Saturday, November 25, 2023

Rats, dirty stikin Rats!



Finished up this classic Skaven Warband that my sone had run way back in the day. He never got around to painting them, so over the last week I got them painted up.

The Whole Warband, The Copperheads

The Leader, Copper Head himself.

A Skaven Warlock

A couple of Spear and Shield Skaven

A Flail and dual wielding sword rat

A few Slingers, rat with claws and throwing stars 

This was a fun project to bring to life, my son was over on Thanksgiving and knew as soon as he saw them and had a huge smile on his face, something in his eye told me he is itching to go back to the dammed city!

Happy Thanksgiving travelers.


Monday, November 13, 2023


Welcome back fellow explores, 

Got the chance to work on the next Non GW warband for Mordheim. Ever since I played the game, I wanted to give the Possessed Cultist a spin. So without models, I took a look at what I can use and an obvious one was to use the Cultist box set for Frostgrave. So a quick trip to good old Amazon and a few days later viola, a new box of cultist arrived.

So first up was to build the Magister, I built him up with Light armor, Sword and dagger for 100 points. I like how is hand is up as if calling on some dark power!

Magister 100 points and nothing fancy/

Next up I built a Mutant with one mutation, Scorpion tail, I had some extra tails in my bits box and I liked the mutation. I gave him a sword and a shield for a total of 80 points.

Mutant with his tail!

Then it was time for a Possessed model, this one came from Reaper and I gave him Great Claw, which I re named Great Maw. I have always thought this model was creepy as heck, cant wait to get paint on him!
The Great Maw!

Next up I built three Brethren, two at 40 points and one at 35 points.
The Brethren!

So there you have it, 455 points and six models, small but deadly for sure. I am really looking forward to painting these guys up!


Friday, November 10, 2023

Mordheim Project begins

So as I mentioned last post, I have been thinking about what new project to start as well as thinking what interests me in gaming. Over the last 6 months I have been on a bit of soul searching for my gaming mojo to return. Nothing like Moving your house of 23 years to make you really think about why we have so much stuff and why am I not playing with it more. 

In my soul searching, I was trying to identify what made me happy with my gaming. Now most of the games I played and collections I built I enjoyed very much and enjoyed the games I played with them. But the reality was I was not having as much fun with the one games like I once did. What I found was that I was craving more campaign style of games in which I really love. Most games I played were just one or two off games with no really reason to them except to play, once again was fun, but I felt like something was truly missing.

About this time of soul searching and packing for the move, I ran across my old AD&D stuff. I thumbed through it and started looking at the notes from when I ran games and was looking at the character sheets. I started to recall the games and even after all this time, I felt the thrill of excitement of running and playing in those games. 

Now I was not ready to ditch everything and go back to role playing, but then I ran across my notes from when I was writing Legends of the High Seas and my Mordheim book was there as well. I started going over those notes then picked up the Mordheim book and started going thru that. Then as I read thru the book, I started to recall the fun I had with the game, heck LotHS used lots from that book. And then it hit me, why am I not playing LotHS or Mordheim? They are both great games, lots of people played the games, and there seems to be a growing Mordheim resurgence happening. 

So I figured, why don't I start working on trying to build a small community here in Phoenix for it, my plan is to build up a few warbands, build a nice looking set of terrain for it and just get back to some cool campaign games with a few folks. I won't lie, I have seen some folks run a Mordheim themed weekend in Texas and would love to do something similar here, or go to an event.

So, with a new mindset and a new project, I went looking for miniatures in my collection, and remembered I had a few extra Mordheim Warbands I got from a friend as well as a Skaven band printed for me my another friend. One thing I was thinking of though would be how hard would it be for someone new to get into the game. The rules can be printed for free, but what to do about figures? Well there are lots of options, 3D print files, Reaper Minis, GW minis, other peoples Minis, but then I saw two boxes of Frostgrave troops I bought in my stack of shame. So I built a Reikland warband using nothing but Minis from the box set and a couple of the Metal Frostgrave models.
Reikland Warband using Frostgrave minis

My Captain with Heavy armor, shield and sword, dagger 125pts
Champion #1 metal Knight with bigger sword, Light armor, Double handed Sword, dagger, helmet 80pts
Champion #2 Light armor, Sword and dagger 65pts
Marksman #1 Long Bow and Dagger 40pts
Marksman #2 long bow, dagger 40
Marksman #3 Crossbow and dagger 50pts
Two young Bloods, one Sword, dagger and Buckler, while the other has Axe, dagger & buckler 55pts
Grizzled Warrior, sword and shield 40 pts

So total for the warband is 485 points which is a great place to start. I have a box of Cultist coming from Frostgrave and will be looking at doing a Chaos Cult warband, so stay tuned!


Saturday, November 04, 2023

25+ Year project complete!

So, Some followers may know, I have been working on completely painting up my original Warhammer Quest for years. I bought the original game back 1996, and started playing after I got it. It has been played many times throughout the years, with some painting happening every once in a while. My son's first tabletop minis game was Quest, in fact we told him once your able to read, you can play, he quickly learned how to read.

Well about 5 or 6 years ago, my brother came over to play (as he did years ago) and made the comment, Dude, you still have not finished painting this stuff???? He was right, with all the armies and projects, I had not finished this iconic game. That's all that it took to get me back to slowly painting it up again. Earlier this year I finished up the Skaven, all that I had left were the goblins. So this past week, I dove into getting the gobos painted up.

24 Goblin spears
Now the original game came with models in groups of 6, so there were 6 gobos with spear and 6 gobos with bow. Over the years I acquired another almost complete copy of the game and a few models along the way, hence there are more then usual  here. 

A few gobo bows
As I said above , I was able to track down a few older models, I had to get them to add them to the game, here are a few really old Gobos.

Some really old gobos

Now, that core is done, I have a few other models that I tracked down that will get painted up, but I can finally say Quest is painted! Now, the game will be getting more playtime as a buddy and I want to document a few games, sort of write an adventuring short story.

As for the next project, time to take a trip back to 1999 with a little Dammed city, Mordheim Project.