Thursday, May 26, 2022

Something large comes this way!


Might as well post this project that I am working on, so here you go. I am working on hosting a mutli player game of Galactic Hero's in the very near future for Star Wars/ I have had my buddy Tom printing me a few models off this cool site Skullforge Studios and thanks to Tom have gotten almost all of the models for the game through them, which are really 3D files. Well I want to create some madness in the game and I need a big distraction, well and this was one of the biggest distraction I could think of.

Big Boy in parts! 

So Tom took a few days to print out as each piece as this is a very large beast. Tom did have a few misprints with the pre supports on the file, which was one of the legs and on arm. I did find another misprint but I was able to work around that on the lower torso.

Today I started assembly which included filling in any gaps or vent holes on the model sections. I did as mentioned have a large gap in the lower torso that I was bale to fill with Green Stuff and I also used modeling paste on the smaller cracks (white lines on model). Next up will be painting the beast.

Dont turn around!

So there you go, another post and another project in the works.



Tom O said...

That's the biggest print I've done. I look forward to seeing it painted!

Tom O said...

That's the biggest print I've done! A challenge for sure since some of the "pre-supported" files didn't print well/at all. I look forward to seeing it painted!