Friday, January 31, 2020

More Cars for the Carnage!

 Well I did it again, I built a few more cars for Gaslands Refuled this week. I have found that I really like building these cars and I am turning out at least three cars a week, have about 25 more cars to go!

So first up is this VW bug that Mike over at Da Green Skins Blog, he is a huge VW fan and he actually gave me this car a few weeks ago. The nice thing is that Hot Wheels distressed the paint job on the stock car. I added the twin machine guns to the roof and also added the wheel spikes (7/16" Snap button fasteners). I also did some weathering on the car, but that is about all I did and I think it looks awesome!

Mikes VW
next up was a simple Rat rod that I added the Mini gun to the side, I did paint up the motor which you can barely see and I also added a driver and passenger inside. But since I kept the tinted windows, you can barely see the people inside.

Rat Rod 
Lastly was this little delivery truck, the original model is already lowered and has the motor sticking out. I added the front plow, twin linked machine guns from my buddy Darren (3D printed) and on the back is a dropper. I painted this up almost in Singer Sewing machine green, I had a 67 panel side chevy van that I got from my great uncle in Casa Grande AZ. He was a Singer Sewing repairman and it was fitting to paint this up for him.

Green machine!
 So, there you go, three more cars for the Carnage!


Thursday, January 30, 2020

GSC Emerges!


Last weekend got in a couple of games of Kill Team with my Genestealer Cultists against Tom O’s Grey Knights and Robert’s Ad Mech. So, for the past few months Robert and I have been playing Kill Team with his Orks vs my Death Watch and out of the 12 games, the Orks only got one victory. We talked about it and decided that for the new year we would do new Kill Teams. Robert starting his Ad Mech and I started a Genesteal Cult.

Robert and I devised a Campaign and will be doing some narrative games using the rules. The basic concept is that the Ad Mech have a bug problem on their world and need to exterminate them. We will be sort of using this as and I-munda setting and just roll with a story line that we create. If other folks want to jump in, then fine, that will just make the story more interesting. We are all about the story and less about the points.

So to shake the dust off we got together to play a few games. Tom O came out and brought a 6 man Grey Knight team against my GSC, needless to say, I got shot up trying to cross the board. I allowed Tom to stay dug in and I tried to match fire power and charging against the Grey Knights. GSC is all about using terrain and making the enemy come to you, not charging across open terrain to try to get into contact with them! Lesson learned!

My second game was against Robs Ad mech in the Purge scenario, which is a GSC cult scenario out of the 2019 Annual. The scenario so me having to exit off the board via two spots on the board, or at least get within 2” of the exit point.Terrain was pretty good, but the Ad mech took up great spots to keep me from exiting, I tried to swarm one objective, but my dice decided to turn against me, I was rolling horribly and cultist started to drop. I made it to turn four before the cultist were broken. At one point my Leader went to charge an Ad Mech member, Robert took a shot needing a six, got it, I failed my save and he rolled on the Injury table, getting a six again taking my leader out of action! So, the GSC lost as we became broken once the leader went down with the lucky shot!

All in all both games were fun and have made me re think how I should play the GSC. Robert and I were talking about this and the GSC is all about ambushing lone models and using their strength in numbers to over power their opponent. Trying to engage in a fire fight or charging open ground will not work as well in Kill Team. I do enjoy discovering new tactics to use with this new team and look forward to many more games with the GSC!


Monday, January 20, 2020

Get your motor runnin!


Last week and this weekend was all about building cars for Gaslands, seems that its been a great motivator for me and the creative pistons are firing on all cylinders.

I had only planned on doing one more car, but I fell into a grove and got all of this done within the past four days. So here is what I did, first up is the last car completed this weekend and its a car based on a 1973 Dodge Charger SE. All I did was add the two guns to the hood and a launcher to the rear of the car. What I like about the model is the engine, unlike most Hot Wheels cars, this one has nice detailing to the motor. Once painted up it looks awesome, perhaps the best engine I have seen so far on a Hot Wheel car.

Rodger Dodger 73 Dodge Charger SE

Side profile

Rear shot

Another side shot

I also did up a 74 El Camino this weekend and all I did to this car was take out the window and replace with mesh. I also added the front plow and the two twin linked .30 cal guns to the hood. The rear engine detail is stock on the car but makes a perfect fit for a post apocalyptic look, definitely one of my favorites. 

74 El Camino ready to cause harm!

Get out of the way of that plow!

Jet Motor in the bed?
I have been using the Implements of Carnage frame from North Star, and two items that come on it are motorcycles that are the perfect scale for the Hot Wheels cars I am using for the game. So I had to paint these two guys up so I can use them. All I did was mount one to look like it was doing a wheelie.

Easy riders...not!

Racing towards you soon!
I have also been pretty active on the Gaslands Facebook page with my cars and I got a few messages from folks how I go about doing my cars. I did a quick how to post using this car below, its a 1970 Chevelle SS wagon which I cut off the back roof. I added a few things, Mesh, Harpoon gun, blower and Rue bar to the front. All in all took me about ten minutes to convert.

1970 Chevelle SS wagon converted
Once converted I did a quick paint job on it, I wanted the two doors and hood to look like they were from a different car, hence the paint job.

Harpoon Car

Looks like something my grand mother would drive!
So there you go, lots of cars being built for this fun little game. I need to start working on some terrain for this as well.


Monday, January 13, 2020

Welcome to Race Night!


This past Friday night, my Buddy Mike from Dagreenskins blog got together for another race of Gaslands Re fulled. We each took 50 cans of vehicles. Mike one Truck and a buggy, while I had two cars and a buggy. We are still getting the rules down and just did a straight up race, here are a few shots from the race, which was an absolute blast!

Cars take off!

Flying through the first corner!

Buggy hot on my Bumper

Bone Crusher way in the lead!
We had many folks stop by to check out the game which people first thought was Car Wars, but were pleasantly surprised at this new (well over three years old) game. We also talked and will be doing a Demo day in February for our local shop, I will keep you posted.

Also while at the shop I picked up the North Star Implements of Carnage plastic sprue for Gaslands. On it you get various weapons, rams, drivers guns and well as two motorcycles! So after seeing that I knew I wanted to do a team of Buggies and Bikes, so Saturday morning I went to my local Walmart for a few items as well as a couple of cars. I found a great Sand rail car that would be the the start of the new team. I added a driver and two MGs to the top from the new sprue. Still trying to decide a color scheme.

Buggies and Bikes baby!

Also I decided that I wanted to do another Bone Crusher model, but this time I wanted to add a turret with a mini gun and once again the new sprue has just that. I also added new header pipes that come on the new sprue as well, here is the completed model next to the very first car I built.

Bone Crusher #1 & #2

Really love this car!
 I also picked up a 74 El Camino that has a jet engine in the bed which comes stock on the car. So I took out the windshield and added mesh, placed two 30 cal looking guns to the front and added this cool looking plow! Guns and plow from the new sprue.

In the picture below, I started to sand down the factory paint and add the parts. I have since added blue paint o the car, but after looking at this picture, I may do another car just like this one and only sand down the paint and add my weathering to it.

El Camino ready for the paint shop???
So there you go, a few of the cars I have been working on for Gaslands Refulled!

Oh and as you saw at the top, here is something a buddy and I came up with for this crazy car building, needed a name for the garage (aka game room!)

My Gasslands garage logo!


Wednesday, January 08, 2020

GSC for Kill Team


To start the new year off I thought I should work on the Genestealer Cultist for Kill Team. As I mentioned before I thought I had used my GSC stuff for Kill Team, but going back and thinking about it, I used them for Necromunda and not Kill Team. Now I had used a few of Roberts GSC figs when we first started messing around with Kill Team. below is a group shot of the figures I

GSC for Necromunda I painted a few years ago.
I knew that I had a few extra GSC figures, so I went and pulled them all out, what I found was more then enough to do a Kill Team with. So I got to assembling them last night and below is a shot of what got assembled.

Last nights assembly progress.
 Nice thing is i had an unopened box of GSC that I could use to add all the special weapons for the team. Also I decided that I would base all the models on the Necromunda bases as well. When I did my Necro GSC stuff, the bases were hard to get outside of each gang, now GW has released them to purchase separately. So first up the Heavies, which include the Mining drill, Seismic Drill and good old Heavy Stubber.

The heavies!
 Next followed the Hybrids, I still have three more to base, I ran out of the Necro bases.

 Following them came two Abhearentss that I had left, these are the heavy hitters in close combat.

 I then moved onto the Cult leader and second in command, I then saw that the GSC can have their cult icon in Kill Team, so I put him together as well.

Cult leadership team, would you like to know more???
 next up were the cultist themselves , the box set comes with a bunch of cool shotguns, so I put together three of them.

Shotguns, come get some!
 Followed by three GSC members with Autoguns.

Plain old Autoguns.
 Lastly I add three special weapons, Grenade launcher, Flamer and Web rifle.

Blue Light Specials!
 So after all the assembly was complete, I was looking at about 60 models in the GSC which is more than enough for either Necromunda or Kill Team. Oh and not pictured are the three Pure Strain Genestealers that of course started the whole thing.

The whole cult!
There you go, a good start to a new Kill team, I plan to re base the painted models to use the Necro bases, so I need to pick those up and also need to pick up the GSC Kill Team box that my store has. Sad that all the Kill Team box sets are now out of production, I really love have the command cards and tokens for each Kill Team. Well next up is painting, so until then!


Monday, January 06, 2020

Let’s Try this for the Year


With it being the first week of the New Year, I have been thinking about how I want to tackle the new year going forward. Usually I do a bid post about what I will do and then at the end of the year look back to see how well I have done. It’s supposed to motivate me and keep me accountable to my hobby, but I find that I forget about some goals towards the middle of the year. So here is what I am going to try, I will do quarterly updates, taking the year and breaking it down to 4 quarters of 3 months each, hopefully this will keep me focused and allow me to see how I am doing on projects.

So, with that said, what am I going to be looking at for the 1st quarter, let’s take a look:

Kill Team – After playing a bunch of games this past year, I will be working on a Genestealer cult Kill team. I had thought I had used my Cult in games of KT, but actually it was for Necromunda two years ago. So last night I busted out about two dozen unpainted figures to use or add to my necromunda GS cult. I have enough figures for variety and my local shop still has the KT box set for the GS Cult. So will be looking to pick that up as well as the KT annual.

FoW – So I started a Mid War Soviet force and am slowly adding to it, I also have been working on some German forces to go along with 4th edition, so I will be adding some new units to my collections this quarter and getting in games with Rob & friends.

Gaslands – Well I just added a couple of new cars to the painted and have about 30 more to work on. My buddy Mike of Dagreenskins is going like gang busters on the game and we are talking of doing a Swap meet/Race day at our local shop. So I see this being something that I work on going forward.
More Blog Post – Well I have not done enough to keep the blog posted, so I will force myself to update the blog more often then a few times a quarter.

So, there you go, new plan for 2020, lets see how I do!