Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jolly Joe Studios


I am on a blog posting kick, three posts within a few days, I must be trying to get my post count before the end of the year. Anyway tonight I would like to shine a little the spot light on another painter who has just started up his own paint studio, Jolly Joe Studios. Joey of Jolly Joe Studios is an up and coming painter which I have known for at 5 years now. Now when he first started painting 5 years ago or so, he was like most 11 & 12 year olds, pretty bad. But he has been painting everything and anything he can get his hands on and he has advanced to a level that is now worth of most paint studios. Well after seeing his latest work, I went ahead and had him paint something for me since I am way too busy to paint for myself.

My instructions were pretty simple, I want these guys to look like the Medjai from the Mummy movie. I also told him to throw in some red. Well I got the figures back yesterday and here they are. I did the base work myself, but everything else is Jolly Joe Studios painting..

So there you go, I think he knocked it out of the park. Oh and these were at his mid to high end work. I can't wait to see what his work looks like 5 years from now! So if your looking for a good painter, I highly recommend Jolly Joe Studios.


Thursday, November 07, 2013

A Legends Event!


Tonight my thoughts are on a few things that I have not thought about for a while. No it is nothing super deep or earth shaking, its about a game I wrote a few years back called Legend of the High Seas.

You see, when I wrote LotHS, I was pretty excited about it, but honestly I was pretty much done with the game as soon as it was published. I had spent almost two years writing the game prior to its release and during that time all I did was eat, sleep, play, think, read, watch pirates. So by the time the game came out I was ready to play something else.

Now I had run demos and large group games as well as ran a few campaigns, but about a year after it was out, I was done. I accomplished one of my bucket list items, to publish a book and I was ready to move on to something else. Now I did help my son play the game from time to time but I thought I was past it.

Now back in 2010 or 2011 my friend John over at Plastic Legions talked me into helping run a campaign like event at Adepticon. I was all ready to help, but life got in the way and I could not attend Adepticon. So I had to stay out here in AZ but John did get a few folks to play. Well last year I thought I was going to attend, but once again life threw me a screwball and I had to sit at home.

Now I had always wanted to do a Legends event which would include LotHS on one day and then Legends of the Old West on the other day. There was talk of doing said event, but unfortunately it never really made it past the talking part. So tonight I have been thinking about the Legends event again. Now as everyone knows, Warhammer Historicals is closed and you can not get either set of rules very easily. So getting folks to play a dead set of games is going to be tough.and I quickly dismissed the thought, until about an hour ago when my wife asked me about Adepticon.

You see I just realized this evening that Adepticon is basicly having a Legends event all weekend. Yeah it is not all based around the Legends games, but they are all there. In fact there are quite a few Legends games that are going to be going on in 2014. So lets take a look at what is going to be offered on each day.


Legends of the Old West: Battle at the Little Big Horn (3 different times during the day)

LTC George Armstrong Custer and his 7th Cavalry have braved snow, sleet, rain and 100+ degree heat...all in May! They are hot on the trail of Sitting Bull and his bands of Native Americans. Custer and the 7th Cavalry fully intend to deal with the savages as soon as possible so they can return to Fort Lincoln. Crazy Horse, Gall and Lame White Man all have other ideas for ol' long hair and his troops.

Take charge of some Native American Braves and help put Custer and his troops in their place. Or, take command of some rough and ready US Cav troopers and help re-write history.

Battle at the Little Big Horn will use the Legends of the Old West game system from Warhammer Historical Wargames. All miniatures and materials provided.

Legends of the Old West Tournament (6:30pm - 11:00pm)

There's trouble a brewing in Tandywine Gulch! Word has it a number of tough hombres, rowdy cowpokes, Native American war bands and law dogs are descending on this out of the way little town in Western Kansas. You've got scores to settle. So gather up your best posse and head that way...if you're man enough to take them on!

Please join us for this 4 round tournament using $225 posses. Awards for Quickest Gun (highest battle points), Upstanding Citizen (highest sportsmanship score) and Purdiest Posse (best painted posse) - not to mention braggin' rights!


We, Who Are About to Die: Arena Combat in Ancient Rome
Lucius...Lucius! Have you heard? The Provincial Governor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus has opened the munera. The games are finally here! We can go see the Gladiators fight in the Marcus Sommernus arena!! Bring your sestertii so we can bet on the combats!!!

The year is 59 AD and the Quinquatria Festival, held every April, is in full swing in Camulodunum, Britannia (present day Colchester, England). Camulodunum, being the capital of the Roman Province of Britannia, is holding a spectacular series of games, including gladiatorial combats in the arena.

Put yourself on the floor of the arena and listen to the cheers, or jeers, of the Roman Mob as you fight other gladiators! Will you be the Thracian with your hooked sword and small shield, the Myrmillo, "the fish man", with the gladius short sword and scutum shield or the new "net man", the Retiarius with his net and trident? Fight well and win the favor of the crowd. Fight very well and you may earn your freedom and win the rudis! But whatever you do, be on your guard. Only the Gods know if and when some strange beast might show itself in the arena!

Each player will control a gladiator figure and be provided a bag of coins to place bets!

We, Who Are About to Die: Arena Combat in Ancient Rome will use the Gladiator game system from Warhammer Historical Wargames. All miniatures and materials provided.

Legends of the High Seas - The Sacking of Panama, 1671

  In December 1670 and January 1671, Henry Morgan, one of the most notorious and successful pirates on the Spanish Main, destroyed Fort San Lorenzo and Burned and Sacked the City of Panama. The utter chaos that followed was a payday for Pirate and Pirate Hunters alike. Be one of 10 Privateer, Pirate or Royal Navy Crews that explore the ruins of Fort San Lorenzo and the City of Panama searching for plundered Spanish gold. Bring your Crew comprised of up to 15 men and face off on a 48 Square foot board to capture objectives, eliminate enemy crews and capture as much gold as possible in this 3 Stage, 4 hour event. In the end, only one players name will rival that of Henry Morgan, but they will damn sure know the names of the ones who almost stopped them! Awards for the top two scorers and Best Painted Crew!

Guns of April - The Discovery of the Rosetta Stone (Invite Only)

Dave Taylor and the guys at the Guns of April blog are at it again with a game that uses Legends of the High Seas rules and is all about skirmish battles in the streets of Alexandria, Egypt, in 1800 (or thereabouts). Inspired by a great article by Steve Dake on the Rosetta Stone published in WI294, I've conned Steve into writing even more for us, and worked with him on creating warbands (or "parties") for the turbulent time surrounding the discovery of the Rosetta Stone (and countless other antiquities).


A Day at the Circus: Chariot Racing in Ancient Rome

Friends, Romans, countrymen...lend me your ears! The Provincial Governor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus has decreed the munera are opened. The games are finally here! Make your way now to the Circus Marcus Sommernus, for the chariot races are about to begin!!!

The year is 59 AD and the Quinquatria Festival, held every April, is in full swing in Camulodunum, Britannia (present day Colchester, England). Camulodunum, being the capital of Roman Britannia, is holding a spectacular series of games, including chariot racing in the circus.

What faction's colors will you wear...the Greens, Blues, Whites or Reds? Put yourself in a Roman racing chariot and feel the ground shake beneath you as the horses' hooves thunder down the length of the track. Your heart feels like it will explode from your chest as you sling your chariot team around the central spine of the track!! Push your horses hard and win the race. But mind your speed in the turns. Crashing a chariot is dangerous to your health!

Each player will control a racing chariot team and be provided a bag of coins to place bets!

A Day at the Circus: Chariot Racing in Ancient Rome will use the Gladiator game system from Warhammer Historical Wargames. All miniatures and materials provided.

We, Who Are About to Die: Arena Combat in Ancient Rome 
Another day to show your worth the the crowds! 

So there you go, a ton of Legends games all at one event. This has me pretty happy and excited again about going and helping out with my own game. It has been years since I was this excited about LotHS and in fact I have even pulled out a bunch of Pirate models that need paint. Now, I cant promise anything, but if there is enough interest, I may still try to pull together a Legends event here in the valley of the sunstroke. We shall see what happens.

So if you love the Legends game, than you need to be going to Adepticon 2014!


Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A Very Pulpy Birthday!


On October 26th, my 45th birthday rolled around this year, hard to believe that I am 45 and still playing with toy soldiers! (Well not really) So a week before my birthday, my awesome wife asked me what I wanted as a gift. Well that was a no brainier, more toy soldiers of course, but which ones, hmm this was going to be tough.

I have a few projects (28mm ACW, 28mm WW2, 15mm, WW2, EotD, and of course Pulp). So after looking through my projects, I noticed that I only have a few Pulp figures left to paint. So the decision was simple, it had to be more Pulp figures. So with that, I was off the amazing Pulp Figures website! I have been a fan of Bob Murch's figures for a few years now and I have a large selection of his stuff already. So I took an inventory of what I had vs what I wanted and 6 packs were ordered!

First up was pack PHP 14 Rugged Archaeologists, these figures will be adventuring in the desert very soon. I really like the figure on the far left as well as the women with the lantern.

PHP 14  Rugged Archaeologists
 Next up is pack PHP 19 Dangerous Dames, these ladies will fit in very well with the rest of the figures. I really love the She Wolf figure 2nd to the left as well as the girl in the middle, heck I love them all!

PHP 19 Dangerous Dames
 Next up is pack PHP 18 Rugged Sons of the Empire, these boys have a ton of character. I like the Stiff Upper Lip old chap on the far left as well as the Scottsmen with the shotgun.

PHP 18 Rugged Sons of the Empire
 Next is pack PWM 12 Mad Science, this set will be perfect for the crazy scientists for just about any game. The women 2nd to the right is holding a man eating plant, how cool is that?

PWM 12 Mad Science
 Next up is pack PHP 20 Rugged Hero's, this is a re-sculpted pack that Bob recently did. I really like the new Indiana Jones look a like figure. The whip is separate ad allows you to shape it the way you want. I dont get the dog though, but I am sure I will find a use for him.

PHP 20 New Rugged Hero's
 The last pack is PWM 31 Arrogant Gestop, and the one reason for this pack is the fellow in the middle, now you will notice something strange with him. Yes, I snipped his head off and replaced it with something a little more fitting. Yes that's right, I changed him into the Red Skull!

PWM 31 Arrogant Gestapo
 I have been wanting to do some Pulp Super Hero gaming and when I found out that my buddy Robert had a "Not Captain America & Not Bucky" figures, I had to do a Red Skull. So obviously I started with a Pulp Figure, just snipped his head off and replaced it with a GW skeleton head. Once I snipped the head off, I drill a hole into the body to pin the new head on. I then added a small amount of green stuff to fill the neck out, took about 5 minutes worth of work and viola, Red Skull was born.

Profile view

The Business view

Back view
 About the same time my wife asked what I wanted, my buddy Robert gifted me a present that I was not expecting. A few years back another one of our friends (Tom O) purchased a bunch of Gangland buildings from Old Glory. Well Tom never got around to doing anything and some how Robert got them. Well when I was over at his place, he told me to throw both of the boxes with all the buildings into my truck. His reasoning, it was going to be my B-day and he knew I was eyeing these guys.So here are the buildings.

They need some work like drilling out the windows and filling a few holes, but it will look great once completed. Now the last building is a beast, it is a factory type of building and this thing is massive! You can see just how big it is in the final pics with the figures standing next to them.
Dock side view
Front view
Loading Door side
Wow this thing is big!
No, it is HUGE!

 So there you go, my 45th Bday haul, all pulp, so stay tuned for more...