Thursday, June 20, 2024

The Dead Rise in Warhammer Quest 95!

Welcome back Adventurers,

Its been a while since I last posted, but had an interesting few months with lots of stuff going on around the home. But earlier this week, I gave GW more money for some products. When Old World got announced, I was hoping for  the older models to come out so I could add them to quest. I like the look and feel of the models from that time frame. So after watching to see what armies would be out, I took the hook and picked up this box set of 36 old style skeletons.  

Lot more expensive then I remember!

Looks and smells like 1999 in this box! LOL

So I wanted to expand to add to my Undead for Quest for some time, with this box, I was able to build 6 archers, 6 spearman & 6 hand weapon for encounters. I still had some shields from back in the day and thats all I did to them.


Hand Weapons

So after a walk down memory lane, I now have more then enough models for quest. I also have left overs to do some for Mordheim and Deth Wizards as well.

Now to get painting again.


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