Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Life in the Underhive is Harsh!


I really have been enjoying going back to the Necromunda and playing the game again. For me Necromunda was one of the coolest settings in the 40K universe, and I thoroughly enjoyed the game back in the day. Now that it has been out, DrunkenSamurai and I have played through the basic scenarios, both of us enjoying the standard 2-D game.

Well this past weekend I brought out an old favorite, the Van Saars (with new Models) onto the table to show our buddy Tom how well the game works. I took a stock gang equipped just like the instructions for the new box came and headed into the Under Hive to face Drunken Goliath's in scenario one.

Now you may notice the walls, these are from Death Ray Designs that I picked up for Drunken while at Adepticon this year. By adding these walls, it really changes the game, you start to loose where your enemies are on the board and just bring a cool vibe to the game. Drunken is still painting them and they are paint heavy on details, so it will take him some time to get through them. I am looking forward to getting a set for myself in the very near future.

So below are a few shots from this weekends game, enjoy!

Champion and two Gangers

Leader, ganger and Champion.

Leader shoots at charging Ganger!

The Van Saar leader is Taken out of Action!
So there you go, a brief update as to what I have been playing recently and I am loving it! Now onto bigger things...


Monday, May 21, 2018

Van Saars ready for action!


I spent this weekend getting paint on too my new Van Saar gang for Necromunda. This is my gang and I had said when they come back out, I was getting them. Well I did and spent about 12 hours building them. Now since I had the older metals fully painted, I decided to paint these new ones up very similar to those so I could use them to mix in if I needed more for the gang.

New vs old
Well seeing how I painted the older ones well over 15 years ago, I got pretty close to the original scheme. I may take my older models and change their bases to the newer style to get them to blend in better. I also may go back to the older ones and paint the faces like I did with the newer ones. After reading the new back story, the Van Saars suffer from radiation poisoning due to some of the machines that they covet. So I went with more of a paler skin tone as to make them look more sickly as if the radiation was effecting them. 

New Gang in the hood!
All in all I like the look of the new models, as I mentioned before, they have a very Infinity Nomad feel to them and still feel like the older models. Now I just need to get them on the table to see how well the perform.


Monday, May 14, 2018

Van Saar on the Work Bench


A quick update to the Necromunda, I ended up picking up a box of Van Saars on Saturday and started building. Now one thing I will say, these kits are awesome! They are also true model kits that do take some time to assemble. In fact, it took me about an hour for each model shown below, so about three hours of work. The figures are so complex that when I first saw them I almost pulled out my old metal Van Saars and said forget it, but I pushed on.

First New Van Sarrs
Now one thing I noticed while assembling these figures is that they looked very familiar to me. Now they did not have the same old school look, but something newer. Then it dawned on me, these figures look very similar to Infinity Nomad models! Take a look.

These look strangely familiar, hmmm??
Anyway, that gives me hope to possibly some of my larger Nomad suits for Van Saar Brutes, so we shall see.


Thursday, May 10, 2018

The More you try to get out, the more they pull you back in!


Games Workshop has done it to me again, either they are really good or I am really weak, but here is what I did yesterday!
New Box Set for and old favorite.
So ever since GW released Necromunda, I have been keeping it an arms length justifying to myself that I did not need it. GW already had me back with Bloodbowl and I thought I could stay away from this one. Drunkensamurai had picked up the game when it came out and was pulled back in and we played a few games and I loved it. But I rationalized to myself that I would allow Drunkensamurai to pick up the game and I would stay focused on Bloodbowl and keep up with their releases.

Well this week, the Van Saars came out for Necromunda and the models look amazing and it was my gang back in the day. I had mentally told myself that if the Van Saars came out and they looked good, I would pick up a box of figures and possibly start playing again. If they looked just okay, I would pass.

Well guess what, the figures are awesome and I succumbed to picking up the box game, tactic cards for the Van Saars and the Gang War booklet for the Van Saars, but as luck would have it, my local shop was out of the figures!!! Doh!

So, hopefully my local store will get a restock so I can pick up my gang, so I guess the saying about trying to leave is true, they keep pulling you back!

Man I am weak!


Thursday, May 03, 2018

Mars is a Lie!


I have been bitten by the Gaslands bug and started modifying Hot wheel cars for this Post Apocalyptic car game by Osprey! 

Bonehead, the first of many!
Gaslands by Osprey Publishing is a post apocalyptic setting where earth is now a desolate waste land after a war with mars. The folks left on earth get to participate in the Gaslands TV show for the entertainment of their martian overlords. The winners get to leave earth and live on mars, in theory anyway. 

The nice thing is that the rules were written to use Hot Wheels or Match box cars, which are 1/64th scale. I had picked up the rules when they came out and put them on the shelf until recently when I talked to my buddy Mike G about the rules, as he had purchased them as well.

Well with my rekindled interest in the rules I went out to good old Wallmart to pick up a few cars. I spent a whole $10.00 on ten cars to use for the game. Now the good thing is that you can either use the cars right out of the packaging or you can modify them, this system dosn't use the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), its just really whats on the dashboard card that matters. But being a gamer of many moons, I could not resist the urge to modify and repaint my cars!

Stock Bone Crusher
 Now, I have been watching a few Youtube videos of folks modifying their cars and most people disassemble the cars by drilling out the rivets on the cars. So I figured why not try it, after all if I messed up I could always go and get another car for .94 cents! So I grabbed my drill and the correct size bit and started drilling, taking it very slowly as I was only holding the car in my hand and not using a vice to hold it. It only took about a minute to drill out the rivet on each end of the car and once that was done the car came apart without any issues.

Car disassembled, not much too it!
 Next up I wanted to scratch up the factory paint, I had watched a video that used a file to put marks and scratches on the car. this set took only a few minutes and I could have probably done this with the car fully assembled, but with just the body it went pretty quickly.

Distressing the paint and body.
 I then dug out my Flames of War bitz box and started looking for interesting parts to add to the car. I added two Russian MG's from my box as all I wanted this car to have is two MGs as it had only two slots for weapons per the rules. I also added a few gas cans and boxes to the bed of the vehicle and added mesh screen to the main windshield. I then found two pieces to add to the side windows to make it look more armored up. The hardest part was trying to decide what to put on and how much to add to the car, in the end I went pretty simple with just a few additions.

I then glued the car back together and shot the whole thing in a red primer color I had in the garage. Once that dried, I then painted on Reaper black in thin coats so that some of the primer red showed through. The engine, header pipes and rims got P3 Pig Iron on them. I then did a dry brush of Reaper Grey Stone to highlight all the edges of the model. I also painted the skull on the front with Reaper Skeletal Bone as well. I then used Army Painter Strong Tone on the model to darken it up and let it dry thoroughly. 

 Once the wash was dry, I went back and added Vallejo Environmental  Rust Texture in places and also used Pig Iron again on scratches and wear areas. I then dry brushed Americana Desert Sand on the lower areas as well as the tires to finish off the model.

New vs Old!
 Total time from start to finish was maybe two hours of work and paint, so pretty quick really. Total cost on this car was only .94 cents, that is an awesome price for a game piece. I have about 9 more cars that I need to start working on, I just bought some plastic tubing to add header pipes and other misc stuff to the cars.

Bone Head ready to race!
So welcome to Gaslands race fans, lets see what other cars my mind can create!


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Red Devils Attack!


A few weeks ago Drunkensamurai and I threw down a game of Bolt Action, version 1. We took about 1000 points ( I actually had about 1022 points) each with him taking his Red Devils vs a Veteran Grenadier Force. This game we used the new Bocage pieces that we have been working on and set up a very Normandy looking table. 

It was a hard fought game with the Germans barely pulling out a victory defeating the Red Devils. Some folks asked why we were still using the version one rules, well, to be honest, we like the rules and have not read the newer version yet. We are going to be doing one more large game (Point 213 Hill battle) in June which will be the last time we use the older rules. So here are a few pictures i snapped off while playing.

The Normandy Table

The Sunrise over the battlefield

A German MMG covering the road. 

Germans advancing next to the fields.

Covering the gap in the Bocage

Red Devils take the ruined farmhouse.

Germans rushing across the open road.

Advancing on the ruined farmhouse.

Squad one with Mortar support.

Charging the farmhouse

Oh, and after the game i was so inspired to play Bolt Action again I busted out an army that has been sitting waiting to get painted, my Japanese Force. So stay tuned for more pics of them in the future.

Next New army IJA

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Adepticon 2018 Recap


I survived Adepticon 2018 and it was an interesting show to say the least. I flew out the Wednesday before everything started to help set up the CAV Strike Ops booth with the Talon Crew (Jon, Nate Luke and Myself). Jon of Talon Games had built a new booth for this show and it looked awesome! It was big, bright and full of all kinds of CAV Strike Ops love, what more could a CAV player want!

Another view of our Awesome Looking Booth!
Our goal was to make a splash with the booth and Jon and Nate would operate the booth while Luke and myself would run the big CAV Strike Ops game throughout the weekend. But do to some miscommunication with the Adepticon crew, they had scheduled the big game for a solid 6 hour block. We wanted it to be set up so that players could cycle into the game every two hours, that way folks could play in other games or attend classes. But with it showing for a 6 hour block, no one wanted to sign up for a 6 hour game. So instead we ran folks through demos of the game and kept score of the folks that did the most kills.

Large board for the Big Game/demos

As for Adepticon itself, it had a strange vibe to it this year, I really can't put my finger on it as to what felt different though. Maybe it was because I was in a different role this time as a vendor, maybe its been a few years since I last attended. But I did meet up with a bunch of friends that I have made throughout the years and it was also very good to catch up. I have always stated that Adepticon is a great place to build new friendships over our hobby.

Some of my haul this year!
Now, with being a vendor this time around, I had early access to the vendor haul, so once we got our booth set up, I started wandering around looking at all the cool vendors. Fantasy Flight was there in Force with all the Star Wars games including Legions that released while I was there. Two of the companies that I knew i would spend money with was Pulp Figures (which I did spend about $85.00 with!) and Knuckleduster Miniatures which I bought about $80.00 in minis from them. I also picked up a few Blood Eagle models from Footsore miniatures for myself and a few friends. I also picked up a few terrain items from Death Ray Designs for Drunkensaumari.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza!

As mentioned above, I did get a chance to make the rounds and see a few games that were being hosted at the event. One in particular was the new Fallout miniature game. I couldn't get any good pictures due to the amount of folks around the table. It did look pretty cool, but I noticed that it uses specialty dice much like Fantasy Flight games for Star Wars. This seems to be a trend I am noticing in the game world. I also got to see the new Blood Red Skies WW2 game from Warlord, it looks interesting but with so many new games coming out, I really can't seem to get to excited about buying. There is just only so many games one can actually get to the table in a year and I am not sure I am ready to jump into a new game right now.

One last thing, Jon Walker of Talon Games and his two boys, Nate & Luke were awesome to be around all weekend. Jon seems to know most of the vendors and I got to meet and hang out with a few of them, especially Ed from Reaper (who owns the company). So it was rather interesting to hear how other vendors deal with this hobby of ours and I got to see behind the current of the game industry.

So overall, the show was good, not great like it had been in years past, but overall it was good. I do believe that Adepticon is changing as more big game companies come on board with Adepticon. It seems that this con is now looking to expand into the realms of Gencon status as it grows larger every year. So if you have never been to Adepticon, go, it is an experiance, but as a long time traveler to Adepticon, I may not be back for sometime. It really depends if Talon Games goes back and they need me for the trip to help out again. But I think my days of going as a gamer are just about done, it was still an expensive trip for me even with the help of Talon Games.


Monday, March 12, 2018

Heading back to Chicago!

So, in just about 9 days I will be boarding a flight and heading back to Adepticon 2018 in Chicago. But this time I will be going as an actual vendor this time with Talon Games for CAV Strike Operations.

I will bet there running demos, working the booth and running the large game that we will be putting on for the event. It will be nice to see some of my Chicago friends again as it has been about two or three years since I was last out. So if you are a fan of this blog, stop by and say Hi or better yet get in a demo of CAV Strike Operations with me!

I of course will be taking tons of pictures of all the fun and of course will be doing some shopping while there as the list of vendors is pretty large. So stay tuned for more updates here.


Thursday, March 01, 2018

Video Games are bad...

For me anyway,

Here is why, they sometimes inspire me to paint things I haven't painted in years! So a little back story may be needed, so as some know, I have for the past 9 years I have run Saguaro Painting Service. Well after painting countless miniatures for others, I decided to retire my brush and get back to painting for myself.

But now with nothing pressing on my bench for the first time in 9 years, what would I paint? So I did what I think most painters do, I flopped down in front of my TV and started playing some good old fashion video games on my PS3 (Don't judge, I love my PS3!) One game that I got a few Christmas's ago was Shadow of Mordor.

Now when you run a successful painting business, you do not have time for such luxuries as playing video games, there is always a commission that has to be painted (or something for the house, or wife or...). So while looking through my games, I decided to drop in Shadow of Mordor and spend some quality time hunting Orcs!

Well first off I have to say this is an awesome game and I am enjoying it very much. (Makes me want to go buy a PS4 for the new game in the series). But something foul started to take seed, I didn't realize it at first and I should have seen it sooner. But after the first night, of playing, I went and dugout and old Reaper Dragon that I have had lying around waiting to be assembled and painted.

Big ass Dragon from Reaper, that's a 6"x 6" tile he is sitting on!
So out came this dragon and after hunting orcs, I spent about an hour cleaning it up and assembling it. It felt very good to go and dig this model out and start working on it, I had no plan, but it just felt right. This should have been the first clue to me that evil was taking root inside of me, but I thought nothing of it.

Well a few more nights of hunting orcs with Shadow of Mordor and I had this idea of painting up some orcs. Why? I can not tell you, but that is how evil works my friends, there is no rhyme or reason to it, it just happens! So yesterday I went into to my game closet and grabbed a box of miscellaneous Lord of the Rings models that were waiting to be assembled and painted. This should have been my second clue that something evil was afoot, but alas I did not see it.

It smells like orcs around here!
So I happily dug threw the large collection to find bags of plastic orcs that I had assembled and a few were primed awaiting paint. So I dumped out a few models and started to paint while listening to some Rush! Well after a few hours of painting, I found that I had a small army sitting on my table. It seems that I was really excited to paint up orcs, it is that evil seed I am telling you!

We are ready for war now boss!

So after the painting, what started out as a few turned into 38 orcs painted! As I sat thee looking at what I painted, the real world realization hit me like a ton of bricks, what would I use these for??? Well the oblivious answer was Lord of the Rings, I sent my buddy Drunkensamurai a FB message, but he cleverly saw thru the evilness and didn't respond about playing. The evil magic did not effect him it seems. So with that, I came to realization that I painted these just for the heck of it and I am okay with that. It feels great to be able to paint what I want, when I want. It has been a long time since I have been able to do that.

Now lets see, now I need to figure out how to get these onto the table...


Monday, February 19, 2018

Battle of Salem Church prep


In about two weeks, we will be doing another Huge ACW battle with Black Powder. Our group has been working on forces for about ten years now and we are just about done with everything. We will be at Imperial Outpost on March 3rd playing the Battle of Salem Church. It will be an all day affair as the table alone will be about 12'x8' with close to 1000+ models on the table! This will be the biggest battle we have done to date.

So since I usually play Rebels, I committed to building and painting at least three Large units of 40 figures each! So about two weeks ago I dove into painting the boys Union Federal Blue. The first unit ended up being 44 models, not sure why 44, I think my cats knocked a few models off my table one day and i had to assemble four more models. Regardless, I now have a large unit 44 men strong!

Getting ready for war!
My second unit is a 40 man regiment and funny thing that happened here is I glued down what I thought were 5 men to my paint sticks, I had four sticks so that would be 40 right? But for some reason I came up six models short! Once again I blame my two kittens that like to knock stuff of my paint table and play with them in the kitchen. I suspect that I will find various items under my refrigerator, including my missing troops!

40 men, but six went awol!

My last unit is a zouave unit which I based off the 10th New York. The have brown jackets and the light blue pants. Rob has two zouave units and I wanted a unique looking unit and these guys are it. This unit is only a 36 man regiment, no kitten issues here, I only had 36 of these to start with!

10th New York
 Seeing how I just painted 120 figures, I felt like painting a few guns for the game, now these are being finished later today, but the now I have a 4 gun regiment for my growing Union force.

Four Guns almost ready.

And after the guns, I figured I needed a few command models, so these guys got painted up and their basing will be completed later tonight as well.

Six out of Eight Commanders
So after all was said and done, I have painted up 156 models (Counting guns and horses) in about two weeks. I am pleased with my newest contributions to the game and look forward to seeing them on the table top.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Arizona Game Fair Recap

Well Arizona Game Fair has come and gone and I have survived! This was my first time attending this event which is normally a all Board/Card convention, this year I was the first actual miniature game to be hosted (Yes X wing was there, but I look at that as more of a board game than miniature game), which was CAVSO. I also was brought in to run the Paint & Take for the event, which was sponsored by Talon Games. 

I ran about 20 people through the CAVSO demos, which all but one had never played a true miniature game. All that played this weekend had a blast and loved the game,  so I would say that it was a hit!

CAVSO Demo Table, thanks to Robert for lending the terrain!

A packed table for CAVSO!

Besides the demos, as I mentioned I ran three Paint & Takes with CAVSO models. Talon Games sent a bunch models to use as well as Reaper paints. My friend Richard who recruited me to AZGF, bought the brushes to use for the event.

CAVSO models on display to inspire painting!

Two full packed tables for the Paint & Take
Each session had 12 folks signed up and all but a few had never actually painted anything before. As I said before, this is primarily a board and card show, so not many painters there. Now with more board games having cool miniatures, more folks are looking to paint there miniatures in their board games. So this was a great excuse to pick up a brush and test out their skill with out having to invest in paints and brushes. Once again folks had a blast painting and for most, these were the first miniatures that they ever painted.

So how was the rest of the event? Well from what I saw of it in between my demos or classes, tit looked like it was pretty well handled. There were lots of board games and when I went over to the RPG room, it was packed! The vendor area had a good selection of shops, including Imperial Outpost. All of the shops present had good selections of items, although not to surprising, none of them had any miniatures. All the folks that played in the demos or went to the Paint & Take were asking me if they could buy any of this there, which sadly I had to point them to the Reaper website. I imagine that with more miniature games, the vendors will respond by bringing more minis next time.

And because of the success of the events I ran, it looks like i will be going back next year to host more games. In fact I will be running a few Fistful of Lead games next year at the event. How do I know that, well I went and did a bad thing the other day, I ordered two bundles of Sarissa Precision of Old West terrain!

So next year, we will have some Old West Action going on at Arizona game Fair. I am also meeting with Richard to discuss just what sort of miniature games should be show cased at future events. Now, I need to wait to get my new toys, so stay tuned for some new terrain.