Sunday, January 27, 2013

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty...

 No this blog post is not about The Big Bang Theory, but the new Plastic Soldier Company kit I picked up the other day, that's right, I bought the German Tiger I Tank kit.

As some readers know, I really really like the tanks by Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) and they have many great things going for them. First up, the are affordable (5 tanks for $30.00), secondly they are great looking models. Thirdly with each kit, you can usually make three or more variants depending on what your trying to do. Lastly they are affordable, yeah I know, I already said this, but I think this is a huge benefit!

The kit includes enough to build 4 Tiger I's for either early, mid or late production models. The kit includes nice instructions that show you how it all goes together and shows which pieces to use for each variant. Since I will be adding these to my Tunisian force for Mid war, I choose to build the first one as a mid production tank. The nice thing with this kit, is that the hatches on the turret as well as the hatches on the turret can all be modeled open and the kit comes with figures for you to have crew sticking out.

 It took about 10 minutes to assemble the first kit and it went together without any issues. So once I got it all together, I wanted to see how it stacked up against a Battlefront Tiger. So I busted out the only Tiger I had, which was an old Battlefront Tiger from back in the FoW 1st edition days. Here is how they look side by side, the Battlefront is on the left while the PSC is on the right


So after building the first model, I think that PSC has got another winner on their hands and I can see more of these tanks on my table soon. I look forward to getting some paint on this kitty real soon.

You may have noticed that this year I am keeping track of my win loss record with each game I play. My buddy Robert over at DrunkenSamurai did this last year and I thought I would take a crack at it. And as you can see, I am 3-0-1 in Flames of War which means that Flames of War is getting a lot of table time this year. Robert and I have gotten in 4 games thus far. We are also going to be doing a mini campaign re-fighting El Guettar, so I will need to keep track of the wins.

Oh and last thing, I will have my 250 points up on Feb 1st for the paint challenge so check back in a few days to see my first installment for Bolt Action...


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Scott said...

Nice comparison Tim, good to see they are a decent match.

I'm half way through painting mine up.