to a Warthog, which is one of my favorite aircraft and this futuristic take looks cool!

Tsuiseki II

Next up was a new new CAV model, the Kodiak, reminds me a little of the old Battletech Hunchback.


I also picked up these two Cobras, love the way the packs on the shoulders invoke that Cobra Hood in a weird sort of way.

Up next were some of the new Infantry models that I picked up, one nice thing about CAV model range, its all in scale with itself. Something that used to bug me in Battletech, the mechs were never in scale, say a spider was the same height of a Battle Master, one was a lite mech & the other was a Heavy mech, but were the same size. Well John at Talon makes all his models in scale which is roughly 10mm. Here you can see just how big a CAV model is to an infantry man.

Scale of models

And here is a close up of the infantry, went with a very simple scheme for them and they have just enough detail on them. 

Infantry models for CAV

So there you go, another batch of models kicked out, still have a bunch on the table to get to.


Thursday, October 19, 2023

Pirates, Desperados and Ghosts!


Been getting back into the swing of painting and finished up a few Pirates that I have had laying around for years, all but the Captain, are Foundry, I think the Not Capt Jack is from Black Cat Miniatures. It was nice to get the brushes back in action.

A bunch of Scallywags!

Now they are upstanding sailors!

Next up, a few Pulp Miniatures Banditos, I picked these guys up from Adepticon well over 5 years ago and wanted to get them painted.

We don't need any stinkin badges!

This is an Idol I picked up from Reaper a few months ago, was going to use it in my Viking games, but realized I can use it pretty much for any period really. It reminds me of the idol from 13th Warrior.

Mother goddess???

Take what you can & leave nothing behind!

Then while listening to Apache by the Shadows, I had a great idea for a Boot Hill scenario for FfoL and needed some ghostly gunfighters. I had a bunch of Foundry old west models around and they are shorter then my other ranges I have. So I decided they would be perfect for some Undead!

Ghostly Gunfighters

And here is the colors I used to paint these guys, no GW foundation paint here, just good old layer painting. Yes that is an old Citadel Colours Blue Wash, its about 30+ years old and still has half the bottle left!

Lots of colors!

Well there you go, the brushes are back to painting and getting that mojo back, now to find time to play some games, its been months since I rolled dice!


Tuesday, October 17, 2023

A few new Scallywags!

 So got back to painting a few more pirates, there may be a familiar face in there, its nice to be actually painting again.

A few Pirate scum

And I also painted up a few banditos as well.

We dont need any stinkin badges!

So just a quick post...


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

More buildings for Pirates!


Got this new building assembled last night, they call it a corner tavern from Sarrisa Precision, It has a very Caribbean feel to it and all the buildings I plan to add a Spanish style roof to the buildings. With these newest additions to my collection I can now do a nice little port town for pirates to raid. 

Corner Tavern

Back side of Tavern

A group collection of the newest buildings.

Next up as I said, Spanish tile roofing and then onto paint, so stay tuned.


Monday, October 09, 2023

New settlement rises


The first building for my LotHS table was built this weekend, the Simple Block house. Nice little kit and the kit allows for the doors to open as well as the shudders if you choose. I will be adding tape to the doors to act as hinges and will be opening up the shudders as well. But it feels nice to get back to a fun project that has been in the works for years. 

Simple Block House

I also put together these two fountains that can really be used for any period really, its for the Gangs of Rome line, but a fountain is a fountain to me. You get two fountains in the kit which is nice.

So there you go, a couple of terrain pieces completed, now have about four more buildings to assemble for this LotHS table.


Wednesday, October 04, 2023

The Old West and Caribbean just got a little bigger!


With my renewed vigor for gaming, I took the plunge and purchased a few buildings for some Old West Gaming and some Pirate gaming, my go to Sarrissa Precision

I ordered last week and today the box arrived well intact, the only thing that had any damage was the little candy they threw in there, the weight of the building kits smashed it...LOL

So here is the haul, first up a nice color catalog that they threw into the box, very nicely done, nice pictures of all there stuff. 

2023 color catalog!

Next up items for the Caribbean build project, Fountains. I suppose I could use these for Old west down in old Mexico.
Fountains, there are two in there I think.

Next the actual buildings for the Caribbean, these are from their Mediterranean line and look like some nice Spanish buildings.
Simple Block House

Corner Tavern

Two Story Farmhaouse

Two story building

Next up are the buildings for my Old West table, I have been needing a nice bank, and when my buddy came out from Kansas last year, we went to Tombstone and this bank looks like the one down there.

Brick Bank for the Desperados to rob!

Blacksmith for all your wagon and horse shoe repairs!

Hotel. looks like one that was down in Tombstone.

Dead mans bundle, an Undertaker, Boot Hill and an Undertakers shop with Hearse.   

So there you go, Just a few buildings to keep me busy for awhile.