Tuesday, May 02, 2023

The Devil of Hells Kitchen


I have always been a comic book fan of the Man with no Fear - Daredevil, so when MCP released him I had to get it regardless if I play the game or not! The model is very much like the comic book suite and is a great pose. Then I happen to find a STL site (Skull forge Studios) who had their version of DD but from the Netflix/Disney series, I knew I had to have those and had a buddy print me up a set.

MCP Model on left, Skull Forge on Right

All the Skull forge models

Well a few months ago I painted up a few Star Wars models that I had my buddy upscale for me. So as I was looking at the Skull Forge models, I thought, Hey, why not upscale DD as well! So my buddy printed them out and I was going to enter them in a Model Expo at my local shop, but it got postponed. 

Upscaled DD

Another Upscale DD

Well the two Daredevils have been staring at me so I figured I would get to working on them and just paint them up. The first pose below I wanted him to look like he was standing on a corner of a building overlooking Hells Kitchen, so out came some plastic and balsa wood to do a building corner. I think it looks much better like this and I plan to paint this model in the Red suite from the Netflix/Disney show.

Man without fear watching Hells Kitchen

This pose is feels like it wants to be the Yellow & Red scheme as seen in the She Hulk series, which I am not sure if same costume, but I will make it work. Its just another great pose from Skull Forge.

 Well thats it for now, have a big change happening and will document it once we are final, stay tuned.


Sunday, April 16, 2023

Warmaster Update _ Dwarves

 So, been a crazy month and a half, but I just got a few dwarves completed this weekend for Warmaster

820 points of dwarves

Two Slayer units
I was able to find a good size dwarven army made of metal from a friend, been sitting on them for some time, thought hey, lets paint up a few.


Thursday, April 06, 2023

RIP Leeloo

 Yesterday we said good bye to our oldest cat, Leeloo, she was with us for over 16+ years and was a great cat. She developed a tumor in her stomach that caused her to decline quickly, so we made the tough, right decision to let her go so she would not suffer. You will be missed but not forgotten Ms. Loo


Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Something stirs....


If you were wondering where I was, it seems that the seasonal flu bug hit me like a ton of bricks and I have been down and out for about a month now. But before I got hit with the bug, I had found this little gem and wanted to grab it for some games of Warhammer Quest.

Ove the last few days I got to paint this model, which painted up very nicely and looks good on the table. My only issue is how he is posed, its hard to get a good picture of him due to the angle of the sword, but overall a nice new collection for some Warhammer Quest! Enjoy! 

Painted up Witch King

Saturday, February 04, 2023

LotR or MESBG terrain...

Well I just completed a few terrain pieces for a buddy of mine for LotR or MESBG as its called now, here you go:

This is a trade for some 3d printing Tom has done for me, I still have the tree sections to complete.


Monday, January 30, 2023

Lord of the Rings 2023 update...

 Well okay, here are a few things for the Lord of the Rings 2023 project:

Picked these two hero's for my Rohon force i am working, since I have the plastic Theoden, figured I would also get Eomer and Eowyn. Nice models but they are a pain to assemble.

Since I am doing Riders of Rohon, here is a shot of 21 riders that I recently completed:

I also got the plastic Nazgul from the Pelenor Fields box set:

In the picture above you can also see a ring wraith on horse back. This is a converted model that was missing the arm, or so I thought. When I assembled the Nazgul, it came with a few arms for different poses for the model. So I took the extra and thought perfect I can use it for the one missing an arm.

Well when I pulled the model out not only was the arm missing but the legs for the right side of the model were I harvested the legs I needed and went to work.


So, the moral of the story, dont throw away those bits, even if you had them for almost 15 years as they may come in handy sometime!

There you go a little WIP of the Lotr2023 project.


Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Dark Lord of the Sith!

 Welcome intrepid adventurers!

Well I am back to Star Wars again, sort of! So just before Christmas I painted up a few Up scaled Skull Forge Studios figures for Christmas presents. Well I went to a Christmas party and showed one none gamer friend what I did, he was amazed and wanted to know if I could do one for him, then my phone got passed to another friend and another request, well this happened a few times until I had 5 orders for larger figures. Well I just finished this one up which is the last one.

You will see the "Standard" 28mm figure on the left, the other is roughly 200 times larger, so about 54mm. 

Up scaled Darth Vader from Skullforge Studios


Well there you go adventurers another awesome model completed...