Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Old Skool neco!


I have had these three Hired hands from Old school Necromunda sitting on my desk for about a year now. To try to deal with my Covid-19 stay at home depression, I figured I would paint up these guys.

Old Skool Hired Hands
 Now, as most know, I can paint very fast, but these three models took me well over two days to paint. With everything going on in the world and having to work from home, I am feeling a bit depressed and have no motivation to paint. Our hobby is very much a social one, and the fact we have to stay away from folks is making me loose my drive for the hobby.

So in order to try to get back on the hobby horse I forced myself to paint up these three guys. I really do like the old figures, they have a lot of character. Not sure if I will ever use these guys, but it was nice to finally get them painted up.

Better picture of the dastardly three. 
Well, I had hoped that this stay at home stuff would cause me to get more done, but that doesn't seem to be the case, but I will try to get stuff done.



daveb said...

Agreed, I'm in a funk as well. Nice work buckling down and getting some figs painted. It's great to see some old school necromunda figs. I have some very fond memories of a city wide campaign that ran in my home town during the (brief) resurgence when specialist games was releasing new sculpts.

Robert said...

Looking good. Working from home take some adjustment in the best of times. You'll be OK.

Tim Kulinski said...

Thanks guys, I though I was going to dig the work from home, but I miss the folks I work with.