Sunday, April 24, 2011

So, since my last post was detailing the rules, I thought I would start assembling my Moria Army and give you some thoughts.

Well as I said, this army will be based off of the Moria army list and since I only have 175 points to spend, I thought why not go with the Durburz, the Goblin King of Moria.

(Sorry for the blurry picture, but my cameras batteries died after taking these pictures!)

At 60 points, that took my points down to 115 points to spend. So what better way than to take some elite Goblins, so I opted for 8 Goblin Prowler at 7 points a piece. Prowlers fit the fluff since Goblin kings take these guys since they are loyal and the fact that they have two-handed weapons was a plus. Add the Backstabber rule which gives them a +1 to wound added on top of the +1 for having two handed weapons, and you have some scary goblins that can dish out damage. So eight of these guys come in at 56 points, leaving me with 59 points to spend.

So I spent 30 points to pick up 6 Goblins with shields for 30 points. Now these goblins have left over shields from other kits, I figured that I wanted some variety in my goblin force and these guys sure add that.
So that left me with 29 points out of the 175, so I went with 5 Goblins with spear leaving me with 4 points left over. I decided that I wanted to go with spear over bows since at this lower level game, there would not be too many bows (although with Jerry Playing Elves that could be a problem!).

So there you go, 171 points spent, that leaves me with an extra 4 points to add to next months points. (Yes guys, if you don't spend all your points you can bank them until next month!) So now with the army picked, now to get painting!


Monday, April 18, 2011

A Tale of Four Lord of the Rings Gamers

So, well over 13 years ago, Games Workshop had an article in White Dwarf called "A Tale of Four Gamers" that focused on four Staff members while they built 4 separate Warhammer Fantasy armies. The article was a huge success and it even caused White Dwarf to re-run the article but with four staffers that would build four Warhammer 40K armies, which once again was a huge success.

Well that got me thinking, hey why not do one for Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. Well that's what I am going to do, so in the next few months you will see a few articles that are going to follow me building a LotR army. Now in order for this to work, I needed three other folks to join me on this little crazy quest. So who did I con..I mean convince, well here are the other three suckers that will be joining me.

DrunkenSamurai (aka Robert) from Drunken Samurai Painting Blog. It is no surprise that Robert would be one of the folks I invited, he has been itching to start on a Dwarf force, but I will let him talk about that.

Next up is Jerry of Jerry's Big Picture. Jerry is a great guy and had been hounding me for about a year to buy my Elf army from me, so about a month ago I broke down sold it to him. So that should be his army.

We also have Mike from Da Green Skins. Mike has been a recent addition to our little game group and has jumped in to the LotR gaming all the way. His army was outstanding at GitD this year and he is planning on building a Uruk-hai army.

Now as for me, well I have decided to build a Moria Goblin army. I figure I have about 100+ goblins waiting to get painted and it is about time that they see some paint.

So with that here are the rules that are self imposed.

This little quest will last for the next 4 months and we will start out with 175 points and each month we will increase it by 175 points to a grand total of 700 points.

Each person will be responsible for getting an update out of there progress by the first of the next month. So the May month will be posted June 1st and so on with the final update being on September 1st. Each person can do more updates but they must have one showing what they got done for that month.

We will also be using the point system that was in the 2008 White Dwarf article of the following:

Models painted on time +5pts
Models painted late +3pts
Models Not painted +0pts.

So, you may be asking what is the winner going to get? What are the stakes? Well the losers will have to take the winner out to dinner at his favorite eatery and they will have to pick up the tab for him.

So stay tuned to this and the other blogs as we do brief introductions and what we are planning on doing...