Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pulp Game on the Horizon


For some time now I have been planning a Pulp Egyptian Mummy game, and finally after about 4 years of working on it, I am about to unleash the first game. I am using LotR/Legends as the base for the rules. I have looked at many rules but always come back to the LotR/Legends rules, maybe it is because I am so familiar with them.

Well any way I have planned three games or scenes if you will and the first game is all about four groups (Nazi, Chinese, British and Americans) all looking for the Mummy' tomb. Scene one will have the four groups racing around a town looking for informants to find the location of the Mummy' tomb.

So here are a few pictures of some of the intrepid adventures, all are West Wind figures from the Gothic Horror line.

Besides the adventurers, I have a few surprises for the characters, like these deadly Asps, very deadly! These are old GW snakes from the Lizard man line, I do not think you can get these now.

In order to spring my surprises, I need some containers. I looked but could not find anything that looked "right", so I decided to make a few out of beads. These are from the local Wally Mart and all I did was make a few container tops out of green stuff. Here are the results, I think they came out rather well.

One last thing was this Genie, I have had this model for a long time, it is an old Ral Partha AD&D figure. I figured that I would use him sometime in some game, just did not know it would take almost 20 years!

Just to give you scale on this guy, here is a picture with a standard 28mm figure in front of him. I really like how this picture came out, it fits the theme of Pulp too me.

Anyway I will be posting up pictures of the game from this coming weekend as well as some of the rules that I came up with.