Sunday, January 28, 2024

One game for a whole year....Hmmm

 Good morning folks,

So this morning i spent some time getting caught up on my You tube subscriptions and came across this interesting video that he did a few weeks ago (I'm that far behind...LOL). 

It was a very interesting video for me as the creator took a whole year off not doing anything with the Warhammer hobby. For content creators that are Warhammer focused, this can kill a channel and if your getting money from your videos this can really hit you hard. But Dave decided to give it a try, he wanted to see if he felt any different, go watch the video.

So this video got me thinking about trying to focus down on my Hobby time, not that I have been doing a lot lately. But regardless with getting back into gaming again, so trying to stay focused now would be a great thing. Maybe it would help to try to focus on one project for a year. This is not a new thing, I used to do this with other games (LotR, WHFB, FOW) but over the last few years I have been all over the place and as a buddy said, my brain spins from one game to the next.

So I am sitting here trying to see if this would be something I could do again and if I really want to in the first place. And then there is, do I just work on one game for a year from the hobby and modeling side or do I limit it to just playing one game, or a combination of the above.

Now, the other thing to think about what game would it be? Would it be a brand new game? A old favorite? So many choices, so many games. Then I am thinking would it be just one genera or setting? Once again so many choices to think about.

I was hoping that by writing this down it would help me focus in and give me more clarity to the idea, but it is very complicated sort of thing. I hear some of you asking why limit yourself? Just do what makes you happy, or your completely mental....LOL But it is a very good thought provoking idea to say the lease. It also brings up ideas of past projects and the fun that I have had with those. 

So the bottom line is, I still don't know how to answer the question, and I still don't have a plan. but that's the awesome thing about sitting down every once in a while and having these sort of thought provoking ideas. 


Tuesday, January 16, 2024

A Car Dealership of Carnage!

 Welcome Gasland Fans!

After last weeks game the roar of engines and machine guns has called me back to the death race game called Gaslands! After going through some of my previous posts, I realized that I have not properly documented all of my cars that I have for the game, so tonight here is a long post with some of the cars that have not made an appearance on the Blog, I also busted out my cool logo that my buddy Mike made for me!

Dirt Bike from Weapons of Carnage Sprue 2

The Red Barons Team

Buggy from the Weapons of Carnage 2 Sprue

Another buggy from WC2

One of the first cars I made, a Sand Rail with MGs

Another first car I built Weapon from a CAV model.

A pretty Stock car with Rockets and custom paint.

Another stock car with Rockets and dropper out the back.

I love the look of this car, just added the guns and smoke stack on the side and Roo Bar in front.

The Banana Peel who won his first race this past Friday against Mike.

Crazy 8, who also raced last Friday and was the first casualty of the race!

Brute, just a few bits added to it like the custom plow.

Wrecking Ball, a fun little build.

Wrecking Ball has wheels swap, ball and chain guns and side exhaust added to it. 

Death Scream, inspired by Sweet tooth from Twisted Metal PS game.

I added the Ghoul heads as it remind me of Maximum Overdrive movie. 

A big conversion, from the stack forward one truck and the rear is a Ice Cream van that Hot Wheels did.

Notice the cab, same as above but with different bed and wheels.

Another early build, used 3D printed guns and plow.

A simple but effective build, parts all from Weapons of Carnage sprue 1.

This build was inspired by the artwork in the Gaslands Refueled book. 

This was a group build challenge to see what we could do with the Hot Wheel Erikstein, I mashed it up with a Bone Shaker!

Its big truck, super long wheel base!

My daughter in law gave me this Mini Cooper and said what can you do with this?

My son challenged me to do something with this Piranha car, added guns, fins on the side and exhaust out the back and tried to paint like the real fish! 

Another early build that I love, Spike count as a ram all around. Amazing what plastic styrene and super glue can do!

She has a point!

These cars were made to show what you can do without stripping the cars or taking them apart. Just added guns.

Another Stock car with guns added. Stock paint.

This was another simple build, just added rockets and cage to inside and custom paint. 

This was made for my wife, who has played, she wanted a Mustang in Pink and really wants runs on the car for traffic! LOL

A Helicopter I built for the game, started out as the Bat Copter.

Back side of the Copter 

Well there you go, just a few cars that I have done over the last few years, hope they are an inspiration for you to do some builds and try out the game.


Monday, January 15, 2024

Building a railroad empire!


Been a while since I got to work on my Model rail stuff, since the move, I had to disassemble my shelf layout, but I am still part of a Modular Model Railroad club. Since the move I have not been able to get back into working on anything, after 8 months though we are finally unpacked and now I have room to start working on stuff again.

So for the past two weekends, I have been going over to Roberts House to help him with constructing a corner for our club. We use a two piece curved corner and they are a challenge to assemble. 

Laminating wood to form the curved front. 

Since we have curved corners, you basically have to laminate this plywood to make the curved sections. It was a process and I like the look, but its a pain to build.  

Here is the two parts of the corner getting the end plates glued in.

And here is the corner up on its legs and clamped together.

So, about two years ago I purchased from my friend Rick, two 6' x 2' modules that he was not going to need anymore. Well once I picked them up. I noticed that the module frames were actually 5' 11.5" long and not a full 6'. Now the sub road bed he mounted was an actual 6' and over hung the frame. When I asked Rick about it, he could not remember why he had done that. Well I was slightly discouraged by this and just put the modules in my garage with plans to fix them.

Well the lack of club shows, didn't make me want to bust them out and work on them as I always had other stuff going on. Then the move happened and I brought these frames over to the new place, my wife and friend Darrin asking what I was doing moving these as I hadn't done anything with them. Well I would be getting to them, just had to get the garage completed.

Well the great news was after almost 8 months, the garage got finally unpacked and I could get to the modules that were buried in the back of the garage. So this past weekend I got them out and took them Down To Roberts place to do some work on them.

First up was getting the end plates on them which included lots of clamps and some hefty amounts of glue. 
Gluing on the end plates.
Once we got the end plates glued on, it was next to get some wood down on the deck, which by luck Robert had an extra thin plywood that we had bought the weekend before, he donated it for my modules as it was easier then taking it back to Home Depot. SO a few cuts later, we had decking for the frames, the only thing was Robert ran out of brads in his nail gun, so I have to glue the deck down at home.

We have tops now!

So sometime this week, I will get the tops glued and tacked down, then I can start to plan the track plan for these. As I told Robert yesterday, its good to be working on these and seeing progress makes me want to continue. So with any luck, I will have these two ready for the next train show we do.


Friday, January 12, 2024

Welcome 2024, Get your motor runnin!

 Welcome to 2024 friends, 

The first game I got to play today was Gasland's with Mike. It was awesome to get to roll dice again and we were both surprised at how much we remembered the rules. It has been almost a year since we last played his vehicular carnage game!

Here are some pictures from today, we went out to Old World Games in Scottsdale, mainly to go to a Rudy's BBQ before we played.


The track for todays Race!

On the inside was my first car, Crazy 8, the Yellow car was my second car named Banana Peel. And right off the bat the Banana Peel slammed into the back of Mikes VW!

Here we see Crazy 8 wiped out, to be T - boned by Mikes VW, then the Banana Peel Slammed into him!

Another view from the first gate, cars were already getting into the action before the weapons became active!

Banana Peel dropped an oil slick as he took the lead all alone!

If you look just behind the Peel, you can see Mikes Erikstein in a far 2nd.

Banana Peel flying past the 2nd gate with no car in the world.

The Erikstein trying to catch up to the Peel!

Coming around the corner hunting for his prey! But the Banana Peel crossed the finish line first.

Just a close up shot, Mike did a very elaborate conversion on this model, which is two different cars meshed together. An ugly brute but a bad ass looking vehicle. 

And After we were done, I had to do some shopping at Walmart, and these two fell into my cart!

Once again, Mike and I had a blast, but we feel something is missing, we both think its a campaign element for the game. Now the author has a basic campaign system,  but we want something to keep track of the drivers. So who knows, maybe we will work something up and see if we can get it published for the game. We will see.