Sunday, April 20, 2014

From Down Under Comes a Package


About a month ago wile I was surfing the blogs I follow, I came across a fellow blogger, Scott of Scott's Wargaming was looking for some LotR models. So I stepped up and sent him a care package from AZ. He was shocked at how much stuff I sent and some of the items I knew he would not be able to get (like a GitD Shirt!). Scott wanted to know how much he owed me, well I told him how about a trade instead of money. The catch was he had to surprise me with what he would send. I have been slowly collecting figures from friends so I told him to send me a painted figure. I left it up to him on what to send me and today, I got a package from New Zealand.

An Easter Package!

So above is the box and below is what greeted me from New Zealand, it is always interesting to look at newspaper from other parts of the world, yes I looked at the newsprint! Here is what the items looked like in the box.

Hmm, did he send food?

Inside the box on the right, were 6 stands worth of British 8th army figures as well as two 28mm figs.

8th Army and a few Reaper minis!

The figs were from Battlefront and these two below are from Reaper minis, on the left is a flesh golum and on the right is a plague zombie painted up by Scott.

Hmm Reaper Miniature
Next up is some British anti-tank guns from Battlefront that Scott started to paint, just need to finish up the guns on the trucks.

Ohh some anti tank guns!

Next up is a little air support, Scott sent one Typhoon for the 8tharmy.

And here is the big score from Scott, 8 old boxes of British 8th as well as two armored cars. The good thing is that these figures are all current and will get used! It is also nice to see the old Battlefront packaging as opposed to the current blisters.

A ton of British!
Lastly Scott include a nice little note giving me a detailed list of all the items.

A Note from Scott
So, there you go, a good deed returned. Scott is a awesome guy and I hope to one day be able to meet him in person and shake his hand, have a beer with and throw down some dice. Scott, if you ever make it to Phoenix, you have a place to say and a place to play some games, thanks man!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I'm Back, from Adepticon!


I am back from frigid Chicago and I am finally starting to warm up! Besides that, Adepticon was a blast and I had a good, but tiring time out there. So be warned, this will be a rather large post with a few pictures plus me rambling on about what I did and experienced.

So, my trip out started out a bit bumpy in regards to in that my flight was delayed due to mechanical issues. We were told that it would be an hour delay, but luckily we were only delayed 30 minutes. Which leads me to believe that the airlines build delay times into their flight times to make them look better with arrival times. The flight was uneventful except for the older woman that sat next to me that smelled like garlic and onions, that was fun!

Somewhere over New Mexico
Once I landed my buddy Jay picked me up and as I stepped outside I was greeted by 40 degree weather, which was a bit of a shock since I left high 80's! Anyway Jay dropped me off at the Westin and I got settled in. My plan was to help with set up, but once I checked in with Hank Eddley, everything was set already set up. So I got together with Kyle, Chris and Tim C for dinner at the Brickyard. Prior to us going to get something to eat we decided to pick up our swag bags that you get for attending Adepticon. Below is the this years haul. For the $30.00 badge, you get a a lot of cool stuff if your one of the first folks to sign up, its always nice to get this stuff.

Swag Bag!

So Thursday was spent wandering around Adepticon to see some of the games going on. One thing that I was a bit disappointed in was the vendor hall was not open on Thursday, it was only open Friday thru Sunday. The only events I signed up for was the Legends of the Old West tournament and a Gladiator ad Chariot racing game. The LotOW was scheduled for Thursday night, so I had time to catch up with old friends while wandering around.

LotOW Little Bighorn game.

40K room in full swing and smell!

Battletech ad other Demo games.

So after wandering around and helping my buddy Merle out with his LotOW game, I headed up to get my Posse for the LotOW tourney. Merle was running this event and we had 8 players signed up and he brought three tables worth of terrain, most of it being from 4Ground miniatures. Let me say this, I have to order me some of those buildings! They are amazing and I will be buying me a few in the near future.

The LotOW tourney was a 4 round game without us doing any sort of upgrades and it was a blast of a good time. Each person I played was great and everyone had an awesome attitude, it was very laid back and casual. In the end, I had two wins and two draws and ended up taking home the Best Sportsman award, which I got a set of cool laser cut counters, thanks Merle for running a great event. In fact I had such a great time, I will be rounding up the guys here for a few games of LotOW.

Merle aka Mother setting up!
 Friday morning started with me lending my help with the Lord of the Rings event for the paint judging. There were a few that were heads above most and I had to look at 6 of the top leaders. All in all it was awesome to be a judge and being able to sit and really look at the top contenders, in the end my buddy Jeremy squeaked it out, but it was very close (something like 1 point difference amongst the leaders).

Kyle Toth Game of Thornes

Jeremy's Orc leader

Jeremy's display board.

Besides helping with judging, I sat down with my buddy Merle for lunch and I asked him to show me the Gladiator game that he and Jon Cleaves of DGS games came up with. The rules are based off the Freeblades system from DGS games. I never had an urge to do Gladiator games, but I thought why not try it out. I had a blast and actually won a copy of the rules and it looks to be a great little system that I may be getting into.

Freeblade Arena
After the Gladiator game, I wandered around talking to folks and just taking in Adepticon. Friday night though was set for the Legends of the High Seas game and the Guns April. There was only one problem, both games were due to start around the same time! Since I promised my buddy John Humphrey I would help out with the LotHS game, I had to bow out of the Guns of April game.

We had 20 people show up for a huge Pirate game that John set up, and all I can say is that we were the loudest group in the room and everyone was having a blast. Oh and there was a lot of Rum going around to those that were of age.

Pirate Captains and Navy men gathering for the game!

Battle is joined and so is the rum!
So while Pirates were being Pirates, at the other end of the table the Gentleman of the Guns of April Crew were getting under way. First let me say, the buildings were gorgeous and they had that Egyptian feel to them. The painting was perfect on these and all the cool little details (pillows, planters, rugs, drapes) just put this table over the top for me. It had just enough detail to draw you in but not too much to make it cluttered.

A Beautiful table!

Details, details, details!

Here comes the cavalry! Sort of!

Turks on a shopping spree (pic from Dave Taylor)

Hey Whats over there? (Pic from Dave Taylor)
As you can see from the pictures above, my Turks were in action even though I was not. I loaned out my troops so another guy could play and I have to say, I was worried that my painting would not measure up to some of the folks there (Dave T, Jamie W, Dave P, Merle D and a few others). But Dave Taylor assured me that my painting was up to par with the rest of the guys. In fact, Merle loved my Turks so much, they went home with him, I did a swap for some Flames of War models.

Saturday came quickly since I was up until around two in the morning with the Pirate game and watching Vikings on TV when I got to the room. So I was scheduled to play a game of Chariot racing with Merle. This was another Freeblades game and it was fun even though I was the first one to wreck!

Wow, who was the first wreck? Me!
The rest of my Saturday was spent with Kyle and he offered to take me shooting. That was a nice change to get out of the hotel. We went out and threw out about 500 rounds and it was a blast. It was nice to shoot real weapons instead of rolling dice for weapons. Later that night Kyle, Jay, Suzi and I went to dinner at Harry Caray's thanks to my boss and work. A great time was had over dinner.

Sunday started early (6:00am) as I headed down to start setting up the Bolt Action tournament. I had 20 folks signed up so I needed to set up 10 tables. Good thing was that a few folks stepped up to supply terrain.

After an hour of stressing out, the players started to wander down and get checked in. One problem was that out of 20 players, we only had 12 show up! This was a bit of a disappointment but I rolled with it and made the best out of the low attendance. The players all seemed to have a good time and hopefully they will all be back next year.

Battle commences!

Terrain from GitD

Japanese on the move!

Jeremy's Airfield

John Humphrey Red Devils

John's armoured car!
After the event, we had the breakdown of the con and Aaron, Jamie and Myself started taking everything down. We spent about an hour and a half breaking everything down and getting it all put away. We then had the task of packing Jamies car with a ton of stuff.

Once we had finished, Merle and the DGS crew invited me to go see Captain America Winter Soldier at the 3D IMAX screen right next door. I then hung out with Merle, Chris and Jay until I headed off to my room to get packed up to head home. So that was pretty much my Adepticon trip in a nutshell. If you have never been to Adepticon, it is a must see. If your bold and strong enough, I would suggest stepping up to help out, they always need the help.


Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Leaving On A Jet Plane...


Tomorrow I jump on a plane and head to Chicago's premier gaming event, Adepticon 2014. Its going to be an awesome weekend (or a week for me) considering how the past two weeks have been. Real life likes to throw wrench's into game plans I have found out. Two months ago, my boss at work informed me that we would be moving our 10000 sq foot warehouse into a 20000 sq foot warehouse and it would fall over Adepticon weekend. Well good thing I had put in for vacation time ahead of time. So we had to speed up the move since I would be gone, so last week we started the move and all I can say is I am beat! Thank God it wasn't summer here or it would have been terrible!

So tomorrow will be a travel day and a set up day for me. Once I get in and get my luggage stored, I will be helping with set up until the wee hours of the night I am sure. Then Thursday I will be playing in the Legends of the Old West tournament. I had wanted to do a cool display, but with work and limited luggage space, that idea went out the window.So I went with a cool army list. For each of my Posse members I made Wanted posters and inserted pictures of the models on them, so players can quickly identify which figure is which. So here are the member's of my Outlaw Posse, oh the names come from a card game called Bang!

So, stay tuned for Adepticon coverage...


Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Guns of Adepticon!


Forgive me for the pun of the title, this is for a reason. If you are not familiar with The Guns of April site, go take a look. It is a group of fellow gamers that have a passion for putting on some spectacular large games at Adepticon. This year I have been invited to participate in a series of skirmish games set in Alexandria (Egypt) in 1800-01. Based on tales of Napoleon's expedition to the Nile Delta, and the uncovering of the Rosetta Stone, we aim to have each member bring along a small warband (8-15 models) to take part in some wonderfully evocative battles. The game is inspired by a article by Steve Dake on the Rosetta Stone published in WI294 and the rules they are using are none other than Legends of the High Seas!

With that, I decided to do something a little different from the other guys, I decided I wanted to do some Ottoman Turks and Brigade Games had just the right models. So here are a few shots of my Ottoman Turks, I am still working on the flesh, but you get the idea.

There you go, my Ottoman Turks for The Guns of April game at Adepticon 2014. Oh and it just dawned on me that I have a month to go and I just realized that I need to paint up my LotOW gang for the LotOW tournament. Man this month is going to be busy!


Saturday, March 01, 2014

Bolt Action Month Wrap Up


It has been a pretty crazy month of Bolt Action madness around here and I think things will get back to normal here at the blog. As some know, I had been getting ready for Gathering in the Desert Operation Scorpion, a Bolt Action 2 day tournament. I had been building and repairing terrain leading up to the event as well as gathering prizes, printing out packets and preparing for the best event I could.

Well we had 14 players attend this first Bolt Action event and we had some great looking tables. Games were played, players rolled dice and all seemed to have a great time. Now we did have a few minor glitches, like the Battle points that Warlord came up with need to be adjusted (3 pts for a win, 1 pt for a draw and 0 for a loss). there were also a few other issues with the scenarios (which were the Top Secret and Demolition scenarios). But all in all, it was a great event.

One of the highlights was that the Store owner Darren Johnson of Imperial Outpost games had high praise for the event. In fact one of his employees was blown away on how organized and well run the event was and would love to see more events run this smoothly. That made my weekend hearing that, as well as hearing that same thing from many of the players. In fact the four guys that traveled from Chicago and only gotten in a few games of Bolt Action and were coming out based on previous GitD events. That means a lot as well and made the long days worth it.

Now this weekend (a week after GitD) saw another Bolt Action event held at Crusader Retreat. This one was run by the local Warlord employee and was the total opposite of GitD in how it was run. The guy did not communicate very well, was not prepared and did not put much thought into it. Granted this event was free, but it felt like he phoned in the event. The best part for me was the fact that the prize (a US Marine army) would have to be sent to the winner since he did not have one. Wow, that is priceless!!!So in my opinion it was a night and day difference in how each event was run.

So now I can get back to regular blog updates...

Oh one more thing, I will be attending Adepticon this year! Yes after years of riding the bench, I will be going back to Adepticon to play some games and run a few games, so stay tuned for some Adepticon updates...


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ruins and another Pulp!


I have been busy working on a few ruins for the up coming Gathering in the Desert event that I am running for Bolt Action. Over Christmas I picked up a set of Warlords Ruined Hamlet which includes three ruined buildings. I built up the ruins and mounted them to MDF and went to work painting them up. Now I have to say I wanted to go to town on these with more rubble. But what I have found is that it may look cooler with more debris, it usually doesn't lend itself for playability. So I kept these relative clear of debris going for playability over realism.

Well besides the ruins, I got another Pulp Miniature completed this week, it is Doctor Mathis from the University. Once again, this figure was a blast to paint up and had just the right amount of detail.

So there you go folks, another week down and another post. I will be doing a write up of the Flames of War event I attended this past weekend, so once I get all my thoughts down I will get it posted here, so stay tuned...