Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tanks in the Night!

So on Sunday Jerry came over to play some Flames of War (and also get me sick!, Thanks man!) but we wanted to do a tank battle. You see Jerry and I have both been feeling the same way towards FoW, just sort of uhh towards it. In the last few years I think I have only got in about a dozen games.

So a few days before Jerry came over we were talking about why we do not play FoW more. Basically we had our own reasons which were somewhat the same, so I asked what is that attracted us to FoW? Well that was easy, it was the tanks! So I told Jerry lets just do some tank battles and build a few Tank armies. In fact this Tank idea had me talking with Rob about possibly doing some sort of Krusk battle with all tanks, more on that later.

Well back to this past Sunday, Jerry came over and we busted out some tank on tank action. Jerry Had 3 Sherman's and about 7 M5 Stuarts. I realized that my collection of vehicles would be lacking, I only have a 4 tank Platoon of Panzer II's, a Panzer III platoon and a F2 & F1 Mark IV.

Also this little game let us use my new Desert board that Jerry & I painted up last week, got to tell you, the tanks looked great rolling around on the table. So below are a few pictures from the game and just for the record, I lost to Jerry, of course I did not have the right tanks (come on Panzer II's against Sherman tanks!). All in all it was a fun game and now Jerry & I are looking at adding more tanks to our collections.


Monday, August 22, 2011

It is Finished!


The Moria Goblins are done! I started the last push on Thursday and I completed all 48 models on Sunday. Now as I said before, my goal was to finish up all of my Goblin models (some of them from the first release of the game!) and now I can say that I have done it!

So to recap the 48 models I had 20 Goblin Archers which you see below.

There were 17 Goblin spearmen.

And there were 6 Goblin Swordsmen with shields.

Here is a shot of all 48 models together finished.

And here is a shot of the whole models completed for the challenge.

So, I took a picture of all of my Goblin collection together, that is 116 total models in the collection! I did not know that I had this many Goblins and it is a nice looking army (too bad I can only field 75 models in most games!) and it gives me many options when I do field the army.

Here are a few close ups of the whole army.

So now, all I have to do is play some various point games (175, 350, 525 & 700). We are all (Rob, Jerry, Mike and Myself) going to get together and try to play through our catch up games to see how the points shake out.

I have to say, that this little challenge was very fun to do. At first some people were worried that they could not stay focused to do this, but in the end we all did a great job of staying focused. And this show just how easy it is to paint up a army over a few months time. I have heard that our little challenge has sparked a few other LotR SBG gamers to do the same sort of thing. Once I here for sure I will post a link to their little challenge.

So there you go, I will post up more photos once we play our catch up games and off course I will let you all know who won and where we went to eat! I hope you guys enjoyed the coverage and I will leave you with one last shot of the whole Moria Goblin Army...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tera forming in progress


In a previous post you saw the terrain ordered for GitD 2012, well last weekend I dived into some little world building. So where to start? Well I decided that the best place to start would be with the Realm of Battle boards, these are the largest pieces and these would set the tone for what I would need for these in the future.

So before I got started I enlisted a few friends to come over to help, (Rob, Mike & Jerry) but only Jerry could make it over (Mike had to work and Rob was out Jeeping). Also one reason for inviting Jerry was the fact he had just recently painted up his GW hills and I really liked the colors he used. The base color was Krylon Flat Brown, then a heavy dry brush of Americana Honey Brown followed up with Americana Desert Sand color. The rocks were painted with Americana Burnt Sienna and wet brushed with a mix of Burnt Sienna and Desert Sand. The paved stones were dry brushed with Desert Sand and Americana Sand.

The red rocks remind me of Sedona Arizona's red rocks and are a nice color contrast to the rest of the board. Once again a big thanks to Jerry for doing the work on the rocks.

Finally here is a shot of 6 out of the 8 tiles with my cat Gabby inspecting our work!

After letting the boards sit for a few days I realized that I do not have any other terrain for this board! Most of the other terrain ordered were to supplement other GitD boards. Then I noticed the crash lander kit I ordered, it would be perfect for the board (not for LotR but for the Combat Patrol for 40K). So I had nothing to do so I busted out the crashed lander and got started, here are the results. Let me say that this older kit (from the 4th Ed. of 40K) is a great little piece, I have been wanting to paint one up for some time and I really had fun working on this.

Here is the cockpit of the lander.

Here are a couple of the wing sections.

Here is the other wing.

Here is the other engine section with a wing.

Overall the board looks great as well as the crashed lander and I am looking forward to doing more for these boards.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Final Stretch

So we are all now in the final stretch of our Tale of Four Lord of the Rings Gamers, and it has been a great success. While talking to Rob (Drunkensamurai) the other day, he mentioned that he was amazed that we have all been able to keep this little challenge going. As of yesterday two people (Rob & Jerry) have completed their armies and that leaves Mike & I to catch up before the end of the month.

So today I decided to put together my last 175 points for the challenge. But my motivation with this challenge was for me to paint up all of my Goblins from the start, in which there are more than 700 points worth! So after pointing out my next 175 (which would be 35 more models!), I noticed that I still had 13 models left over out of my collection. So I have decided to paint up all 48 models by the end of the month! I will still only use the 35 models for my list, but now I will have extra options.

So here are 6 more Sword and shield equipped Goblins that will be in the list.

Next up are 17 spear armed goblins, a bunch of these are going into the list as well.

Next up are more bow equipped goblins that I can really use, there are a total of 25 of these little buggers.

Here is the group shot of all 48 models ready to go to the paint desk! So wish me luck since I have less than 2 weeks to get these little guys ready. Once we get to the end of the month, the four of us need to play a few more games (since we have not had time to do them) to see how the armies shake out at the various point levels.

One last thing, you may have noticed that these guys are sitting on desert terrain, well these will be covered in the next post and these are two new boards for GitD 2012. If you remember the last post, I had just gotten in a 4'x8' Realm of Battle table. Well last weekend with the help of Jerry, we got them all painted up, so stay tuned for that coverage and a few other bits I did.


Monday, August 08, 2011

So it begins..again!

So loyal fans, it starts again, that's right, the gearing up for Gathering in the Desert 2012. So with that means you will be seeing a lot of work here at Cursed Treasures about building terrain for the event.

Now as some know, this will be the 5th year in a row that GitD 2012 has been going on. For those that do not know what Gathering in the Desert (GitD) is, let me explain. GitD is a Independent Grand Tournament for Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game (Feb 17 -19th, 2012). It all start when I was frustrated at the lack of good local LotR tournaments here in the Valley of the Sun, so I organized my own.

So around this time every year I start turning my attention towards the next event, and this includes what terrain will I have at said event. To start things off, I place an order with Games Workshop for terrain. Below you will see this years haul of GW product that will morph into Middle Earth.

Now over the years I have accumulated quite a bit of terrain (which the wife always wants to know where it will go in the house!) for the event. This year there are a few large items that I ordered, below you will see one Realm of Battle board, with two extra panels (making it a 8'x4' board or two 4x4 boards). The new Sorcery tower along with two ruined towers, three sets of GW "Creapy Trees" and 5 bags of the GW jungle trees.

The plane is to paint the RoB boards in a desert color to represent Harad and use some of the trees for that. The other creepy trees will be pressed into service on other existing boards and so will the towers. I am thinking I might be able to turn the Sorcery tower into something less WHFB looking and give it more of a LotR feel.

But wait a minute, some of you might have spotted some very 40K terrain sections on the right of the RoB board. And you may be asking how are these going to be used for LotR? Well fear not folks, the 40K terrain is going to be used for...wait for it...40K! Whhhhaaaatttt!!!!

You see this year GitD will be expanding it's boarders a bit and GitD will be hosting a small Combat Patrol 40K event the first weekend of March (the 3rd to be exact). Which is two weeks after GitD. So it is time to start building some 40K terrain for this new venture, so once again you will be seeing some progress reports here at Cursed Treasures. So below there is a Fortress of Redemption, a Imperial Bastion kit (which has two kits!). Two Imperial statues, 3 bags of 40K accessories, two boxes of the wrecked rhinos and one crashed Imperial shuttle.

But wait a minute, why are we doing this? Well it is quite simple really, I am frustrated at the local 40K events here in Phoenix. I am looking at bringing everything I know about running events to the 40K side here in the valley. So that means cool and well built terrain, smooth running event, and for folks to have a good time.

So stay tuned for more information concerning both events as well as progress on all this terrain!