Sunday, February 03, 2013

DAK Reinforcements Arrive

Okay sports fan,

It's Supper Bowl Sunday and I could care less about the game today, so I decided to finish up a few tanks for my DAK army for Flames of War. So here is what I got done, first up a few Plastic Soldier Company Pz IV's, which is one of my favorite models. These guys are set up as Pz IV F2, a nice little unit for the DAK.

Plastic Soldier Company Pz IV's
 Next up, is my last PzIIf from Battlefront, this make 5 total tanks for my army. I also have a fondness for Panzer II's and these little guys are great in my DAK force when I am doing a straight up Africa list.

Battlefront Pz IIf

 Last but not least is the dreaded Panzer VI Tiger! You can see this model from my previous post here. I had the chance to play with a Tiger last weekend in a game of FoW, I only used one, but that was enough! I think this model had something like 6 kills in the game and it lasted the whole game. Now I see why FoW German players like this tank! Being a Historical nut, I will only have two in my DAK army collection and will not bust them out all that often, since there were only 6 Tigers in Tunisia. Still it is a cool looking model!

Plastic Soldier Company Pz VI Tiger
 Here is a group shot of all the tanks finished today, all but the the Tiger were half way painted, so really it was pretty quick to finish them up. I really enjoyed getting these units finished up and look forward to getting them onto the table.
Group Shot
 So yesterday DrunkenSamurai and I took the day off from gaming and decided to do a little shopping here in the Valley of the Sun. We hit Game Depot, were I scored a box company box of American Para troopers for 35% off retail price. Then we were off to Empire Games were we looked over there small amount of FoW products. After that we headed over to Crusaders Retreat since DS had never been there. We then ended the trip at Imperial Outpost games were I picked up a box of PSC M4A2 and a Sherman III Objective Marker. With the purchase of the PSC Sherman's, I now have enough vehicles for my British 8th Army Tank force I want to build.

The Next project, British Armour in the Desert!
So there you go, this is what I have/will be working on for this Super Bowl Sunday...