Tuesday, May 02, 2023

The Devil of Hells Kitchen


I have always been a comic book fan of the Man with no Fear - Daredevil, so when MCP released him I had to get it regardless if I play the game or not! The model is very much like the comic book suite and is a great pose. Then I happen to find a STL site (Skull forge Studios) who had their version of DD but from the Netflix/Disney series, I knew I had to have those and had a buddy print me up a set.

MCP Model on left, Skull Forge on Right

All the Skull forge models

Well a few months ago I painted up a few Star Wars models that I had my buddy upscale for me. So as I was looking at the Skull Forge models, I thought, Hey, why not upscale DD as well! So my buddy printed them out and I was going to enter them in a Model Expo at my local shop, but it got postponed. 

Upscaled DD

Another Upscale DD

Well the two Daredevils have been staring at me so I figured I would get to working on them and just paint them up. The first pose below I wanted him to look like he was standing on a corner of a building overlooking Hells Kitchen, so out came some plastic and balsa wood to do a building corner. I think it looks much better like this and I plan to paint this model in the Red suite from the Netflix/Disney show.

Man without fear watching Hells Kitchen

This pose is feels like it wants to be the Yellow & Red scheme as seen in the She Hulk series, which I am not sure if same costume, but I will make it work. Its just another great pose from Skull Forge.

 Well thats it for now, have a big change happening and will document it once we are final, stay tuned.


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Tom O said...

I like the addition of the roof edge.