Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Black Flag over the Horizon!

So]]This past weekend a couple of friends of mine did a Paint weekend, it was designed to get folks painting and we were going to work on LI, but you could also work on other stuff. So I had dug out a few pirate models that I wanted to get painted, well one thing turned into another and by Monday, I had painted a total of 79 models! Here are the results. 

Old Glory captives

More Old Glory, this being some Governor types, all but one (the Cook) are Old Glory. The cook is from Black Cat. 

An assortment of Old Glory Captains

Old Glory armed civilians.

A few more Captains from Old Glory.

Old Glory sailors

These are old Foundry models

A mix, on the left, and Center Black Cat, right is an old Ral Partha dancer.

More Old Glory pirates

All but the drummer are Old Glory, the drummer is an old Foundry.

So there you go, more Pirates for some games of LotHS and some models that have been waiting for some paint for a very long time.


Monday, February 12, 2024

Is Legion Imperialis Dead??



I got on the GW bandwagon again and got all excited about Legion Imperialis (LI) as I was a big time Epic player back in the day. So when I heard about this I was ready to plunk down some money for it, then it got delayed. So i sat and waited, hoping that this would be different then the other GW FOMO releases.

Well the game finally hit stores a few months later and I happily jumped back into it, but I noticed that it was difficult to buy much else for the game. But I figured I would pick up another box set and be good to go. I even found a guy online doing the LI cards as a PDF as the ones GW made were online only and sold out initially. Not a problem I thought, more product will hit the shelves.

But I did notice that not everything was listed in the main book and that had me wondering, but I was happy to have two box sets and had two good sized forces. So I happily started to assemble the tiny tanks and infantry.

Then GW announced a new book coming out for LI, a campaign book and GW said there would be new units in the book, rumor is that there are only two units in this new book. So GW is releasing a new book, more then likely the two units (which are rumored to be Speeders and Drop Pods) are going to release alongside the book. But we still do not have a restock on the units that came out at launch.

Now GW has a notice up about shipping delays to North America and the internet is a buzz with rumors of GW boycotting the US (I don't believe that at all). But what I am thinking is that GW under produced how much stock they would have not knowing if LI would be successful. 

This has me wondering if it was a mistake to jump into this game (and invest $400.00) on the game so far. With the lack of being able to get product ( my local store had nothing as of yesterday) and the fact that GW is pushing yet another book (THE GW Book Club) has me re thinking my decision about this game. I know a lot of folks are thinking the same thing. This is sounding like the death blow for this game, the lack of availability and releases being tied to yet more books has a bunch of folks wondering and saying that this game is dead on arrival. 

So all of this has me wondering what to do, part of me wants to sell off the two boxes I have, another part of me says to keep it. For now both boxes and all the stuff are packed back up in the boxes sitting on my shelf until I see an improvement with product availability or I decide that I need to clear space for it. The sad part is the funds I spent on it could have gone to so many other projects that I am working on. But its looking as if GW did it too me again and I should have known better and expected it.


Thursday, February 01, 2024



Follow up to the last post, I was chatting with a buddy about this because GW has re released the Old World and people are diving back into Warhammer. I was explaining to my friend that I was feeling the urge to start a new long project and not wanting it to be a GW project per say. I am already starting to feel duped by GW with Legions, seems that GW is really a book club now...LOL

So back to this, after chatting my buddy really helped me zero in on what I was feeling. I wanted to play a good older game, possibly host an event and try to build up a community of players for the game. I have been fascinated how some games like Mordheim, Inquistor and some others have lived on. Heck there have been some awesome events in the past few years for these wonderful old games.

Our talk turned to Blood Bowl, we had a local BB event called Grumble Bowl that was held here in Phoenix but it hasn't happened for a few years. So we thought why not jump in and host the event again, so I reached out the organizer to ask, but it seems that he will be back in the valley in the Fall to run the event again. So scratch that idea, I had thought of doing another BB event, but I dont want to step on anyone's toes.  

So my buddy asked what is it that you are really wanting to do, run an event, or build a community, I responded I wanted to play some fun games. He then said what about Legends of the High Seas? You wrote it and love the game. I told him I would, but its hard to get new players into a game that they could not readily get or the cost is too high for the books on the secondary market. But he said, if people want to play, they will buy in and get the rules.

With that thought, I figured, he has a point, LotHS is now a classic old game, I mean it is now 16 years old! I do love the game I wrote and enjoy the pirate action. I have also been watching Black Sails so that is fueling some of the interest in Pirates again. And strangely, my Sirus channel that I have been listening to is Hans Zimmer, who did the original sound track...Hmmm Oh and a few months back, I bought the Blood & Plunder two player box set, not to play that, but to use the figures and ships for LotHS. So really, I knew sub consciously I wanted to get back into LotHS. 

So what does this mean, well it means at least for know, I will be working on pirates and doing some writing for LotHS, I always planned on expanding the crews and doing an event for the game. But it seems that I am back, playing a great game and feel inspired to create more for the awesome game that I wrote all those years ago.