Sunday, March 24, 2013

Desert Rides


A quick update tonight since I am doing this during commercials while watching the Walking Dead, I finished up these Plastic Soldier Company 251c about a week ago. These are for my DAK mid war list and so far they have done very well in the last three games of FoW.


Next up will be my next two installments of the Bolt Action paint challenge, so stay tuned...


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Samaria Bound!


It looks like I will be headed for Samaria very soon! If you are not familiar with Samaria, well it is the setting for the Brom inspired game called Dark Age Apocalypse by the folks over at Cool Mini or Not. My buddy Dave over at Crusaders Retreat finally talked me into taking a look at this game. So yesterday after visiting with Dave, I came home with the main rulebook.  

 I have to mention the quality of the book, first it is a hard covered book, comes in at 96 pages and is full color all for $19.99, a certain Games company Workshop should take notice and learn from this! The rules are pretty straight forward and the main rulebook has just the rules, not much fluff, just the rules. This nice since you do not have to dig through fluff to find rules. So far, I am liking what I see, I have been wanting a new Sci Fi game, this looks good and could be it.

Besides the Core Rulebook, I also picked up the hefty Forclist book. This book, like the Main rules, is hard back, full color and is 356 pages of coolness!! This book has all the background and descriptions of all the first 5 factions that you can play. I am just digging into this book but I think I may have found the faction that I want to play, the Brood! Basically this faction is a genetically altered caste of humans that have been left to evolve into what they are now. The main reason I want to do this faction, is the cool looking art work and the cool miniatures.

Here are just two of the Brood models that sold me on the game! As a painter, I am really excited about painting these figures and putting my own spin on them.

Along with the minis, I am sure I will be inspired to do some cool terrain. It has been a long time since I felt excited about a game and I am looking forward to journeying to Samaria!


Saturday, March 02, 2013

Personal Paint Funk!


It is March 2 and my second installment for the Paint Challenge was due, but I have had a rough month for painting personal items. I had a huge Chaos Nurgle army that I had to paint for Saguaro Painting Service.

Here is the list of items:

28 Plague Marines
20 Cultists
10 Havocs
10 Raptors
6 Oblirators
5 Beasts of Nurgle
10 Chaos Bikes
10 Terminators
2 Helldrakes
1 Forge/Mauler Fiend
1 land Raider
1 Demon Prince
1 Agis Defence line 
Then father Nurgle decided to pay me a visit and I was down for a week with the Flu, I am just now getting over it Needless to say, I have not had the urge or the time to paint anything for myself. So I guess I will be painting up 500 points this next installment.

Also on a side note, have been very interested in wanting to start a new game, just not sure what I want to do. I know I am done with Games Workshop. I have a few ideas like Westwinds Empire of the Dead or possibly SAGA, my buddy Robert and I were talking about this very thing today. All I do know is that I am enjoying playing Flames of War and that game is dominating the table right now. So we shall see what happens in the next few weeks.