Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Black Flag over the Horizon!

So]]This past weekend a couple of friends of mine did a Paint weekend, it was designed to get folks painting and we were going to work on LI, but you could also work on other stuff. So I had dug out a few pirate models that I wanted to get painted, well one thing turned into another and by Monday, I had painted a total of 79 models! Here are the results. 

Old Glory captives

More Old Glory, this being some Governor types, all but one (the Cook) are Old Glory. The cook is from Black Cat. 

An assortment of Old Glory Captains

Old Glory armed civilians.

A few more Captains from Old Glory.

Old Glory sailors

These are old Foundry models

A mix, on the left, and Center Black Cat, right is an old Ral Partha dancer.

More Old Glory pirates

All but the drummer are Old Glory, the drummer is an old Foundry.

So there you go, more Pirates for some games of LotHS and some models that have been waiting for some paint for a very long time.


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Tom O said...

Good job!