Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tech Priest of Mars

Well had some time last week to kick out this figure for my friend Rob, he needs a few Tech Priests of Mars for the up coming Inquisitor campaign he is planning. So I decided to paint this guy up to help him. He is a stock Tech Priest from the Imperial Guard line and I pictured him in metallics & a red Robe. All in all I spent about 3 hours on him and I think he came out looking pretty good. I just need to decide on a base or him.

So I hope you enjoy...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adeptus Arbites, Arco-Flagellants & Father Repentias


Finally finished up the Father Repentias unit for my Sisters of Battle army. As I posted last time, I decided to do something different than use the GW Sisters Repentias, I wanted this unit to be Imperial men who were trying to absolve for some sins toward the Emperor, so the only figure that is from the GW SOB Repentia line is the Sister with the Neural Whips. The rest of the figures are from the GW Empire Flagellants. So here is a group shot of the assembled unit, next up will be paint.

Here are three figures that I particular like, the arms on these figures come from the Empire Spear men box.
These two figures were inspired by my good friend Rob over on his blog After seeing his Miners that he is working on, I stole the idea for my Fathers. Once again the arms come from the Empire Spear men box, the Chain sword in the first picture is from the IG box set, the second chain sword comes from a Chaos Marine.

This figure uses the commands arms from the spear men box, it was a sword but a quick cut & poof added a Chain sword!

I also put together two more Arco-Flagellants to bring the squad level up to 6, which is the most you can now have. Once again used bits from the Ghoul as well as the Flagellants box set. Although I did use a mutant head on one of these guys. I really am looking forward to painting these guys up.

While on my Road trip I picked up Dan Abnett's Eisenhorn Omnibus, so while reading the first story (Xenos) Eisenhorn is joined by a Adeptus Arbite by the name of Godwyn Fischig. I was intrigued by the Arbites and had downloaded the Arbites Mini Codex from the Bell of Lost Souls .
So last night busted out my bits and started making a small unit of Arbites to use in a few Inquisitor games. First up a few Arbites with Suppression Shields & Power Mauls.

I started with Generic Cadians and took off the Imperial eagles off the Brest Plate as well as shaving the backpack bracket off the back of the armour. I also shaved down the helmets taking the sides & back off leaving the Imperial Aquila on the front. The arms, shoulder pads and Shields came from some plastic Void Viridians that I had. The Power Maul is a GW IG Missile that has been cut down to look like a power maul, this was the hardest thing for me to come up with, but it looks good.

Next up are three Arbites with Combat Shotguns, I did the same shaving and added the Void bits, the Shotguns come from the Void plastic Junkers and look pretty good.

The Sergeant is the Imperial commander from the Baneblade kit with a Void Bolter swapped out with the GW Bolter. Since he is a commander figure I can use him for just about anything really.

And here is all the Arbites together, it took me about 3 hours of working on these guys last night and I am happy the way they came out.

So there you go, another update, now to get back to looking for a job since my office closed at the end of July...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Arco-Flagellants & Father Repentias DIY

Update today with pictures (About time huh?), well I have been on a 40K kick lately and have busted out my Sisters of Battle and have been wanting to expand the army (currently its at 1500 points painted). Also with Rob and I planning on doing some =][= Inquisitor it was a fine time to play the Ecclesiarchy finest Daughters of the Emperor. So when my buddy Lonnie went on his shopping spree, I picked up a few boxes that I have had my eye on.

You see I have not been a big fan of the GW sculpted Arco-Flagellants or the Sisters of Repentias, so when the ghouls came out for the WHFB line, I thought, Hmm I could do a Arco unit. The GW sculpts just did nothing for me, so I dove into both boxes and my bitz box to come up with the first to Arco-Flagellants. These are early WIP and the pictures show I need to remove a few more mold lines before they are ready for paint. So here are the first two of six that I am building. The first one uses bitz from the Skeleton box as well as the Flagellants & Ghouls box, throw in some guitar wire and a few 40k bitz and you have a custom Arco.

The second Arco has the same bitz but with a power claw sort of thing made from the skeleton box.

I also never liked the S&M look of the Sisters Repentias, so I used the Flagellants from the WHFB line, just add a few chain swords and your set. I see the Father Repentias as captives of the Ecclesiarchy that are committed to becoming sinless by the act of dying for the Emperor. I will be doing up a Sob with a Neural whip in a few days. These guys are pretty much stock figures with Chain Swords added to them.

So there you have it, some of the latest things on the old work bench...

Monday, August 03, 2009

New Chapter

Just a quick post, today was the first day of not having a job, have to say was a little weird! Spent the day hanging out with my son, got to play a few games of LotR with him. Will be doing some play testing on some of the GitD 2010 scenarios, so far my son has given me some valuable insights & suggestions for a few scenarios.

Will be working on the 40k/Inquisitor rooms this week, I plan on getting some paint on them and will get a few pictures up this week. Also work continues on my Inquisitor band and I have also been and will get a few pictures up as well.

Also this coming weekend will be heading out on a road trip to take my son back to Kansas, it will be a father and son trip so will be now updates next week.

Anyhow, more updates in a few days...