Sunday, July 25, 2010

Some News and Supers!


Been pretty quite here, that's because I finally secured a job after being out of work for almost a year! So that means I can finally get back to building, painting and gaming! It feels great to be employed again which means that I can also start looking at purchasing more toys!

Even though I have been a little slow on posting, I have been doing some gaming. A few weeks ago my buddy Mike and I got together to play some Super Hero's using the Super System rules. I went to Mikes place and we played a few games on his table.

Now most of the figures I painted for Mike a few years ago, he just needs to finish the basing on the figures.

I have also been bitten by the Flames of War bug, I am planning on showcasing my DAK army as well as my plan to build a Mid War US Tank Company following what would have been tanks in Operation Torch.

I am also working on a few terrain pieces for Lord of the Rings which I will also post. So stay tuned.