Friday, January 07, 2011

Rocks and Passageways


To go along with the Osgiliath revamp I did a few rock piles for the table at GitD. Nothing special just a few rocks on some bases painted to match the rest of the terrain. So here are a few shots of them.

Here is a group shots of the piles, each piece is about 4" to 6" long and they will provide line of sight blockers for the table.

Also to go along with the Osgiliath table I decided to build a quick fountain for the the center of the table. It is made out of PVC plastic sheeting, 4 3/4" wood blocks and 5 statues from the GW kit. I also used Liqutex to add texture to the fountain. The inside of the fountain has a simple cobblestone sheeting and I poured some Gloss varnish into the fountain (it is still wet in the pictures).

Also for a couple of friends across the pound I have a few shots from some old passageway boards for the old GW Warhammer Quest game. First up is a picture of the original stairway tile that came with the game.

Here is the replacement tile that I made out of cork and matte board. The cork is great to work with since it has a natural rock look and it is easy to add cracks to it.

Here is another Objective room tile (the Tomb room).

And here is my replacement, once again it is cork and matte board. The coffin is made out of foam core and matte board. I was going to add a dead knight to the top but never got around to it.

Here is another shot with two sections together. Warhammer Quest is a great game and I only bust it out when either my son is home (he grew up watching us play until he learned how) or when my brother visits.

So there you go...


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Tim Eagling said...

Ace! Thanks Tim. Just played another four or five hours of Quest this evening. This is going to become a regular thing so I might be making my own bits in the near future:0)