Monday, October 19, 2020

Testing, testing, is this thing on...

 Welcome Gaslanders,

So got another build completed this past week, I have been wanting to do something with the rules that is called Wall of Amps, the artwork is like the truck in the latest Mad Max movie with the guitar player, but I had other ideas.

In my mind I pictured the car to be more like the Blues Brothers car with a big speaker on top. But the rules for Wall of Amp say that it effects everything around the car.Looking at my bits, I had a bunch of these satellite looking dishes that seemed to work as well as this rocket looking part I took from a donor car. 

Mock Up on a Ford wagon.

But as I looked at the rules closer, the Wall of Amps could only go on a truck and my idea of using the wagon didn't work. So I decided to make the wagon a truck by cutting off the wagon roof! I also was not happy with the larger front "speakers" so I used a couple of other guns I had that looked good. I also added a blower to the car as it needed something on the hood, this came from a donor car as well.

Mocked up final look. 

Gluing everything in place.

I also added a driver as well as floral wire to represent "speaker wires" which would add to the make shift look of the car. At this point I was ready to paint and was thinking of what colors to use, after looking at the primed model, I choose black as I knew I wanted to do light weathering on the car and I knew this would stand out.

Amp car completed!

Front end shot!

Back end with part of the "amp" from the donor car I kept. 

Painted up details that really make the car pop!

All in all this was a very fun car to build and I am very happy how it looks completed, it has that Blues Brother look mixed in with a little Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters feel to it, something that looks like a crazy man came up with in his garage!


Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Welcome to Orctober!


My buddy Mike over at the Dagreenskins blog is a huge orc fan, he loves the Green Skins. Well he does a live stream every Saturday Morning (Whats Up with Mike and Jeff) and they decided that in October that they would work on Orc models calling it Dagreenskins Orctober Fest. Well a bunch of us decided to join along and paint up at least one Orc as well.

So I dug through my models and found this limited edition Warhammer Online model that my brother gave me and decided to paint him up. The plan was to work on him all month, but once I got going, I could not stop and finished up the model in a few days. here is the progression of the model

Primed model, switched out round base so I can use with my Warhammer Quest games. Also added new top knot and skull on goblins staff as they broke off.

Primed up model on new base!

Drybrushed to see the details, there is a lot on there

base painted and washed, waiting for it to dry.

Almost there, highlights to do.

Completed model!

I really like how the model turned out and am happy to add him to my collection for Warhammer Quest.


Friday, October 02, 2020

Warlords of Erehwon


It looks like the last quarter of the year I will be taking another plunge into a new game, this time Warlords of Erehwon by Warlord Games. This is a warband style game for generic fantasy that is based on some of Warlords other games and written by Rick Priestley. Its been out for a while but really never paid much attention to it even though my buddy Mike has been talking about it for a while.

So what caused the shift and purchase of another set of rules? Well this past weekend Robert and I were talking about wanting to play a fantasy game, we both have Age of Sigmar and Lord of the Rings as well as Frostgrave. Each of these games has its own issues, I am not a fan of AoS and the Combo game, LotR is a dead game and even though I love it, not many are playing and Frostgrave seems to be missing something. We both said we just want an old school fantasy wargame. Robert actually mentioned it that we might take a look at these rules as we both love Bolt Action. SO I got a hold of Mike and chatted about it to him about the rules. he loves them and thought that Robert and I would also like it for the simple fact is you use whatever models you want.

New Game on the table!

Now many in our game group are getting burned out with GW and the chase of paper and card, it seems that GW has turned the hobby into collecting the latest rule book or unit cards for most of their games. We are spending tons of money on "stuff" for the games and not even playing them. This is one thing that drew me to WoE is that I could use some of my old collections of models with the game, not a new concept, but something that would break the cycle of chasing the latest book or card!

So after speaking to Mike, I ordered the book from Amazon and waited for it to arrive and let my gaming group know I ordered the book. Well the book arrived and have to say, very pleased with the quality of the book. Its a nice hard back book with 248 page count. its all color and very simple and easy to read with a nice layout to it. 

So how do the rules look, well to be honest, I have not played, but it looks to be a very fun game. Very old school vibe with a very familiar feel to them. Its a nice change to see something that I feel familiar with in a game. Most rules out today require tons of books and are not laid out very well (looking at you Necromunda!) and it seems very simple to find what your looking for in the book. This book and game really do fill a niche that seems to be missing. Too many companies only want you to play their rules and their figure lines, but this seems like a breath of fresh air.

Look like a Gnoll Army for me!

So with that being said, I can now use my LotR armies for this game, but like all new games, I am looking at doing a new force for it. Thanks to Northstar, they have put out a box of Plastic Gnolls that I have been eyeing since Frostgrave came out. It helps that their is an army list for Gnolls and in fact it was inspired by these same models. I have always love the Gnolls ever since I had a few of them from back when I started playing D&D using Grenadier Models. Now I had an excuse to build a war band up of these models, so this weekend I will be taking a trip around the valley to hunt down a few boxes to get started on my new project.

I have to say, I have not been this excited  about a game in a while and am looking forward to start collecting, building and painting this new army/war band, stay tuned for more WoE!