Monday, December 24, 2018

GW Strikes Back!

So, another year has come and gone, so it’s time for the yearly look back to see what I got done. So, let’s take a look at what the goals were for 2018:

CAV – So this year I went with Talon Games to Adepticon to run CAV games, I painted up a few CAVs and the only games I got in where at Adepticon, I did get a few more CAV’s painted up, but do to work infringing on hobby time, I had to pull back on my commitment to writing for Talon, I hate when real life interferes with Hobby time. The 28mm Dictator is still awaiting to be built and painted as well as a ton of CAV’s. I will work on them when in the mood. So overall, I barely passed with CAV this year but I did have some effort completed.

Bolt Action – So I wish I could say I got a lot of games in of Bolt, but I think I only got in about four games. Now Robert & I did finish up the Bocage terrain we were working on for the Point 213 game and we did get it on the table. The game was one sided and the Brits got the major win. It was nice to see a project that we have been working for about 10 years get completed. I also started working on a new army, IJA Japanese for plans to do some Pacific gaming. I got the models assembled and for most of the year they have sat in the box until about two weeks ago when I started painting them. This past weekend I was able to get 500 points of stuff painted and Robert & I played our first 2nd Edition game! We have been apprehensive to doing the newer version, but after this past weekend, not much has really changed. So with only a few games and a very big project completed I would say that I passed for 2018.

Blood Bowl – Well I ran my first ever Blood Bowl event at the beginning of the year, the Taco Bowl! I did get a couple of teams painted and I had plans to attend the Grumble Bowl at IO but could not attend. I also have been keeping up on the Spike magazines and been picking up teams here and there. I love Blood Bowl, but I just don’t get that much time to play. So this was a passing year for Blood Bowl.

Warhammer Quest – So I continued to run games of Quest this year, painted up a ton of figures and created some cool scenarios for the players. I even got a chance to play the rerelease of the game that Robert picked up, I prefer the older version, but there were a few things I will port over to the older version from the newer one (pass through for one!). So, I have to say Quest was a huge success this year, so passed with flying colors!
 Space Hulk – Well the goal was to have a fully painted Hulk game, well I only got the Terminators painted up. I did get a few games in, but overall that was about it. Now because of Hulk though, I will be working on a brand new 40K army, Blood Angels, but that’s for another post! So I would say I failed on getting this completed this year. But I don’t feel too bad with what I did get completed.

Frostgrave – Well this is a huge fail this year. About the only thing I did was by the Spell cards that came out. I kept wanting to get it to the table, but other games took the spot. I love Frostgrave but there is only so much gaming time in a year.

Saga – Well we did get a new version, and I ordered it from my local shop back in the beginning of the year, well I just got my copy of the rules about a month ago, due to the supplier being out of stock. I also had ordered the Dark Age supplement with the new battle boards, but that has not come in. Because the lack of getting the rules, Saga fell of the table and did not get back onto it! So, this was an epic fail for this year.

Black Powder – Well this was a huge success; Robert & I played a couple of smaller WAB sized games of BP ACW and then we did our huge ACW game. While it did not hit the table much, it sure did hit the paint table, I painted up a whole brigade of Union troops this year for the big game. So once again while not played a lot, it was a huge pass on this one.

Other Games – This was not on the list, but there were a few games that hit the table this year that I had not planned for, one being Necromunda. I painted up three gangs (Van Saar, Escher & Genestealer Cult) and played in a campaign for about 6 sessions. I also purchased the Death Ray Designs hallway set for the game and picked up the core game, each Gang War and finally the two big rulebooks. For a game that was not on the radar, it got a lot of attention this year.

Age of Sigmar was also another game that was not on the radar and got a bunch of play time this year. I painted up a huge Flesh Eaters army that I game with and purchased the main rules and army book. I am still struggling with this game, I want to love it, but I am not doing well with it. I need to spend more time with the rules other than the few hours before I play a game.

Shadespire is a late entry to this year and I have gotten in a few games and will continue to move forward with it. I did the skirmish feel and small model count of this board/card game with minis.

Tanks also saw the table a bunch of times and I purchased and painted up a bunch of new vehicles for the game. It all was because I introduced my brother to the game and we played a few times. I also purchased the Modern Tanks game due to having a blast with the WW2 set.

I also got in a few games of Fistful of Lead this year which has quickly become my new favorite Old West game rules, its quick, fast and deadly. I also picked up a bunch of new old west figures for this game as well as a few other supplements.

So there you have it, what I did for 2018, overall I did very well, this was truly the Year GW Strikes back for me. Do I regret it, no, I have had a ton of fun gaming and working on new projects and playing all the games!  So, I look forward to 2019 and what that brings. Merry Christmas to you all, I will see you at the start of 2019!