Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Quarterly Update...Lets See How we are doing.


Back in he beginning of January I decided to try something new to try stay focused on my hobby. So lets see how I am doing:

First up Kill Team:

GSC Leader and crew
My buddy Drunkensamurai and I decided that we would focus on Kill Team and actually wanted to start some new teams. He started working on his Admech and I decided to finish off my Genestealer Cult. I had started a GSC team for Necromunda and had plans to do a GSC army for 40K but that never happened. So I busted out what I had and started painting. We also talked of getting a campaign going with these new forces. I got my figures painted and we actually got in a few games which I did horribly with. Games were fun and I look forward to continuing as we still had not started our narrative campaign. So overall this quarter and focus on Kill Teams was a success.

Secondly I stayed focused on FoW working on my Mid War Russian tank force that I had picked up. Got all the tanks painted and then switched over to doing Germans using models that I had found.

Why the switch? Well Drunkensamurai decided to work on his Russians and I wanted to see how certain forces would do against Russians. We got in lots of games and it has been fun using certain forces (cough...Tigers and Panthers...cough). And most recently I picked up a good number of infantry for the Germans as I did not have any late war troops. So this quarter was a success as well.

The last focus was on Gaslands and I would say that this might have been the most played and worked on game in the first quarter. 

I built many cars for myself and some of my family members, started working on terrain for the game and played and ran many demos with my buddy Mike from the DaGreenskins blog. I have purchased more cars for parts and for projects and there seems to be no stopping as the inspiration is still very high for this game. So it was a huge success for the quarter.

As a side note I have had a resurgence on posting to the blog with trying to have a post each week with a total of 16 posts for the quarter, which is a nice start as I had lost interest in posting my projects.

So, whats next? Well as I write this I am doing this with looking at staying in the house for another 30 days due to Covid-19. So getting in games is going to be tough, but my wife is helping out with that as well as my son and daughter. Our local shop is closed now and hopefully will be back open, but we are living in a different world now.

With that being said, I do have my next quarter list of things, so here goes:

Gaslands - I will still be working on cars, just last week I picked up another weapons of Implements of carnage from our local shop, so it will keep me in parts for a few months. I also have a canyon to finish.

Mike said I have a month to finish these!

Also Gaslands cars are easy to convert and build and I seem to have a knack for it so I will be busy converting cars for the game.

FoW - Since I have a good sized infantry force now, I need to start working on them this quarter, I think I have about 32 stands to paint. I also picked up some British for our WWI FoW games. So there are a few more projects to work on for FoW.

Fistful of Lead - So while being stuck home just this past weekend, I decided that I need to start working on my next Fistful of Lead Gothic horror game for my friends. The game will be The Curse of the Mummy and will be a sort of Pulp adventure style game with good and bad guys trying to unleash the Mummy onto the world or put him back in the sand. With that said, I have a few miniatures to paint that I picked up a couple of years ago as well as work on some terrain for the game. It will be set in a small Egyptian town (which I have most of buildings done) with a few additions. So this will keep me busy planning and adding in some fun elements to the game. 

Kill Team - Once we get the okay to be out in public again, I look forward to getting in more games of Kill Team. But it all depends on what happens with this virus stuff.

I may work on other projects from time to time but these will be the new focus for the new year. So there you go, stay safe and healthy, will have more posts for the new quarter.



Robert said...

Not bad. Been a pretty productive start to the year now we just need to keep the momentum.

Tim Kulinski said...

Once this Rona thing is over, time to bust out games. Motivation is always linked to the games when it comes to painting. If I am playing something I am usually much more motivated to paint up items for said game.

DaGreenskins said...

Gaslands Rules not get back to building cars