Sunday, April 14, 2024

The cult has arrived!



I got my Cult of the possessed completed for the Mordheim project, I had started out trying to paint a blue scheme. but after painting two, I was not feeling it. So I switched to a Red and brown as I saw these being followers of Khorne.

The whole gang, thinking of calling the the Butchers!

Magistrate and a possessed brother with a mutation.

Some brothers with Bows

More brothers with hand weapons.

My take on Dark Souls. 

So there you go, a few more models finished for good old Mordhaeim.


Friday, April 12, 2024

Some ACW again

Okay gang,

Got inspired to paint up a few civil war regiments, I am trying to organize another large group game. 

Just a large unit of Rebs, none in particular.

The New York 41st volunteers. 

 With the Rebs I tried some of Army painters Speed paints, but I ended up buying the wrong color, so I thinned down Uniform Grey and made my own speed paint, aka wash.

The union troops were painted up as the 41st new York Volunteers as they wore green coats, green hats and had grey paints with a red pinstripe down the side of the pants.

I have two more regiments on the table slated for the Union side.


Sunday, April 07, 2024

The Railroad Empire grows!


Been working on my two Modules for the group I belong too, as we have another group set up in a few weeks. Thanks to my buddy Robert for lots of work, we were able to get the modules ready for their test at the last show.

The last few weeks I have been trying to decide on the layout for the second module, which I finally pulled the trigger and went with a simple spur that will lead to a large warehouse building, in fact the whole module pictured below will be warehouses with only two being rail serviced.

The final plan

The facia and plug ins for the module are in.

The modules boxed for travel.

Another shot of the modules together.

Here is the first module.

So there you go, making progress on the module and the nice thing is I can hook these together to have either a small passing siding or go with the other ends to give me a small switching puzzle sort of layout. I also made them be able to be separated so that they do not need to be next to each other. Too many people in our group have set sizes, while the club is modular, certain modules have to go together, I decided that I did not need to have them be combined like that. So progress is moving along, I am happy with where this is headed.