Monday, April 06, 2020

A beast approaches...

Why what a lot of teeth you have!

I with having so much time on my hands i went looking through my models to see if there was anything that inspired me to work on it. Well this little fella jumped out to me, I picked him up about 6 years ago while at Adepticon, was going to use him for LotR or LotHS, but never got around to doing it, this seemed to be the perfect time as any.

Here is the model in bare Bones Material before I started on it.

Pretty good size, at least 13" Long

Close up shot

Another angle

So after getting everything put together and the tentacles in a good place that I liked, it all got hand primed in black paint. Bones material only likes certain spray primers, I have had good luck with Army Painter but I was out and everywhere that sells it was closed. So hand priming with a brush was the option taken.

The beast is changing colors
So since I was not going to use this for any projects, I decided to permanently mount it to a display base, once I found one that worked, I sanded it down and painted it flat black and then hit it with a gloss coat finish.

I then started to cut in the main colors. I spent some time looking at real lobsters and squids (as this had both elements in it. I decided that that hard shell plates would be a bluish color while the softer parts would be more along the colors of purple and reds.

Adding more color

WIP on color
Once I had the base colors down I washed the model in Army Painter Strong tone. I had originally tried painting the eys to match a giant squid, using yellow and oranges, but it looked to fake so I repainted them black with a little white dot for reflection. It looked better. Once the wash dried I Dull coated the model and glued it to its base. Then I started picking out details to bring it to life.

Lots of teeth

The backside of Beast

Close up of back plates

Another view from underneath.
So there you go, a project purchased 6 years ago finally see's daylight and gets painted up in a weekend.


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