Friday, July 31, 2020

Marvel Baddies in the house


Last year I picked up Atomic Mass Marvel Crisis Protocol (MCP) game, my buddy Mike also did as well, but too many other games came out at the the same time and the game got shelved. I did manage to assemble my models, but that was about it.

MCP Game

Well, just recently my other buddy, Robert, just finished watching all the Marvel movies in a row and expressed interest in trying the game out. I also had an extra copy of the core rules that I traded to him for a few more bad guys. Anyway we talked about getting this on the table, so since I had nothing to paint, I decided to bust out two bad guys to try my hand finely painting up some of these models.

So I decided to ease into the painting and started with a favorite of mine, the Red Skull. Now its a simple paint scheme and I have painted up two other models of the Red Skull before, so I felt pretty good tackling him again.

Red Skull in all his Glory

After I completed Red Skull, I moved onto Doc Oct as my second bad guy. For such a simple paint job it was challenging to make look correct, but I am happy with the results.

Doctor Octopus 

So there you go, two MCP models painted up for the game, also I crossed a bridge, even if I never play this game, I will continue to paint up the models as the 10 year old inside of me always wanted to have Marvel Super hero models and now 42 years later I have a company making them. Now I can't wait for the Xmen to come out!


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