Friday, December 02, 2022

Witch Hunter Warband grows and rats!



Painting continues on my Witch Hunter warband, painted up four more figures to join the brave group getting ready to return to the cursed city!

Four more members for the crusade to the Cursed City

I still have about 6 more figures to paint up for the warband, all being the Witch Hunters themselves, wanted to save those for last to spend some time with them. I am really liking this project and getting to paint some old models from my mounds of lead.

More recruits for the cause!

I also happened to unearth my sons old Skaven warband that was packed away in the closet, so I will be tackling these rats next, I was surprised to find them as I was on the search for STL files of Ratmen which there are a bunch out there, which I may have a friend print for me, we will see.

Rats!  I mean Skaven!

So progress continues on the Mordheim project, I am hopeful that I can start working on a few terrain pieces this weekend. Looking to do a few ruined buildings and use MDF as I want sturdy terrain.


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