Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adepticon Sunday - WAB Doubles Event

On Sunday, I ran the WAB Team Event which comprises two teammates each bringing 1000 points to the table to play against two other players. This event is more about having fun and pushing metal & plastic models around. We had 12 teams signed up (24 players) and this is up from last year. The main purpose like I said is to have a good time and play against some old friends. Everyone loves this event and guys look forward to it each year. So here are a few shots from the event.

Here are the winners from this years event:

Best Team Generals

Irving Mindel and Jeff Baxendale

Best Sportsmen

Tony Strahota and Abe Warpinski

Best Appearance

Bennett Blalock-Doane and Eric Hagen (Not pictured)

Now the last award goes to the worst team with the lowest standings. These guys are also two good friends of mine that I was able to talk into playing this year.

I'm in Charge, I thought You were in Charge??
Jeremy Williams and Jay Ryan

Once again thanks for everyone coming out to play in this event. I plan on running this one again next year so I look forward to seeing you all there.


Adepticon - Cool Things!

One of the coolest things I like about going to Adepticon is checking out the terrain and what other folks are doing in the hobby. here are a few shots of terrain that caught my eye while I wandered around the convention.

First up this cool Roman city table from the boys over at Gorgon Studios. It is for the soon to be released Vox Populi skirmish game, Matt Weeks is responsible for this cool table.

The other thing I was looking forward to seeing was the Flames of War events that made their appearance to Adepticon. With DrunkenSamurai and I getting into Flames of War, I wanted to see the tables. I was not disappointed in what I found at Adepticon for FoW!

There was also a cool Omaha Beach table which was a Historical re-fight game that was about 4'x8' long. It included some cool off table models to simulate some of the ships for the amphibious landings.

This table caught my eye, it was rather simple but yet effective and I would love to do a table like this in 28mm!

Another thing that I saw was the Old Glory hard foam terrain sections. Each piece is 2'x2' and comes painted already. They are very sturdy and light weight and I look forward to picking some of these up for GitD.

Another piece that caught my eye was this Damm that Brent Sinclair built for the WotR Demo game. it fit on one of the corners of the GW Realm of Battle boards and looked great, I may have to steal this idea for a future project I am thinking about.

Each year Sabol Designs brings a cool looking team event display board, this year was no exception. In fact it was the 2010 winner for Best Display. This thing was huge and looked awesome! One thing I have always wanted to do was to incorporate working lights into some of my terrain, but someone (DrunkenSamurai!) thinks that's too geeky! Well after seeing this he may change his tune.

Here was another cool display board that could be used for a regular table. Each year the displays keep getting bigger and better and I look forward to seeing what will turn up next.

Also Adepticon has a painting competition called the Rogue Demon each year. I have read that some folks would like to see this event broken down into two different events, one for anyone to enter and one for previous winners to enter. Regardless I love looking at the entries.

Here is my friend and fellow blogger Dave Taylors entry which he featured on his blog a few months ago.

This entry caught my eye since I love WW2 and this was a 28mm vehicle, I think it is a Bolt Action miniature.

This shot was a bit blurry, but I liked the paint job and the figure, it is some sort of sea creature.

And this Land Raider was way cool, I love the whole effect on this model. Some really nice painting on this.

I will leave you with one last picture, this was taken on Saturday during the 40K team event, the whole room is full up of 40k gamers! If you have never been to Adepticon, you are missing out on one heck of a weekend!


Adepticon Saturday - WAB Singels Event

Well It has been a while since I got back to posting here, life has a tendency to get in the way. Last week I had to fly down to North Carolina to visit my Grandfather who was in the Hospital with a stroke. I got to visit with family and comfort my grandfather, good news is he will be released this Friday to come home, although will be wheel chair bound for the rest of his life.

Anyway, not much went on on Saturday except for the WAB event I ran. It was a great event and we had 14 players. Here are the winners of the event:

The Classical Campaign Winners playing for the Greeks/Successors faction

Mike Butcher and Michael Cosentino
Best Painted Army
Bennett Blalock-Doane

Best General
Mark Henry

Best SportsmenMike Butcher
The following pictures are from the event on Saturday, the painting for the event is getting to be amazing and I look forward to seeing what shows up next year!