Thursday, November 26, 2020



As I wrote a few post ago, I was giving a huge collection of HO train equipment from a good friend and among the ready to run rolling stock were a few old school '"shake the box" kits from Athearn, MDC and some Walthers Classics. So I decided that I wanted to get a few of them put togetherand do some weathering. First up this CNW Covered hopper which is an Athearn custom paint by Bev Bel .

As its a yellow I wanted to tone it down, so I used Some Vallejo Black Wash thinned down with water and kept it to the raised areas.

Athearn Shake the Box kit.

For the underside I used Vallejo Engine Brown Grime dry brushed on the underside but kept it pretty light I also added metal wheels from Inter-mountain Railway as well as added a few Kadee couplers. 

Metal Wheels and grime 

Other end

Once I got that one together I decided to work on another one for CMA which was an Athearn kit as well. Same thing as the other one, weathering wheels and couplers.  

Another unique Bev Bel custom paint. 

At this point I ran out of metal wheels, but was still feeling like building kits, so I busted out this Athearn kit. I still need to do weathering but will do that once I pick up some metal wheels. 

Another old Athearn kit

Next up was a Walthers Classic boxcar, this one gave me some issues as the boxcar walls had squeezed inwards causing the roof not to fit properly. So I busted out some plastic and made a few gussets to keep it in the correct shape. I always like the GWSpaint job and need to locate a few more.

Golden West Service Wathers kit.Add caption

Next up was this classic MDC kit for the WP car, I used to have a bunch of these cars and was bummed when I could not find them anymore, especially for the older price! 

MDC classic kit

Next up was this Athearn mechanical reefer, I used to have a bunch of these as well, now the glide the rails of a buddies layout in CA.

Athearn reefer

Last up, an SP caboose from Athearn Genesis kits, this one is non lighted, but its a beautiful model. The time frame I model early to mid 1990's, SP was still running a few cabooses on local trains and special trains. Its just a great looking model I had to put it on my layout.

Athearn Genesis Caboose

So there you go, a few kits that I have gotten built, I know need to get more couplers and wheel sets to finish up the rest.

Happy Trainsgiving and thanks for stopping by.


Monday, November 23, 2020

A Model Railroaders Christmas!!


This past weekend I got a very unexpected surprise from a long time friend and model railroader in CA. My good friend Don sent me a message last week asking if I was still doing Model Railroading and if I was interested in a few locomotives and some rolling stock. it seemed that he was needing to thin out his collection. I told him I was and he said he would send a few over to me here in Phoenix. Well he sent me another message stating that it would cost way too much, so he decided to drive them out and do an actual visit.

Well this Saturday he came on out and before we unloaded his car we caught up and went to lunch, when we got back from lunch, it was time to unload his car. I knew something was up when he asked if I had a hand truck or furniture dolly! Well there must have been at least 6 small boxes and three large boxes. When I grabbed the first box it must have weighed at least 40lbs, Don laughed and said wait until you see whats inside!

Well, I was floored, I started pulling out box after box of brand new, never been out of the box Southern Pacific locomotives! Don had told a little lie, it was more then a few locomotives! Total count was 49 locomotives and just about the same number of rolling stock, mostly all the rolling stock is ready to run, just needs to go onto the tails! 


More Locomotives!

Rolling Stock

So I had to ask my buddy, are you feeling and doing okay? As why would anyone want to get rid of all this stuff, surely you could sell it and make some money back? Don laughed and said yes he was fine, the simple fact was that he had plans to either build a layout or join a club, but just never did. he liked the collecting and after years it was just stuff and he knew he would never get to actually use it. So hence the message and delivery too me! I was totally shocked by this and the sheer amount of stuff, I do have a small switching layout I am working on and I do belong to a modular group so I would be able to use most of the rolling stock. Don's only request was that when our modular group starts doing shows again, he get the chance to come out to operate some of his trains, I told him that was a must for sure!

So what am I going to do with 49 locomotives? I do not know right now, I will be needing to purchase decoaders for them and there are a few that I am super excited about (Tunnel Motors and SD45's!) and I will begin weathering models as I go. I am super thankful for this gift from my friend, still overwhelmed but thankful as its a very generous gift to say the least!

But this got me thinking and I have spoken to a few friends already, at some point I think we all get to this point with the stuff in our lives. We just need to get rid of things that we had many ideas for that just never happened. I sometimes think about doing the same thing with my war gaming stuff, it just gets to be stuff and not important any more.

Well I have to get back to planning now, lots of stuff to work on now.


Friday, November 20, 2020

From GW to WG


Been thinking about this a lot recently and how once again I feel that the Games Workshop Hobby for me is gone. GW's current trend of marketing seems to be not for me anymore as they are more focused on attracting new customers for the corporate machine. Us older gamers that have been in the hobby for some time are not important, I know this first hand from my short time working at GW, during training they seem to disparage long time hobbyists, but I wont go into that. All I see is new things to get more money for the company and the current trend of limited supply is unsettling, almost like they are causing this frenzy for their products on purpose.

Well, with that said, I think I may be switching over to Wiley Games and the start playing more of his games. For those that dont know, Jaye Wiley (Barons Blog) is an independent rules writer who is most notorious for  Fistful of Lead and Fistful of Lead Reloaded.

I have been using his rules for sometime for Old West and last year for my Tales of Horror game that I ran. 

Jaye's rules are fast and fun and more importantly will not break the bank! They are a great group game or con game set of rules that will allow you to run multiple people with. I have always liked skirmish games and these rules fit the bill. The other great thing is he offers many different periods and settings using the same core rules.

As you can see above, he does have just a few different periods and settings, besides these there are scenarios and other cool things on his website. Out of the above I am only missing two books, which I will be sure to pick up soon. Jaye is working on a set of Fantasy rules currently and hopefully a Big Stompy Robot set of rules that I keep bugging him about. He has much more settings planned for these fun rules.

As I said above, I think I am going to move more towards actually playing these rules in the future, the game buddies I get to play with enjoy them. Plus, by playing these rules, I can use whatever figures I want to and that is something that I like to do!

So if your looking for fast, fun skirmish rules, look no further, these are the rules your looking for!


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Tanksgiving 2020


My buddy Mike of Dagreenskins blog threw out a challenge on his live stream to work on Tank models for the month of November. Well Rob and I just happened to play a game of FoW that weekend so I had busted out my collection and saw some tanks that need some paint, so I jumped in working on Tanks!

First up are 5 Plastic Soldier Company Panthers that I built and painted up about a year ago, all I had to do was add the decals and do some weathering on the models.

PSC Panthers ready to Prowl!

Next up was four PSC PanzerIII's, these were built about 6 months ago and needed paint, decals and weathering. I opted to do these as two tone camo just for a little bit of difference on the table so myself and my opponent could tell different platoons apart.
PSC Panzer III's with two tone camo.

I then painted up these six other PSC Panzer III's in three tone camo, The reason for 6 is that two tanks will be the Company Command tanks while I have the other four being their own platoon.

More PSC Panzer III's with more color!

Lastly I did up five PSC Panzer IV's (dont know why I have only three in the picture) in a two tone camo scheme, these got paint, decals and weathering as well and were built six months ago.

PSC panzer IV's

So I completed 15 tanks with full paint and five more for decals and weathering for a grand total of 20 tanks in one weekend. By the way, this force is for some Kursk FoW games that Robert and I have been talking about for a few years which I am super excited about trying out.

So there you go, my tanks for Tanksgiving!


Monday, November 02, 2020

Big Foot and little feet!


Hobby wise things have slowed down for me, been getting in a few games, but the ongoing issues in the world are starting to bother me and killing the joy for my hobby. I have left Twitter, its nothing but a cesspool of hate and negativity and Facebook is quickly moving up that same list. What this means is I may only be posting things here, but I have to get to not paying attention to the world. 

Anyways two things happened this past week, one, I finally got these Yeti/Sasquatch's painted up that I had for over three years now, these are Reaper models amd I honestly don't know why I had them. But I decided to paint them up like Big Foots (or is that Big Feets?) and used them for Warlords of Erehwon. I used them as trolls with my orcs for now. 

Reaper Big Foot/Yeti models

The other thing that happened this week was this little fella, may I introduce Coal!



Last week my wife rescued him from work, he is a tiny make 5 week old kitten that must have wondered off from his litter. My wife took him to the AZ humane society on Thursday and they had him for the weekend. We got the call to Foster/adopt him on Sunday and Monday we brought the little guy home. So all week I have been taking care of him and getting him acclimated to our three other cats. Good thing is two out of the three cats have taken him in and are being very motherly with him. He is currently sitting in my lap sleeping as I write this.

So there you go, a few little things I have done this week.


Monday, October 19, 2020

Testing, testing, is this thing on...

 Welcome Gaslanders,

So got another build completed this past week, I have been wanting to do something with the rules that is called Wall of Amps, the artwork is like the truck in the latest Mad Max movie with the guitar player, but I had other ideas.

In my mind I pictured the car to be more like the Blues Brothers car with a big speaker on top. But the rules for Wall of Amp say that it effects everything around the car.Looking at my bits, I had a bunch of these satellite looking dishes that seemed to work as well as this rocket looking part I took from a donor car. 

Mock Up on a Ford wagon.

But as I looked at the rules closer, the Wall of Amps could only go on a truck and my idea of using the wagon didn't work. So I decided to make the wagon a truck by cutting off the wagon roof! I also was not happy with the larger front "speakers" so I used a couple of other guns I had that looked good. I also added a blower to the car as it needed something on the hood, this came from a donor car as well.

Mocked up final look. 

Gluing everything in place.

I also added a driver as well as floral wire to represent "speaker wires" which would add to the make shift look of the car. At this point I was ready to paint and was thinking of what colors to use, after looking at the primed model, I choose black as I knew I wanted to do light weathering on the car and I knew this would stand out.

Amp car completed!

Front end shot!

Back end with part of the "amp" from the donor car I kept. 

Painted up details that really make the car pop!

All in all this was a very fun car to build and I am very happy how it looks completed, it has that Blues Brother look mixed in with a little Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters feel to it, something that looks like a crazy man came up with in his garage!


Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Welcome to Orctober!


My buddy Mike over at the Dagreenskins blog is a huge orc fan, he loves the Green Skins. Well he does a live stream every Saturday Morning (Whats Up with Mike and Jeff) and they decided that in October that they would work on Orc models calling it Dagreenskins Orctober Fest. Well a bunch of us decided to join along and paint up at least one Orc as well.

So I dug through my models and found this limited edition Warhammer Online model that my brother gave me and decided to paint him up. The plan was to work on him all month, but once I got going, I could not stop and finished up the model in a few days. here is the progression of the model

Primed model, switched out round base so I can use with my Warhammer Quest games. Also added new top knot and skull on goblins staff as they broke off.

Primed up model on new base!

Drybrushed to see the details, there is a lot on there

base painted and washed, waiting for it to dry.

Almost there, highlights to do.

Completed model!

I really like how the model turned out and am happy to add him to my collection for Warhammer Quest.


Friday, October 02, 2020

Warlords of Erehwon


It looks like the last quarter of the year I will be taking another plunge into a new game, this time Warlords of Erehwon by Warlord Games. This is a warband style game for generic fantasy that is based on some of Warlords other games and written by Rick Priestley. Its been out for a while but really never paid much attention to it even though my buddy Mike has been talking about it for a while.

So what caused the shift and purchase of another set of rules? Well this past weekend Robert and I were talking about wanting to play a fantasy game, we both have Age of Sigmar and Lord of the Rings as well as Frostgrave. Each of these games has its own issues, I am not a fan of AoS and the Combo game, LotR is a dead game and even though I love it, not many are playing and Frostgrave seems to be missing something. We both said we just want an old school fantasy wargame. Robert actually mentioned it that we might take a look at these rules as we both love Bolt Action. SO I got a hold of Mike and chatted about it to him about the rules. he loves them and thought that Robert and I would also like it for the simple fact is you use whatever models you want.

New Game on the table!

Now many in our game group are getting burned out with GW and the chase of paper and card, it seems that GW has turned the hobby into collecting the latest rule book or unit cards for most of their games. We are spending tons of money on "stuff" for the games and not even playing them. This is one thing that drew me to WoE is that I could use some of my old collections of models with the game, not a new concept, but something that would break the cycle of chasing the latest book or card!

So after speaking to Mike, I ordered the book from Amazon and waited for it to arrive and let my gaming group know I ordered the book. Well the book arrived and have to say, very pleased with the quality of the book. Its a nice hard back book with 248 page count. its all color and very simple and easy to read with a nice layout to it. 

So how do the rules look, well to be honest, I have not played, but it looks to be a very fun game. Very old school vibe with a very familiar feel to them. Its a nice change to see something that I feel familiar with in a game. Most rules out today require tons of books and are not laid out very well (looking at you Necromunda!) and it seems very simple to find what your looking for in the book. This book and game really do fill a niche that seems to be missing. Too many companies only want you to play their rules and their figure lines, but this seems like a breath of fresh air.

Look like a Gnoll Army for me!

So with that being said, I can now use my LotR armies for this game, but like all new games, I am looking at doing a new force for it. Thanks to Northstar, they have put out a box of Plastic Gnolls that I have been eyeing since Frostgrave came out. It helps that their is an army list for Gnolls and in fact it was inspired by these same models. I have always love the Gnolls ever since I had a few of them from back when I started playing D&D using Grenadier Models. Now I had an excuse to build a war band up of these models, so this weekend I will be taking a trip around the valley to hunt down a few boxes to get started on my new project.

I have to say, I have not been this excited  about a game in a while and am looking forward to start collecting, building and painting this new army/war band, stay tuned for more WoE!


Monday, September 28, 2020

Son of Kong

Welcome back to the Jungle pulp fans!

Well I completed another great figure for my Pulp games, this time the Great Ape from Wizkids. As soon as I saw this model I knew I needed to pick it up and it will be used! I actually had been looking for a giant ape for sometime, as I had seen other companies models, but this one git the bill perfectly. 
I am the King!
Perfect size for 28mm figs
King of Apes meets King of Dinos!

I really look forward to seeing what other creatures I can pick up from the Wizkids AD&D line, the price is perfect and they are primed and ready for paint. Really can't say anything bad about these, great figures, great looking models, easy to work with, paint up very nicely and great price, everything that I look for.


Friday, September 25, 2020

Land of the Lost over here!


Completed the next Dino for a future game, this time the mighty Triceratops! This is another Wizkids AD&D model and looks awesome on the table. I only made one mistake, I covered up the seam line on one side of the model and totally forgot about the other side of the model. I usually am pretty good catching these and I had thought about going back and trying to fill it, but I used various washes on the model and not sure if I could blend it.

The good side.

The bad side.

Fighting off the Raptors.

Next up the Mighty T Rex.

Holding the T Rex back.

All in all I am very pleased with these models, I hope Wizkids keeps adding to the line with more Dinosaurs, the price is right and they look great. I also have had my eye on ordering a few Reaper Models as they have a few dinos as well.


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Rutherford Team

 Welcome back Gaslands fans, two new cars completed this week abd two for a new team, Rutherford! This time I chose the Hot Wheels Humvee cars as this team is heavy on military vehicles and I figured there would still be a bunch kicking around. 

Bright looking cars!

I did my usual drill out the rivets and took the cars apart to strip the basic paint off. I then add the smoke launchers and front ram from the Implements of Carnage sprue. The mini guns and turret are actually from Battlefront and were extra bits I had saved. All I did was add a crewman from the Implements of Carnage sprue as well. 

Base paint job

I went with a standard military green color and decided that I would apply a sort of Orange racing stripe to the vehicle, I also kept the ran black.
Decals and weathering

I used a variety of decals that I had, skulls on ram for kills, named the cars and used a generic star on the side. All these decals are from 40k left overs.
Refutor & Mortis

I named the cars, Refutor & Mortis as these are two names I had left from a Sisters of Battle decal sheet, seemed like a good way to identify each car. Weathering was my usual Vallejo Environmental paint color. 

Ready for the track!

So there you go, two more cars for Gaslands, hope you like them!