Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sisters on the rise!

Well I have been doing alot of gaming in the last few weeks with no painting going on. But that is about to change.

Two local shops will be hosting (at different dates) team 40k Tournaments, were each member will be bringing 1500 points of which ever army they want to combine two of them into one large 3000 point army. Last year Lonnie & I went to Warboss games and finished 1st with a team up of Tau & Imperial Guard. So it looks like this year I will be teaming up with him again but I think I will take my Sisters of Battle.

The Sisters have been coming along well but I havn't been inspired to paint them anymore. Well after Lonnie shot me a list he did up on Armybuilder, I need to paint up 15 models to get it ready for the event. I have to paint 12Sisters, Two exorcists, and one special figure to be able to field an army of 70 models. So tonight I start painting SOB's again.

Also I have done a trade with Mike to get 56 Artizan paratroop models from him for 21 Chaos in Cario figs. So these will be getting on the paint table as well tonight.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stuff Arrived


The title said it all really, my "stuff" has been a few things. I recently got from my friend Mike, a Easterling army for Lord of the Rings. This included the big $90.00 box, an additional box of foot troops, a box of katapracts and one of the Wring wraiths. All this was for the assembly of two of Mikes army's, an Imperial Guard army for 40K & an Empire army for Fantasy Battle.

I also received two packs of copplestone figures for my Pulp Project that I'm working on, which you can see here at,

I also received from Warhammer Historical two books, Showdown for Legends of the Old West & Age of Arthur for a little Pirate project that I worked on. And something I never noticed before is that i got my name in the Showdown book as a play tester, so I'm finally published in a weird sort of way.

I'm still waiting on a few more things, like a few Black Tree Design Germans for WW2, some more Pulp Figures from Bob Murch at pulp Figures, and a couple of 28mm buildings from Crescent Root Studios.

Also what started this spending spree was that I got paid for the Pirate Project I was working on, I can't at this time tell you what it is, but as soon as it's announced I will post up here. now I'm off to sit by the mailbox & wait for my other stuff coming...


Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Blog

Have started a new Blog with a few friends called the Pulp Project, which will be about Pulp gaming. For those of you who don't know what that is take a look at the new blog, but it's skirmish gaming in the era of the 1920's through 1940's. Picture movies like Indian Jones, King Kong, The Mummy & The Rocketeer just too name a few & you have Pulp style games.

I will still be posting here on Cursed Treasures, as this is my very own slice of cyberspace. The Pulp Project is placewhere we can all post up gaming battle reports or projects that relate to Pulp stuff.

Here is a cool picture that I got from a awsome website Visions Fantastic, this sort of got me thinking about Pulp Stuff.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Lord of the Rings Campaign Day Coverage

Well we had our Lord of the Rings campaign day on Sunday 2/11/07 at Imperial Outpost. We had only six guys show up to play, but everyone had a blast. There were two teams The Evil side with Carl and his Goblins, Andre with Orcs & Tom using Urk-hai. The Good team had Rob using Rohon, Howard using Elves & Mike using elves as well. Here are a few shots of the games going on.

We played three games, Meeting Engagement, I'll met by Midnight & Take and Hold. Each game could be worth up to 20 points for a Major Victory, 15 points for a Minor Victory & 10 points for a draw. After each game I added up the scores for each team to see how the Campaign was going. After the meeting engagement the Evil team seemed to be having difficulty getting going with only Andres Orcs wining a Major Victory over Robs all mounted Rohon force.
The Elves (Mike & Howard) seemed to be holding there own with both scoring Major Victories against the Urk hai & Goblins.
Although in the next Game, the Evil side seemed to come onto there own with all three Evil players scoring Major Victories against the forces of Good.
By game three, Take & Hold, the Forces of good made a valiant stand and fought back heroically to even the playing field. Now before I go on, I have to say that the Take & Hold is a interesting scenario to play, below is a shot of how erratic deployment can be. I you notice in the picture, there are enemies that are set up right near each other. The Objective is to have more models in the center of the board than your opponent does.
As I said, the Good Team ended up pulling out two Major Victories & a draw, this meant that the battle scores for the teams were dead even at 90 each! So it looks like the powers that be need to think of a more sound battle plan. Below are a few more random shots from the event.
Now we also voted on the Best sportsman out of the event with players being able to score up to 10 points from each game, so 30 points could be had. My two cents is that this is the most important award to be won. Well Mike ended up getting 28 points out of 30 and was the winner of the Best Sportsman.
We also did a painting contest that I went around & used the GW RTT painting system for awarding points for best painted force. I also had each player vote for the best looking force as well and these points were added to the scores that I judged earlier. Well Howard scored the most and took away the award for best painted, here are a few shots of his nicely painted elves.
Oh and by the way, you may notice that there are no pictures of the Elves that Mike was using, that's because he was using my elves that I had posted up a few updates ago. Problem was, they were only primed black with some having a grey base color on them for the cloaks. I totally didn't get around to painting them (Damm Super Hero Figures!). Also I have to say thanks for Mike putting up with me, you see Mike was supposed to play a Rohon force that he brought along. But he was running late and I thought he might not make it to the event. To top it off I thought he didn't bring his force with him (he did not sure why I thought he didn't) and I made him play my elves, stupid me. but Mike wanted to see how they played and went along with it, so there Mike, I apologize if front of the whole world for me being a little scattered brained that morning.
All in all we will do this again but bump the points up to 500 points instead of 250. Thanks for everyone that played, I had a blast running it...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

More Old School

Well last night I revisited another "Golden Oldie" game Blood Bowl and once again Mike G was there to provided the game. Blood bowl is a fantasy football game by Games Workshop which pits teams of elves, orcs, humans and every other race from the Warhammer world against each other on the playing pitch.

Well last night saw the Skaven playing against Mikes human team. Sorry no pictures of this "pre-seaon" game, both teams were wearing their pratice uniforms (aka only primed!). Now we were using version 5 of the Living rulebook rules (which can be downloaded for free from Specialist games website ). I have to say that this set of the rules are by far the best they have done for the game.

Let me take you back in time so I can explain why I think the rules are better now. About 13 years ago a buddy & I were at Brookhurst Hobbies in CA, that's were we decided to pick up this fun looking game called Blood Bowl. Well I remember it was Christmas time and when I got home I busted out the game. Now we had version 2 which included two teams the Orcs & Humans in really bad poses and the game came with the foam board called Astrogranite. We set about getting the two teams assembled and started to play a few games. We had so much fun that my wife Shannon even wanted to play. We also got our friend Don G to jump in and play. We soon had everyone going out & buying the game (About 8 box sets were purchased in the next week) as well as everyone getting their own teams (the old teams in the plastic boxes). Jeff & I soon went out and purchased the hard bound books for the game (Blood Bowl Companion & Star Players book) and were soon organizing a league. We even created a draft night so everyone could draft Star Players for their teams. I remember the Draft night because Jeff went hog wild & had cards & ranking order for all the Star players & people were bidding for each one.

After the draft the following week we started playing our first games with a 16 game schedule to follow. We had 8 people in the league & everyone was madly painting figures for the games. A few of us even decorated our playing boards in colors & designed end zone markers with our team names on them. But unfortunately after about the 4th week people started to flak out in wanting to play. And eventually we were down to only 4 of us playing on all the time (Myself, Jeff, Don and my Brother John). In fact a funny story about my wife was I ended up beating here High Elf team (the Rainbow Warriors which she painted) pretty bad & I got to spend the night sleeping on the couch!

We never did finish the league, partly because of the rules. It seemed that we were always finding issues with them. So Blood Bowl quietly was put away and left for dead. But now with the newest version, they have corrected allot of the rules issues we had back in the day. In fact, I wish our group didn't live in different states or I would get the league back together to play again.

So after last night I busted out the old figures and started to clean them up & get them ready for action once again. Who knows, I might even head down to Imperial Outpost on Wednesday night and try my hand in their ongoing Blood Bowl league, who knows?

The other game I tried last night was Legions of Steel by Global Games & figures by Rafm. The game is now out of print but Mike has a ton of the stuff. It's basicly a GW Space Hulk type of game were you battle it out against each other. It was a fun game and I wouldn't mind playing again. Thanks to Mike for busting that one out.

So there you have it, another night of Old school gaming. Now I'm looking at getting back into Warhammer Fantasy battle again, geesh what is the world comming to??


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Old School

Well, last weekend I busted out a game that I hadn't played with in years last weekend. Let me take you back a few years ago, my brother John & I started playing a little game called Epic Space Marine by Games Workshop. This was when you got 3 armies (Orks, Eldar & Space Marines) in the box with a bunch of cardstock buildings & 1 Space marine Titan and all the rules to play some huge 6mm games of futuristic battles.

Well my Bro & I used to play all the time back in CA, but ever since I moved here to the Valley of the Sunstroke, I havn't even looked at all the Epic stuff I have. Enter Mike G, last weekend. I invite him over for some gaming and he brings his Epic Arrmaegeddon stuff over. So I bust out my stuff and we throw down a game.

Now I have to confess, when GW switched the rules of Epic over to Epic 40K, I lost interest in the game, never liked the way the rules were streamlined. So I lost all interest of wanting to play this game. But GW in the last few years re-wrote the rules to conbine them with the 40K version & the Epic version. So with trepidation I told Mike I would give them a try.

I have to say I'm glad I did, the game works better now than it ever did back in the Epic days. It was alot faster to play and we had a winner after about an hour and a half of play, unlike Epic which would take my Bro & I all day to get a result. All in all I'm generally happy with the way the game now works. In fact, I busted out all my armies again and started looking at repainting some of them. And it looks like I have enough Ork stuff to do an army from scratch using some old school figures.

But there is a problem with this rekindling of an old game, it now makes me want to play more old school games like Space Hulk, Warhammer Quest, and even Blood Bowl. In fact I'm getting together with Mike G on Friday to play some Blood Bowl with the new rules (Mine were from the day of the foam Astrogrant board). I also found a guy at my local shop that wants to play Warhammer Quest, another game that I havn't played in years. Another problem with this new/old gaming is that I have alot of unpainted or partially painted figures for these games that I never finished. So I can see old metal getting bumped ahead of some of my newer models that want to get painted. So bottom line is I have rediscovered some of my Old Classic GW games and will be getting them back into play.

Now something different, a few weeks ago I mentioned that I played a game of Supersystems with Mike G. Well last weekend Mike brought over a few figures that needed paint. I was so excited about painting them, I busted out the brushs after mike left and painted them up, here are so quick pictures of them. First up, a Famous looking Hero that has Claws and who was with a certain X team:

I added the claws from a GW Skaven model that I had, yes he only has 2 claws on each hand, I know he should have 3 but I didn't have any more. Next up is a guy I call Paladin:

Marvel Comics had a character called paladin, but he had a Purple Uniform, this figure reminded me of him but looked better in green rather than purple. Also the Brown overcoat seems to fit the figure. The Next guy reminds me of Tony Stark aka Iron Man, but a bit older:

The last guy is T-Bolt, a figure that Mike said I had to paint up, so here he is:

All in all I really loved these figures & they painted up really fast. I'm hoping Mike give me the chance to paint up a few more...

Oh and to add to my post, in the game against Mike G, he won playing Sapce marines against my Eldar! I guess I'm pretty rusty in playing this game.