Thursday, March 21, 2024

Getting a little Chaotic around here!


While surfing the old waves of the Internet I came across these STL files from a sculptor named Fabelzel, he had Evil Dwarfs and Eastern Goblins, so I had a buddy grab the files and print off a few for some Warhammer Quest 95. These are awesome models and will work perfectly for Chaos Dwarves and Hobgoblins. The best part was that these files were free!!! And man, are these some nice sculpts too, very glad I found them as they have that old school GW vibe to them.

The Chaos Dwarves all together.

Chaos Dwarf Captain

Hand Weapon and Shields 

Blunderbuss equipped 

Hobgoblin mob

Hobgoblin Boss

Hand Weapon and Shields 

Bow armed

Once again, what great models, he also has some Musicians and Banner bears and another sculptor did a few wolf riding Hobgoblins as well. Very pleased with these models, I highly recommend them, just wish he would do more models.


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