Sunday, September 15, 2013

General Butternutts Epic Stand


Today a bunch of us today got another epic Black Powder ACW game, This time around Tom was the organizer of said event. The players were as follows, Myself, Robert, Tim P and Al R being the Union side, while Tom O, Joe D and his Son Joey took up the confederates side.

The table was a small 12' x 8' and the terrain was supplied by myself, Rob and Tom. here are a few before shots.

Tom came up with an interesting way of deciding the forces, we drew randomly and each brigade had a random set of units with random skills. Once sides were decided, we rolled for our leadership of our Brigade commanders. Rob, Tim P and Al all rolled a leadership of 9, while I was to be the unlucky one with a leadership of 6!

Well, once we got under way, the North proceeded to march on in all the pageantry  that they were know for. Tim P advanced up the road, Rob and Al both advanced as well, I got lucky ad was able to moe on as well.

The Rebels advanced onto the table and took up good postions, but it was clear that the rapid union advance had caught them by surprises.


By turn 3 things started to get interesting, the Union had advanced across the table and started to pour fire on the Rebs. Also it came down to my brigade had to advance to support Tim P on our flank, the Union General attached to my Brigade (so I could use his Leadership) and I was successful with ordering my large unit into a firing line to start my shooting against the Rebs that were still in march column.

By the beginning of the 4th turn, things went bad for the Rebs, the Union had a good round of shooting and I even was able to get my large unit into Hand to Hand combat. they were successful and routed the Rebs on my side of the table. After the smoked cleared, it was obvious that the Union had won the day. Here are a few more shots from the game.

All in all it was a great day and it was awesome to see the game on the table. This has fired me up to get my Rebs to the table. I look forward to the next game.