Monday, May 26, 2014

Been Busy, Really Busy!


May is almost gone and I figure I better get in a blog post, so here you go folks! So what have I been doing, well for one thing playing games and to be more specific, Flames of War. A few of us have been talking about doing some late war games with the Operation Market Garden book. Unfortunately I did not have any late war models, so I had to get on the ball and figure something out.

Well after looking through the Bridge By Bridge book and saw the Jagdpanther list, so after a quick trip to my local store, I picked up these big cats. So here are three vehicles that I painted up over the last few weeks. I plan to pick up at least three more of these awesome tanks.

Three Jagdpanters!

Here Kitty Kitty!

The Platoon Leader

 So besides the kitties, I started working on a US Para force based off of the 82nd Airborne. The 82nd saw a lot of combat and is not as well known as the 101st airborne. Also I wanted to paint some airborne up a little differently than what I have done in the past. The 82nd jumped with the new green uniforms, so I thought this would be different than the standard khaki color. So here is what I got finished up this weekend for the army. 

The Commander and 2iC

Platoon 1, all plastic airborne BF models

Platoon #2, all metal BF models

Platoon #3, all metal BF models

MG Platoon, BF models

57mm Anti Tank guns, BF models

Armored Jeep, BF models

British Armour, BF models

The whole army so far!
So there you go, one new army ready to go for Operation Market Garden. Also stay tuned fans, I will have a new announcement very soon on another project that I am working on, many people are going to like this one, it will be HEROIC!