Saturday, February 04, 2023

LotR or MESBG terrain...

Well I just completed a few terrain pieces for a buddy of mine for LotR or MESBG as its called now, here you go:

This is a trade for some 3d printing Tom has done for me, I still have the tree sections to complete.


Monday, January 30, 2023

Lord of the Rings 2023 update...

 Well okay, here are a few things for the Lord of the Rings 2023 project:

Picked these two hero's for my Rohon force i am working, since I have the plastic Theoden, figured I would also get Eomer and Eowyn. Nice models but they are a pain to assemble.

Since I am doing Riders of Rohon, here is a shot of 21 riders that I recently completed:

I also got the plastic Nazgul from the Pelenor Fields box set:

In the picture above you can also see a ring wraith on horse back. This is a converted model that was missing the arm, or so I thought. When I assembled the Nazgul, it came with a few arms for different poses for the model. So I took the extra and thought perfect I can use it for the one missing an arm.

Well when I pulled the model out not only was the arm missing but the legs for the right side of the model were I harvested the legs I needed and went to work.


So, the moral of the story, dont throw away those bits, even if you had them for almost 15 years as they may come in handy sometime!

There you go a little WIP of the Lotr2023 project.


Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Dark Lord of the Sith!

 Welcome intrepid adventurers!

Well I am back to Star Wars again, sort of! So just before Christmas I painted up a few Up scaled Skull Forge Studios figures for Christmas presents. Well I went to a Christmas party and showed one none gamer friend what I did, he was amazed and wanted to know if I could do one for him, then my phone got passed to another friend and another request, well this happened a few times until I had 5 orders for larger figures. Well I just finished this one up which is the last one.

You will see the "Standard" 28mm figure on the left, the other is roughly 200 times larger, so about 54mm. 

Up scaled Darth Vader from Skullforge Studios


Well there you go adventurers another awesome model completed...


Thursday, January 05, 2023

Return of the King!


After a very long hiatus, Lord of the Rings is back on the table! About two years ago I picked up the newest rulebook that came with the Pellnoir Fields set. Well GW released a new box set and updated the rules that a few of the guys picked up.

New Old rules!

So after some online discussion, we all decided to take the dive back into one of our favorite games. Many of us still have armies and I have been working on models here and there. But after this past weekend I needed to pick up the new armies of Middle earth for LotR in order to conform to the new rules.

Newest book for me!

So Just before Christmas on a whim I bought two of the Dol Guldur kits to add to my terrain collection. Also since my original LotR forces were based on Dol Guldor, I had to have the kit. Now it took a few weeks of building, but I got to a point that I am happy with, next will be texture, basing and paint. But little did I know that I was going to be using this terrain piece sooner then I thought.

Back side of Ruins!

Now needs a base and paint!

So as I mentioned above, this past weekend a few of us got together to push some models around, well actually Robert and I did the pushing. Robert and I just sort of grabbed models and put about 400 points on the table. Thanks to Tom we used the new Armies book for the points, this day would be Wood Elves vs Orcs.

The battlefield, the Wood Elves trying to stop the Orc invaders.

Elves take up defensive positions near the ruin

They have a troll!

The last few Elves

The game was great and a very tough match for sure, which the elves got a minor victory as we were both broken. It was a great game and was also a good game to look at the new rules which have minor changes from the Big One Rule book we used to use.

All in all I am very happy that we are back to Middle Earth and we are starting a small slow grow league and plan to have a friendly little tournament in a few months.


Friday, December 30, 2022

2022 End of Year Review


Its been an interesting year to say the least, well its actually been a few years now really. So what did I get done this year

In a Galaxy not so far away...

Well I did a lot of painting for a Galactic Heroes game which will use lots of Skullforge Studios 3d printed models for a Star wars themed game. I have well over 120+ figures painted and assembled and now slowly working on terrain for the game. I had a blast painting away Stormtroopers, Jedi's and other folks from the classic movies. I am planning on running the game close to May 4, which is un officially Star Wars Day.

Salty old sea dogs.... 

So after watching Pirates of the Caribbean on TV one day, I got the bug to bust a few Black Scorpion minis I had in the pile of lead and get some paint on them. I painted up a pretty large amount of pirates and had the idea hosting a Legends of the High Seas game soon, once again working on some terrain for the game and look forward to getting it on the table in Feb of 23.

The Cursed City....

So I went down memory lane and busted out a few Mordheim figures to paint, honestly these were going to be used for some Gothic Horror games, but I kept thinking about putting Mordheim back on the table. Once again now I am working on some classic Mordheim card buildings and want to get this on the table in the new year.

On the game rules front i expanded my Wiely Games collection with a few sets of rules, picking up the Fantasy Rules, the new version of Galactic Hero's book, Wasteland Warriors and the Battle Suit Alpfa: I want to get these games in rotation in the following year.

Games Played...Well....

So I think I only got in 5 games this year, one Galactic hero's test game, Battle Suit test game, two Gaslands games and one FoW game. I was asked why so few games, honestly I was just not feeling like playing. This year I struggled with the idea of leaving the hobby all together and taking a break. Even had ideas to gut my game room and turn it into a Tiki bar themed room!

I cant really point to why this feeling came over me to not play, its not like I was afraid to go out, but the drive just wasn't there. Too keep my interest going, I think thats why I kept painting as I still enjoyed that. I think it was stress from work, dealing with upset customers and having to work many Saturdays also killed the mood to play. 

Blog updates...

Well I am proud to have almost 20 blog posts for this year, once again the whole reason for the blog is to document my hobbies and keep people posted on whats going on, as most blogs, people fall off the posting wagon, I have done that before but I like posting what is going on. So hopefully I can continue to post and show off what I am working on.

Thoughts for 2023...

Well I want to get more games on the table, most recently a few of us are looking at Lord of the Rings again, so I want to get back to middle earth again. I also got my Team Yankee Collection going again, going to stick with US and Russians, and look forward to getting that out on the table.

Also looking at getting in games of Wiley Games stuff, which will be group games as the rules work perfectly for that. And of course any other games that come up, the important thing is I want to play more then 5 games for the year! I am also looking at maybe making a trip to Kansas in March for the March to Victory event that Wiley Games is hosting, so we shall see.

Overall I want to stay connected to game friends and get more games on the table and enjoy myself again. I think 2022 was a nice break, but I am excited to playing again. So there you go, plans for the new year and a brief recap of what went on in 2022.

Stay safe and Happy New Year Folks!


Sunday, December 04, 2022

Witch Hunters complete


Well I finished up the Witch Hunter Warband for Mordheim, here they are in all their glory.

Just a quick update today.


Friday, December 02, 2022

Witch Hunter Warband grows and rats!



Painting continues on my Witch Hunter warband, painted up four more figures to join the brave group getting ready to return to the cursed city!

Four more members for the crusade to the Cursed City

I still have about 6 more figures to paint up for the warband, all being the Witch Hunters themselves, wanted to save those for last to spend some time with them. I am really liking this project and getting to paint some old models from my mounds of lead.

More recruits for the cause!

I also happened to unearth my sons old Skaven warband that was packed away in the closet, so I will be tackling these rats next, I was surprised to find them as I was on the search for STL files of Ratmen which there are a bunch out there, which I may have a friend print for me, we will see.

Rats!  I mean Skaven!

So progress continues on the Mordheim project, I am hopeful that I can start working on a few terrain pieces this weekend. Looking to do a few ruined buildings and use MDF as I want sturdy terrain.