Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Osgiliath Revamped


The New Year and the first post for 2011 and it is a terrain post. As loyal readers are aware, I run Gathering in the Desert, a Lord of the Rings Independent Grand Tournament. We are going on our 4th year and in a manner to bring some awesome terrain to the event I started to revamp some of the terrain. The past two years Tom O supplied the terrain for the Osgiliath table which was greeted with some interesting comments (From we love it to I hate that table!). Tom is looking at selling off his terrain so it was up to me to re-do the table.

Well I started with 8 of the Osgiliath terrain kits from Gamesworkshop. here are a few of the completed terrain pieces for the table.

DrunkenSamurai is working on at least two other sections for this table, so the table looks a little bare in the below picture.

I also have a fountain and a few rubble piles to finish up but all in all the table looks good. Now I just have to finish a few other tables before GitD 2011. So stay tuned...



John Lambshead said...

I do like it, very nice.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Nice terrain! Eager to see the entire board!

Anonymous said...

Tim, this is great looking terrain. I'm hoping to do something similar for Adepticon/BBB as well.

I can't believe GitD is less than 2 months away now. Time to get crackin'

Tony said...

I like the ruins.


Tim Eagling said...

Liking it Tim. That kit looks extremely versatile. Right now stop messing about with LOTR and get some pics of your old Quest boards up please;0)

Daen said...

Well, really nice ruins.

One thing I don't like in this work, is that you didn't make the same type of bricks like in the plastic kit of GW. I mean, that it would look more realistic when all bricks are in the same type/structure ;)


botwt said...

Nice, very nice!!

Carl Woodrow said...

Looks great. Unlike Daen I actually like the mix of stonework. In the books Osgiliath was fought over for close to a hundred years since Ithilien fell. Buildings would have been repaired, destroyed, re-fortified and barricades raised over decades of warfare with materials to hand. I doubt Gondors finest stonemasons would have much opportunity to restore the city to it's former glory.
Keep up the good work, it has rekindled my enthusiasm for LotR SBG.