Friday, April 25, 2008

Adepticon Lord of the Rings


This year at Adepticon they were running a Lord of the Rings team tournament, which I really wanted to play in, but duty called and I could not play. Although I get time to sneak away and take a few pictures during the event. Here are a few of the armies as well as their display boards, I tried to get everyone but was not able.
On Saturday & Sunday a few of the guys from Adeptus Windy City LotR group hosted a LotR Demo game, here are a few shots of the board, which was a Moria board as well as Balins Tomb.

Here is the Balin board and the Fellowship of the Ring.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Adepticon WAB Events

Besides going to Adepticon to run demos, Hank Edley recruited me to run the Warhamer Ancient Battles tournament. We we running two events, a Singles Open tournament and a Team Tournament. The Singles Open event pitted 2000 point armies against each other with these three scenarios, Meeting Engagement, Take and Hold and Pitched Battle.

Prizes were award for Best Overall Battle Points, Best Sprtsmenship, Best Apperance and Time to Start a New Army award for the lowest points scored. Here are a few pictures of the event:

Here are a few pictures of the armies in action and up close.

Here is the Best Overall Battle Points army, Macedonians by Hank Edley and played by Mike Horton.

Here is Eric Hagens Viking Army that won Best Apperance.

Here are a few pictures during the Team Event which players each took 1000 points to combine into a 2000 point army. The three scenarios were Flank Attack, Break Through and Pitched Battle. The WAB events were all very laid back and I ran them like we do here in Phoenix as well as at Historicon. Everyone who played enjoyed themselves and will be comming back next year. Here is a few pictures o the Team event.

And here is Hank Edleys wife rolling better than he was during the event, see WAB at Adepticon is a family affair!

Adepticon was a blast, Hank and the Crew did an outstanding job, so much so I will be going back next year to run the WAB events in 2009.