Thursday, September 01, 2022

Something Old is New Again


A few of us were talking about 6 months ago about how GW keeps changing rules and is now more about selling books then great games. That got us talking about the good old days and we started talking about games like Epic and Warmaster. Well thanks to these glorious days we live in and the fact that 3d printers are getting better, we now have access to models for a cool game. 

Well I asked my buddy Tom if he could print a few things and I have been painting up some models, here is my latest efforts.

2000 points of Vampire Counts from Forest Dragon Minis

Here is a break down of the unit:

Black Coach

Black Nights

Dire Wolves

Fell Bats



Grave Guard




Vampire Generals

Mounted Generals

So there you go, a pretty large army with some real small models. Now just waiting for the other guys to get their stuff painted and then we will let the dice roll!