Tuesday, July 14, 2020


This Rona thing doesn't want to end and I am experiencing some sort of gaming depression from not being able to game. I have projects, but I am in the mood of why? Why should I finish these? Whats the point? That sort of thing. So to combat that I decided I wanted to do some model building to sort of switch gears. Now for years I have been seeing the Star Wars kits from Bandai, so this past weekend I decided to pick up a few of their kits.

One kit I picked up was this traditional Storm trooper kit. Being a fan of the movie, one year for Halloween my mother made me a Storm Trooper costume out of black sweats and foam trays that meat comes in (washed of course) and a papermache helmet. So when I saw this kit I knew I had to give it a go.

Aren't you a little short to be a Stormtrooper?
 Now my only experience with the Bandai kits, was a few years ago I built a basic Gundum kit and what I remembered of that it used very little glue. This kit is the same thing, used minimal glue and everything is pre painted. The other thing that I noticed is that there is no flash and I mean none on any of the frames! The Japanese have truely mastered the plastic model kits, heck even some of the frames are molded in different colors on the same frame!

At the Ready!
The detail on this kit is amazing and as I said most of it did not require any glue. The only issue I had was there is an ammo pouch or something on the left leg, when I went to snap it on, it broke in half. I glued it back together once I had it on his knee, other then that, it was the only issue.

Back Detail
 So it took me about 4 hours to assemble the kit, did not painting on it and used very little glue (non was actually needed. So I highly recommend this kit for beginners or advanced modelers alike. All you need is a good way to remove the parts, maybe a sanding stick, but that is it. Now I am planning on picking up at least one more Storm trooper as I want to weather one like the troopers in Mandolorian, with dirt and stains on it. Heck, I may try to build a collection of these kits!

Looking very imposing!
So there you go, I am working on another Bandai kit for my son, all I can say is, Too infinity and beyond!


Monday, July 06, 2020

Diablo Canyon build


This Fourth of July weekend I got back to working on my Canyon boards for Gaslands as well as other games I play. So leading up to this past weekend I have been watching a few videos on doing Tombstones out of pink foam for decorations at Halloween. One product that most DIY haunters use is this product called Drylok, which is used to seal up floors and walls to keep moisture out for basements and such. Well the haunters like it because it adds a flexible hard shell that keeps the foam dry. They also like it because it has small particles in it and looks like stone when dry. So I went to Home Depot and bought a gallon for less then $25.00 to try out.

Magic in a can!
 I have been looking at using quick drying tile grout as I knew it would be hard, but it also added a ton of weight. And when I saw the Drylok, I figured if it helped keep the foam from getting mashed up and had a good finish, it was a win win for what I was going to use it for.

Foam canyon
So Thursday night I applied a liberal coating of the material with a cheap 4" brush and went to town. Now the Drylok is very thick and it recommends mixing it while working with it. I also dabbed the material on as opposed to painting it on as I could tell it would leave brush marks and I wanted a more natural look to it.

First pass on the canyon
 Here is a close up once it dried, which it was set up in about an hour, but I left it over night to dry all the way. It covered the foam very well and it has a very natural look to it. I also used the Grey color, they do have a tint able version for a few bucks more, but as I was going for stone, grey would work out very well and I may be doing some tombstones so grey was perfect. 

Close up once dry.
 So with it dried, I went to painting it. Now another paint method I picked up from the Haunters was what they call Tea Staining which is pretty much what we call washes in the hobby. But it gave me an idea, so I busted out some Americana Burnt Umber and a cup of water and started to wash it over the base grey, I liked it so much that I did all four boards with one container of the Burnt Umber. Basicly I watered down the paint and washed it down from the top and let it naturally flow down the cracks. Once it had dried I did the same with a black wash, followed by adding in some Raw Sienna. Once that was dried completely, I started dry brushing on Americana Mississippi Mud and Desert Sand colors to the rocks.

Top no dry brush, bottom with drybrushing.

Another close up of the painting with two boards stacked on top each other.
I was only able to get one of the four sections dry brushed and will be doing the others over the next few days, I will then be going in and adding some small details to the boards like clumps of dried grass and such.

Canyons coming along.
So overall I love the drylok and the painting, one thing that I can't stress enough, is to wait until the washed dry completely or you will get a muddy look to the colors. Variety on colors also, the more colors you add in the more realistic it starts to look.


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Necromunda buildings


Necromunda is one of my all time favorite games and we have been playing since the re release of it. I have the Death Ray Designs wall set for the tunnels, but I realized that I did not have any other terrain for more 3D games.

So one of my projects this year is to build up some terrain for the game, I still have my old cardboard terrain, but will be using those as templates for a few other structures and bring them up to today's standards. In the meantime I found two old projects that my buddy Robert and I worked on a few years ago. All that they needed was paint, well the green building needed a new base as the wood Masonite one got wet and busted. The green little building was made from old Cities of Death terrain from Games Workshop. The green building also has an engine from a Land Raider in it and looks perfect as some sort of generator. I remember these being a tad tall, but with today's figures, they work fine now.

Green building 
 As with all my weathering, Vallejo Environmental paints were used as well as a few Americana craft colors. The key with weathering is layers, I just paint/dab on colors in somewhat of a randon spots (areas I think would have filth or rust) and just go to town. Hardest part is to know when to call it done!
Big Door side

Where is the Adeptus Mechanicus now?
The second little building was basically just four old Necromunda bulk heads glued together, we wanted some smaller building to be used as scatter terrain, all I did was cut some PVC for the roof and glued on the light. I also added two old rhino doors to make the bulkhead  door look closed and just added a plastic base to it to match the other one. The nice thing is I could use these as LOS blockers in the tunnel version as well.

This one was painted yellow and my tried and true weathering was used on it like the green building. I wanted this one to feel very industrial by going with the yellow. I like it, my wife said its cute in a disgusting way, I will take that as a complimet!

Little Yellow building

Old Necromunda Bulkheads.

The other side
Here are the two side by side in all their weathered underhive glory, these will look nice on the table and as I said above, I could use these with my DRD walls.

Two dirty buildings!

The backside of the dirty buildings!
I am working on a complete scratch built building that I will post up once I get it finished, my goal is to have enough terrain for a 2'x3' table.


Monday, June 29, 2020

Heavy Truck for Gaslands


This past Saturday, I started working on a new Heavy truck for Gaslands, it has been something that I wanted to do for a while and it became a long project of sorts.

Heavy Truck in all its glory!
 So I forgot to take pictures of the build, but here are pics of the to vehicles I started with, one is a car hauler (some limited addition too! LOL) and the other is the Baja Hauler. I was going to use the Baja Hauler straight as it was, but realized that the cab was way too small on it when I put the Gaslands figures next to it.

Donor card for the cab

Donor car for the wheels and bed.
I thought it would be a pretty easy conversion, but once I got the cars apart, I knew I was into a pretty major kitbash. For one thing, the sub assembly of the Baja Hauler was a very soft plastic and I could not get any super glue to work. I ended up trashing it and built a new sub assembly of plastic square rod as I needed to have clearance for the bed.

Then onto the cab, I had shaved and sanded down the inside but it was just too big to fit on the under frame of the original hauler. I also had a huge gab underneath the cab and it did not look right, so i added plastice to the underside of the cab to get it to fit right and look right. I then added some pipes from the Implements of Carnage sprue as well as the plow. I also cut an opening in the back of the bed for the crew to enter/exit from. I then figured out where the crew would go and was ready for paint.

Assembled Heavy Truck

Plow added

Extra armor added 
Painting was pretty straight forward, I painted the crew before going into the bed and glued in after everything was done.  I like my Gaslands cars to look pretty distressed and worn, so I always go for that apocalyptic look as I figure no one washes their vehicles as they may not make it past the next race! So after the base painting was done, I go back with Vallejo Environmental colors to rust and dirty them up to get that grungy look to them. 

All painted up

Mean front end!

Hang onto them hats and glass folks!
 Also since I was in a Gaslands sort of mood, I did a few more guard rails and barricades for the game. I found in my hobby scrap box some HO scale pallets, which work perfect for Gaslands and decided to add a few to a couple of barricades. I love how they turned out and fit perfectly for the game.

Junk piles for barricades
So there you go, I also worked on a few terrain pieces for Necromunda, that will be tomorrows update.


Monday, June 22, 2020

Fellowship of the Rings


As some know, I loved the Lord of the Rings movies and when GW released their miniature game along with the first movie, I was hooked. I spent a ton of money on buying models for the game and one of the first box sets I bought was the Fellowship of the Rings. 

Now the only models that I actually painted were Legolas and Gandalf, the others got primed and then forgotten as other LotR projects came up. Well this past weekend I decided to watch the Josh Gad Reunited Apart series on Youtube and he brought back the original cast from the movies. Then we got word that Ian Holmes (aka Bilbo in the movies) passed away. So with that I decided I wanted to paint up some hobbits, which were primed up well over ten years ago. So while listening to my buddy's Video Pod cast (Whats Up with Mike & Jeff) I started painting the below models.


Well as the show went on, I was able to get two of the hobbits completed and I kept on going working on the other two. By mid afternoon I had them all completed, but as I looked in my project box, I still had Gimli, Boromir and Aragorn to complete and it did not feel right to leave them out, so I started working on them as well.

Well i am happy to say that I completed the Fellowship of the Ring Sunday afternoon and now well over ten years later, one of the first sets I bought for the game is completed! Here they are in their glory.

Fellowship of the Ring

So there you go, it took many many years to complete, but the orginial bad of adventures I fell in love with as a young boy reading the Fellowship of the Ring is complete. Now what other old models do I have to paint, hmm we will see...


Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Finally Some Gaslands on the Table


Last Friday after work Mike from Dagreenskins blog came over and we finally got Gaslands back onto the table. It has been months since he and I got to play and it was a blast of a game. We each took two cars, mine were the Purple El Camino with Ram and a single HMG and the other was my Delivery truck with Ram, HMG & Napalm dropper. Mike took his VWs one with twin HMG and the VW Bus having Rockets!

And the Race begins
My Heavy truck decided to ram the back of the VW Rocket bus as I knew what those rockets could do to me if I ever got out front. I caused some major damage to it. Mike tried to ram his other VW into me but all we did was trade paint.

Ramming Speed!
 Meanwhile the El Camino made a break for it while the other three were playing bumper cars and I got out to a pretty good lead. Mike was able to get his VW truck out ahead of me which I finally shot up and caused him to wreck, but as fate would have it, the El Camino had no where to go and crashed into the flaming VW truck, which in turn caused me to wipe out and wreck leaving us both burning piles of junk!

Trying to Stir clear of danger!
 Meanwhile the VW Rocket Bus and my Heavy truck were left way in the back (due to Mike wiping out and smashing into the rocks and me with a Gear 3 only car. I was able to get the Heavy truck out in front and dropped my Napalm, but Mike was able to expertly drive around them while firing rockets at me and taking damage. Mike was able to finally able to cause my truck to take its last wounds and went on to win the game!

Rocket VW Bus Win!
 The game was awesome and we were both laughing at what was going on, which to me reminded me of how Blood Bowl can really mess up your plans, so too can Gaslands! It was awesome to finally get this back on the table with an experianced driver and I am sure there will be more games.

So with that, I felt like I needed to work on a few cars. So i busted out a couple of cars, the Zrod, 4x4 Bone Shaker, a 32 Coup (not pictured) and a 1964 wagon that I was painting up for my Dad.

Projects started after the game.
 The Zrod got the front tires off the Bone Shaker added to it, some plastic card to the top and the Rockets from the Weapons of Carnage sprue. The Bone Shaker then got the back wheels off the Zrod, I also added pipes and HMGs to the car as well as plastic card to the windshield.

Simple wheel swap and conversion.
 The 32 Coup was going to be for my Slime team which will be modeled after the Buzzards in the Mad Max video game. So I used plastic card and cut up blades and glued to the car, I also added the Roo Bar to the front for a ram.

Plastic Blades
 Once all that was done I moved onto the painting, the Zrod got a Yellow and Black scheme and will now be called Yellow jacket and it was a pretty quick paint up. The Buzzard was a little more time consuming as painting the blades took some time. I primed it all black then went in with a Burny Sienna followed by a Steal color. I also painted up some details on the motor before washing the whole model in Strong Tone.

Pre Wash

Post Wash (drying)
 Once the washes were dry I went back to do some weathering on both cars to finish them off with.

Two cars completed
I am still working on the Bone Shaker and the Chevy wagon, so they will be the next two to be completed in a few days. Stay safe and stay sane!


Monday, June 08, 2020

Russians and Pirates


Life has been interesting, now that we are starting to open back up, one more thing now has us back in our homes...sigh.

But enough of that, I have still been busy, did my last commission for my buddy Robert last week, a Regiment of Russian Napoleonic troops for him. Robert gave me some completed troops to match paint to, and I did a great job match painting them, see for yourself below. 

Roberts Russians
The other thing that ended up on the paint bench were some pirates! My buddy Merle in Kansas reached out to me a couple weeks ago and said that his local group was going to be playing Legends of the High Seas and wanted to let me know about it, basically that people were still playing my game.

So because of this, I dug through the old lead pile and found some figures to paint up. I have been painting a pirate a day and do most of it on my lunch hour as I am still working from home. Here is last weeks and this weekends accomplishment.

Pirates for the Wicked Wench
So there you go, still painting and planning, I have about 7 more pirates to complete and now I am looking at doing some terrain work for some Necromunda, so stay tuned!