Monday, November 13, 2023


Welcome back fellow explores, 

Got the chance to work on the next Non GW warband for Mordheim. Ever since I played the game, I wanted to give the Possessed Cultist a spin. So without models, I took a look at what I can use and an obvious one was to use the Cultist box set for Frostgrave. So a quick trip to good old Amazon and a few days later viola, a new box of cultist arrived.

So first up was to build the Magister, I built him up with Light armor, Sword and dagger for 100 points. I like how is hand is up as if calling on some dark power!

Magister 100 points and nothing fancy/

Next up I built a Mutant with one mutation, Scorpion tail, I had some extra tails in my bits box and I liked the mutation. I gave him a sword and a shield for a total of 80 points.

Mutant with his tail!

Then it was time for a Possessed model, this one came from Reaper and I gave him Great Claw, which I re named Great Maw. I have always thought this model was creepy as heck, cant wait to get paint on him!
The Great Maw!

Next up I built three Brethren, two at 40 points and one at 35 points.
The Brethren!

So there you have it, 455 points and six models, small but deadly for sure. I am really looking forward to painting these guys up!



daveb said...

That great maw fig is awesome. Good choice for your abomination.

Tim Kulinski said...

@Daveb, yeah I love this gruesome looking model and it fits so perfectly. I gave him giant Claw but I figured its actually his torso mouth as I can see him grabbing its opponents and pulling them in. Also will look cool once painted!