Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cursed Isle at Adepticon

Well Friday & Saturday night I ran a multi player game of Legends of the High Seas for a few lucky folks. Each person had seven Crewmen & one Captain and each Crew had some skills built into them already. The main objective was to reach the center of the board and escape with some of the Cursed treasure that was there.

So your probably asking what made the treasure Cursed, well it was protected by a whole village of cannibals that would pop up at random places on the board. Throw into the mix that each Crew was not allied with anyone and you had one crazy game on your hands.

A big thanks goes to Rich from Chicago Terrain Factory he built all the terrain seen in the pictures and everyone enjoyed playing on the board. I supplied all the figures which were from Old Glory, Foundry, Crusader, Gamesworkshop and Black Cat Bases. Nice thing is that most of them were all ready painted. I just need to paint up about 40 natives for the game.

Which ever Crew got the closest to their board edge with the treasure would win 8 figures donated by Black Scorpion Miniatures Here are a few pictures from the event.

Next up will be the WAB Stuff I promise!


JPL said...


who makes the natives w/ the person in the boiling pot?, I need to get some of those!

Tim Kulinski said...

John, it comes from Old Glory,

I happen to have the entire range of natives from them and they look like crap unpainted, but look awesome once paint is on them.

JPL said...

Hows the old glory stuff scale?
they're cannibals so they are pygmy's so no big deal but what about the captives and other old glory figs?
When I say scale I mean in comparison to foundry, crusader, artizan and black scorp..all the stuff I just mentioned scales really well (the BS stuff is bigger but I fix that basing the different)
anyway I bought some pirates from brigade games and they are definitely too small. I've always been a little leery of old glory because of some crappy experiences with them....Your natives do look awesome!!

Tim Kulinski said...

Old Glory are true 25mm, they will mix in well with Foundry, Artizan & Crusader, Black Scropion will make then look small.

With OG, its an older line, so they do tend to be closed to 25mm. Although some of the OG Pirates I have (From the Pirates they gave out last year with Army Deal) are noticably larger than their older stuff but there was only 12 figures released with that set, and they are mostly Captains.

I strongly would urge using the OG with the ones you listed already. But I will say that some of the poses are kind of funky, but thats Old Glory and for the price I can live with it.

Hank Edley said...

Wab Stuff?