Monday, December 11, 2023

The First models...

 So, last post you saw that I took the dive back into Epic...I mean Legions Imperious, well this past weekend I started working on a few models. Now I had seen folks in the hobby community complaining about how tiny these guys are, but to be honest, compared to the previous Epic models, these guys are huge! 

Size comparison from GW 

So I figured I would start off  with the Space Marines, I think I will be doing either Blood Angels or I may do Night Lords, I still have not decided yet. But I started with the predators.

Three Predators

Now, I will add to the drama, these models took about an hour to assemble which I thought I was assembling a much bigger model kit. These models are are just shrunken down versions of the large kits. The hardest part was making sure the parts didn't fly off the sprue when cutting them off. Once completed, these are beautiful models and look awesome!

2 sciaran tanks

Then I went on to build these two Sciaran tanks, these went a little faster to assemble and once again, beautiful models once put together. 

So now I need to decide on which faction I want, do I want Loyalist or Renegades? Really it comes down to paint either Red or Blue...


Monday, December 04, 2023

So, its starts....

 Well, I did a bad thing!

So, one of my first GW games was Epic Space Marine, my brother and I would play this game into the wee hours of the morning and loving every minute of it. The scale was just so...Epic on the table. In fact this was what started me down the path to historical gaming, wanting to see epic battle on the table. 

Love this game!

Now GW has gone ahead and released basically Epic SM but with the back story of the Horus heresy! Which really focuses on the epic civil war amongst the Imperium. 

Nice full had cover set of Rules.

So, I expect you will be seeing much more of this game here very soon, a few friends here have picked it up and I know I will be getting a few more units for the game. So Stay tuned