Thursday, November 03, 2022

Dwarven Pirates!

 Good Morning all you salty old dogs!

Today a quick update on a few really old models. So many moons ago I used to play a GW classic game called Mordheim, I had a few warbands from the lists in the book but wanted a dwarven warband (the rules released with Town Cryer). But I had this great idea of using the Long Drongs Dwarven Pirates which were a Unit of Renown for Warhammer Fantasy Mercenaries unit.  

Well as soon as I saw these models I knew I had to buy them and would use them for Mordheim and started painting them. But then we stopped playing and the group I played with went their separate ways. 

Dwarven Pirates!

So the dwarves got put into a box half finished and left they way they were for many many more moons. But then last week when I got the itch to paint up some of my Historical Pirates, I remembered these guys, so the hunt was on to find them.

I did locate them and as I looked at them I decided to mount them on 25mm rounds (1" washers actually) and decided to finish them up. I have to say Iloved this little project and there was ot much left to do on the models and was a nice little break.

So what started out well over 20+ years ago finally got finished and the models look awesome, it actually has me thinking about using them for Mordheim again, hmmm.



rhingley said...

Great looking unit Tim. I can relate to the comment, "so the hunt was on."I don't know how many times I've searched my own pile of lead for a figure, or even a piece of a figure, let alone a unit.

Tim Kulinski said...

@rhingley yeah you know you have too much when you have to spend hours looking for items...LOL

daveb said...

Always a good feeling when you finish a long paused project. Long drongs pirate dwarves are pretty cool. They didn't have the axe throwing machine associated with them did they?

Tom O said...

Very nice!