Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ragnarok 2015


Today was the big (or small) event for Saga her in the Valley of the Sunstroke. We had eight folks that committed to the event. But life got in the way for one person so we had seven total folks. The breakdown of players and armies were as follows:

Tom O - Vikings
Robert B - Vikings
Jerry A - Vikings
Mike W - Vikings
Matt W - Scots
Al R - Brentons
Tim K - Anglo Saxons

We played three scenarios that were set on each table and we rotated to each table with a different opponent. Table one had Clash of Warlord on it, table two was Battle at the Ford and the last table was Home land.

We kept it simple just tracking wins and victory points. Since we had an odd number of players, we had one player take a bye and get a win, I took the first bye since I was running the event. It all worked out well with only one issue with paint judging.

So here are a few pictures from the event: .

Clash of Warlords Board

Battle at the Ford board

Homeland Board

Jerry with Vikings vs Tom and his Vikings
Al with Brentons vs Matt and his Scots

Robert and Vikings vs Mike and his Vikings
Mikes Viking Raiders

Jerrys Vikings run to defend their village!

Toms Vikings looking for trouble.

Roberts Viking Jarl viewing the battlefield in the shade.

Mats Scots proudly displaying their banner.

Al's Breton force, looks like a WAB army on the table.

My Saxons forming up a shield wall.

Jerry's Vikings advance through the rough ground.

Mat's Scots defending their homes!

Tom's Viking warriors.

Tom's small Hearth guard unit.
My Saxons charge across the ford to engage the Vikings.

Another view of the epic ford battle.

Saxon Hearth guard and warriors cross the ford.

Vikings cross the ford
So after all the dust settled, I added up the win/loss of all the players.

Tom O took overall winner, Robert took the best painted and then everyone else got to take turns claiming their prize.

All in all it was it was a great time and everyone enjoyed themselves. We had a bunch of folks come by and watch the their you go, Ragnarok is in the books, we will be doing this event again in the near future.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Saga 6 Point Anglo Saxon Army Done!

Saga Anglo Saxon 6 Points Done!


finally finished up my 6 point Saga army about two weeks ago. I wanted to get pictures up sooner but had a few things come up (wife had to go to hospital for kidney stones and a quick trip out to CA for work). So here is what I got done:

So the force is as follows, the Warlord, 2 Hearthguard units, 2 Warrior units and 2 levy units. All the models are Gripping Beast plastics except for the warlord which is a Gripping Beast metal figure. It took about two weeks to assemble and then another two weeks of painting off and on each night between writing and working on paint commissions. I took my time with painting and did a bit more highlighting on the figures which makes them pop on the tabletop.

Here are a few more shots:

This army is for our little "Non-Event" called Ragnarok, which is a small 3 game Saga event being held at Imperial Outpost games here in Phoenix AZ. We have two main reasons for doing this, one is to show folks Saga and that there are folks playing it here and the second reason is just about getting together with friends to play Saga.

The fine folks at Gripping Beast sent out a few items for prize support, which Is awesome. Gripping Beast has always been more than happy with us gamers here in Phoenix going back to the days of WAB and the tournaments we ran here.

We also have a Viking Drinking horn from my good friend Jay Ryan and his company Feestzaal Horns, which if you were at Adepticon this year you saw their cool horns and they gave one away at the Saga Grand Melee event. Now ours is a smaller one, but it's just as cool as the larger ones.

Mike and I also had some cool Saga movement sticks done for us from Hollow tree studios.

So there you go just a quick update for the blog.