Monday, January 22, 2007

Orcs, Elves, and a Big Skull O my!

Well I finally got of my duff & took a few pictures of my Mordor Orcs that I promised a few updates ago, so here are a few shots. This is a group of converted Morannon Orcs using bits from the Minas Tirith warriors.

The next picture is of my Orc Swordsmen using the same bits from the Warriors of Mins Tirith.

Here is a shot of my Warg Riders, I currently have 8 out of 12 done:

The last two shots are of my Mordor Standard bearer & the Orc Captain.

Also here is my next project that I'm working on. It's a Elven force from Rivendall for the upcomming Campaign day event that I'm running on February 11th at Imperial Outpost. I'm really not playing but organizing the event & will only play if we have an odd number of players. Because of this I had to put together a good force to play not knowing what side I will be playing on. So I will either have the Good side with 250 points of elves (only 18 models) or I will use my Orcs. But reguardless I need to get started on painting really soon.

Now here is a shot of some Tactical miniatures that I painted up a while ago. have not used them in a game but looking forward to.

In my last post I included shots of my Sisters of Battle, well I have two Inquistors that I'm working on for the force and this guy is going to be the more Radical Inquistor, hence the Golden armour. This is an old figure that my good friend Rob B gave me. He had been wanting to use him for awhile & when I told him about my Radical Inq, he gave me this guy. Most folks that see him don't even know he is an older Games Workshop figure, from around the 80's I think.

He is still a long way off from being done, but he is getting there.

The last picture comes from a friend over across the pound in England, Tim Eagling. He recently went on holiday (vacation for us here in the states) to Paris Disneyland over Christmas. I asked him i he could snap off a few pictures of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride & Skull Rock for me. As soon as I saw the shot I loved it, this will be my next terrain project I think...

Thats it for now, off to paint...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Not much painting, but alot of gaming going on!

So there you go, I had hoped to have more painting done as of late, but I have been distracted by playing a few new games. First game that I tried this monday was Victory at Sea by Mongoose Games basicly it's a WW2 Sea battle game pitting the Axis & Allies navies against each other. The game system is very much like there Babylon 5 rules with a few modifications. My friend Mike G brought the game over and we played a historical match up of two arch enemies the British verse the Germans. The match up was of four ships, the Prince Eugene & Bismark for the Germans, the British had the Hood & King George. Mike allowed me to play the Germans & he took the British. After reading through the rules we set out to play the game. The rules are very simple and fast playing, although Mike & I agree that the rules are biased towards the Germans, which is strange for a rules set written by English authors. The game lasted about an hour and a half with us looking up few rules. And all in all it went well. The only problems we had were the turning templates that came with the rules. They are only one sided and the are not evenly marked so if you turn to one side you have a greater move distance. Mike is planning on copying the template to clear asitate so you can flip it over and still see the markings. The other issue was were to measure from the ship counters provided. The rules state you measure from the red dot on the counters, but there are none. But all in all the game was very enjoyable and Mike has gone out & purchased GHQ models of British, Germans, Americans & Japanese ships. So we will be playing again.

After playing VaS we busted out another game Mike brought over which was Supersystems

which can be bought from Old Glory as well as about 15 figures from the Westwind line. One of my other friends Brandon f came over to check out the game. So once again Mike gave us a brief of the rules, and then we choose three figures each for our Super Hero teams. I had Grav Girl, T Bolt & Tekton, Mike had The Siberian, Emerald Alien, and Wildman, Brandon had Rigger, Adder & Saber Skull. The mission, to beat the crap out of each other & see who still stood after the cloberin time was over.

The game uses action points and at first I was very leery of this having played many FASAs games that use Action points. But this system worked out very well. In fact the rules reminded me of Lord of the Rings by GW. You have to make what the system calls Goal Rolls of 4,5 or 6's on a D6 dice roll. This is used for everything and is what feels like LotR when you fight. All in all the rules work very well & this is a game I will be playing more of. In fact I now have the rules (Thanks to Mike) and have been going through reading them so I do better the next time.

By the way, Brandon was the one who one the bash and we all had a blast playing. Now Mike G is supposed to be painting up some of his figures for the next time we play.

I have also been busy assembling the new Warhammer Empire figures for Mike G. He has no patience for assembling models, so I get the fun job of doing it in trade for more lead & plastic. I have to say the new plastic Empire troops are crap! I don't like them. They have too much detail sculpted on them and only allow a very limited number of poses. GW also has switched to a new type of plastic that is a dark grey color & is a little more flexiable than the previous plastic. My complaint is that mold lines are harder to clean up, the plastic seems to score more when using jewlers files & you can see the grooves it causes in the plastic. My advice to Mike was to look for the older plastic models, but he has already bought everything for the army, so I now have to deal with it for him.

So there you have it, been distracted by new games & new toys, man I'm so weak!


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lord of the Rings Event 2/11/07


Have not had time to paint in the last few days, been busy getting a Lord of the Rings event organized at my local shop. here are the particulars:

Lord of the Rings Campaign Day
Date: February 11, 2007, Place: Imperial Outpost Games, Time: 10:00am, Cost: $10.00

This event will be a campaign driven tournament. Players will sign up in either the “Evil side” or the “Good Side”. Players will then be divided into teams that will compete against each other for “World Domination of Middle Earth!”, while the individual players compete for the titles of “WARLORD!” or “CHAMPION” of Middle Earth

Scale: 25/28mm armies. They should be painted but not necessary although bonus points will be handed out for fully painted armies. You may also use non LotR figures for this as long as they follow WYSIWYG rule. WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) rule is in effect for this event, so models must be armed appropriately so as no confusion occurs during the event.

Rules: We will be using the rules from the Lord of the Rings Rulebook, NO House rules will be in play. The following errata/additions will be used Legions of Middle Earth & the Lord of the Rings Rulebook FAQ found here
Table size: All games will be played on a 4’x4’ table. Terrain will be randomly determined, but preset on the tables prior to the tournament start. Players will not move terrain, it will remain in place, but players will move between the tables. If a player ends up on a table that he already played on, he must use the other side. Otherwise, each player rolls 1d6 and the high roller then picks the side of the table he wants to use.
Army size: Players need to bring 250 points maximum of appropriate troops for their army. Armies must follow the army list as laid down in the Legions of Middle Earth Expansion Book.
Restrictions: No Named Heroes may be taken at all and you must include a Captain to lead your force. The only rules that will not be in play are for the newest supplement Ruin of Arnor.
What to bring: You must bring two copies of your Roster (one for the judges & the other for your opponent to look at). You must also bring the appropriate troops that you are fielding for the event. Also please bring your rulebook or any relevant supplements that you are using for your list. Also bring dice, tape measure, paper & pen.
Teams: Players will be divided into 2 teams for each of the sides prior to start. Players on each team will then roll off (1d6 with high die winning) for command of their side for the first round. The commanders for each side will then roll off (1d6 with high die winning) to determine the match-ups. The winning commander picks who from his team will fight which opposing player; the losing commander then picks which table this battle will take place on. The losing commander chooses the second match-up, with the winning commander picking the table for the game. The commanders alternate in this fashion until all players are paired off for the first round.

Game 1: Meeting Engagement Follow all guidelines for this scenario as listed on the sheet.
Between Games 1 and 2: Scores will be recorded and the commander for each side will now be the high-scoring player from Game 1.
Game 2: I’ll met by Moonlight Follow all guidelines for this scenario as listed on the sheet.
Between Games 2 and 3: Scores will be recorded and the commander for each side will now be the player with the highest cumulative score.
Game 3: Take & Hold Follow all guidelines for this scenario as listed on the sheet.
Between Game 3 & 4: Scores will be recorded to see which armies per side are the top leaders, then the players will be paired up as follows: Top 2 armies leading will be paired and then the next top 2 will be paired. So that there are tow teams per side (2 teams for Evil against two teams of Good). Then these two Teams will fight against the opposing Top 2 teams for the final Battle.
Game 4: To the Death! Follow all guidelines for this scenario as listed on the sheet. But for scoring the winning side will split the points awarded.

Awards: Overall (Top Score) - Best Sportsman - Best painted

Really looking forward to this, off course I'm the Odd man out, so the only way I will get to play is if someone can't make it. Right now we have 8 players that are supposed to be comming. The other thing is that I need to paint up a Good Force for the event. Right now all I have painted are my Mordor Orcs (which I still havn't posted pics of!). So I think I will go with a Rivendall Elven force which will give me about 18 figures. That means I have only 18 figures to paint, with me having to go out & buy 10 figures this weekend. So I should be busy with painting in the next few days...


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pirates & SOB's

Tonight I have a few Pirates that I was working on for the Pirate Project. These are a few Old Glory figures. Some may notice a few of the Pirates from the Old Glory Army deal, not sure if any of them are for sale yet. So here we go,
This is a conversion from a Foundry pirate & some GW parts.

Here is one of the Pirate Captains from the Old Glory Army Deal.

Here is another one

Here are two Pirates from the Looting Range of pirates from Old Glory

Now I also have been painting up a few Sisters of Battle (SOB's) that I got from a good friend. I have about 40 Sisters painted & tow units of ten Seraphim done. I also have a few Heavy weapons taken care of.


Saturday, January 06, 2007


Here is a few pictures of some sailors that I painted up for the pirate project I have been working on for the past two years. These are Old Glory figures from the European line of sailors.

Here are a few shots of the various sailors from above. Once again these are sailors that I use for my pirate project that I'm working on.


Lord of the Rings & Things

Well last night I decided to do some painting, so here is what I started last night. So heres a well known elf.

Now for a famous Dwarf

and now a famous Wizard

And here are a few shots of a Robs Urk hai from a game last week.

Will post more later...


Friday, January 05, 2007

A Friends New Blog

I have a new Blog to report, my good friend Rob Brightwell has put together a painting blog with some cool pictures on it of his newest work. Take a look @

Something that i have to point out is his nice little painting Cube. Rob has all the details about it, but it's something that I have been wanting to do for some time because I'm getting tired of carrying all my paints out to the dinning room every night to paint. The wife is not that understanding about me leaving all my stuff lying around on the dinner table. I guess it's time for me to start looking for something like Rob got...