Thursday, September 24, 2020

Rutherford Team

 Welcome back Gaslands fans, two new cars completed this week abd two for a new team, Rutherford! This time I chose the Hot Wheels Humvee cars as this team is heavy on military vehicles and I figured there would still be a bunch kicking around. 

Bright looking cars!

I did my usual drill out the rivets and took the cars apart to strip the basic paint off. I then add the smoke launchers and front ram from the Implements of Carnage sprue. The mini guns and turret are actually from Battlefront and were extra bits I had saved. All I did was add a crewman from the Implements of Carnage sprue as well. 

Base paint job

I went with a standard military green color and decided that I would apply a sort of Orange racing stripe to the vehicle, I also kept the ran black.
Decals and weathering

I used a variety of decals that I had, skulls on ram for kills, named the cars and used a generic star on the side. All these decals are from 40k left overs.
Refutor & Mortis

I named the cars, Refutor & Mortis as these are two names I had left from a Sisters of Battle decal sheet, seemed like a good way to identify each car. Weathering was my usual Vallejo Environmental paint color. 

Ready for the track!

So there you go, two more cars for Gaslands, hope you like them!


Monday, September 21, 2020

Dinos everywhere!


I had this crazy idea for another group game using FFoL or Pulp Alley, the FFoL idea is to do a Cowboy vs Dinosaur game based after a old movie called Valley of Gwangi as well as doing some sort of Pulp game on a mysterious island with Dinos.

About a year ago I bought a Tyrannosaurs Rex from Wizkids from the D&D line, then they came out with a Triceratops and just recently they released Velociraptors . Well this weekend I started working on the raptors and got them all painted up, next will be the Triceratops, but here are the completed models.

Raptor pack
Raptors take on T Rex

Movie set or real life adventure?

These are the strangest cows I have ever seen!


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Roger Dodger!


I was inspired last week to build a couple of new cars for Gaslands, this time I wanted to put together a team of cars and build one of the factions from the book. I decided to build a Highway Patrol theme team using two of the same cars, which I chose the Roger Dodger car that I saw on the Jackal Garage stream on Monday night the Mike is running.

Roger & Dodger

I did my usual disassembly of the cars and stripped the paint and chrome of the cars. I knew I wanted to keep the cars similar but also a bit different. Most parts came from the Implements of Carnage spre (Smoke launcher in back, Guns and push bar on the front). The light bar on top is actually sections of plastic sprue frame from some Warlord bases! I also used two different sets of guns as I figured the pit crew used whatever weapons they could to add to the cars.

Love the stock motor, paints up nicely.

Add caption

I love the stock motor on this car, it paints up so nicely and I highly recommend it as the detail really pops once you paint it. Overall the car is a very slick design and just seemed to work for some sort of Highway patrol looking car. 

Side by side shot

Painting was pretty simple, just a prime of black and then painted in the white and other details like the motor. I washed the rims and motor with Army Painter Strong tone but avoided the white areas. I did do some lite lining on the door thought. Once dried I applied a couple of Skull decals from an old Imperial Guard decal sheet to the doors. I then applied my weathering and sealed with a dull coat over the car to seal it. One thing I also did was to the Windshield, I cut out some painters tape in a form of wiper blade marks and stuck to the windshield before weathering and sealer. I wanted that dirty windshield look like they just ran the wipers. It really makes the car stand out.

Roger & Dodger ready to Race!

This was a fun build and the cars look awesome, I may continue on building team cars in sets of two like this, we will see. But really looking forward to getting these guys on the table!


Monday, September 07, 2020

World Ear III

 Well I did it!

New Two Player Starter Set

Yes folks, I decided to jump into FOW Team Yankee or World War III this past weekend with my buddy DrunkenSamurai. We had both been eyeing the game and with the re launch and clean up of the rules, we both were very interested. Well earlier last week Drunken and I were talking, and he suggested if we each get a box, we could swap out the extra force to the other one. So he wanted to start an American force, so I took the Russians.

Here is what you get for $49.99

You get 16 vehicles for $49.99 which is a great price and along comes the rulebook and cards as well as dice. And with each of us getting the others side, we would have enough for almost 100 points to start with. Now the only reason I went with Russians was that I already have two T-64s painted up for Tanks Modern. So I could roll those into the army, plus I love having a ton of tanks on the table!

The base forces in the box

So this past Saturday, we made our rounds in the valley looking for two copies of the game, our local shop Imperial Outpost had just got them in so we both picked up our copies. Drunken also got a few Necromunda books as well.

So yesterday, Sunday, I got to building my tank force and after the fifth tank, I was tired of cutting out parts! LOL! But  I manged to power through it and get them all built, the T-80s and BMP-3s were quick, the T=64's seemed to be a bit more fiddly and took a while to build. 



BMP-3 and T-80 HQ unit.

So overall, I am very happy with the new set, and by the way, this is my first starter box I have purchased from BattleFront. But the one thing that was a bummer was that most other starter sets come with tokens and objective markers. Now this set does include them, except they are printed on the inside of the box, you have to cut them out. Not a big deal, as you get a lot of tanks and the rulebook, just was surprised it was not in there/

Overall I am pretty excited to get started on a new project and this will be an all BF army to boot! So now time to paint some green tanks!


Gaslands Demo

 Happy Labor day,

So last week I had a buddy come over to try out Gaslands, he had been waiting for a while and we are both negative on the Rona, so we set up a meet up at my place.

New boards!

So since i was going to be hosting a game at my place, I finally got around to getting my Floor tile board done. I had saw on the Pulp Alley YouTube channel, Dave of Pulp Alley had used self adhesive 18" floor tiles for game mats. Well I went up to Lowes to pick up a few tiles, the front I wanted to have a desert feel to them and the other side is a grayish black color. No cutting, just peel and stick together to give you 18"x 18" double sided tiles., they work perfectly for small game boards.

Racing cars, El Camino vs Mini cars!

I let my buddy choose two cars and I took two cars, really didn't matter as they were all equipped the same with two HMGs in forward firing arc. This game was about teaching the basics and how to play the game and by the end of the round, my buddy had it figured out.

Close call on the El Camino

Mini Cooper power slide threw the gate!

Big winners, the Mini cars!

My buddy enjoyed the game very much, I let him take two cars from my many extra Hot Wheels and on the way home, he stopped and picked up more cars! In all the Demos I have run, only one person did not really like the game. I think I have now run well over two dozen games and for only one to not like it is pretty good.

Well enjoy the day and if you have not tried Gaslands, go check it out and try it, you will be very happy with it!


Monday, August 24, 2020

A village is born!


A few weeks ago I ordered a few new buildings for some gaming from Sarissa Precision. I wanted some South Pacific looking buildings and ordered the Far East Bundle. First off, It only took about a week and a half to get my order from the UK, that was amazing with everything going on in the world. Secondly these buildings are awesome, I love what the Sarissa guys are doing!

This past weekend I decided to work on getting them assembled and started to "Plus" them up. What I like from these kits you can use them as is or dress them up as much as you like. So first these kits I added doors (used the extra MDF left over from the cutout) and a couple of small hinges I have. I also plan to do a corrugated tin roof to give them more a Hollywood flavor to them. For the corrugation I am using the same card board I used for the Spanish tiles but making them larger and not over lapping them. In fact I am cutting them up at various widths and not placing them touching each other as to have that run down sort of look.

First building with a new roof!

 You will also notice that I already did the texture to the bases and the buildings are not glued to the supports, so when I do start painting I can paint up the texturing under the buildings and adding grass and some plants as well.

Common meeting Hut

This bundle set is perfect for a little village and I am really looking forward to painting them all up. You will notice that some buildings are just planked siding, the one below is a woven looking sort of building, nice little touch.

Woven or thatched siding.

These kits just have so much character and I could see them being used for a few games for sure. Because of these buildings, I need to order more Pulp Figures (Castaways set) as well as Island Natives for this as well.

Another nice looking building!

Animal pen or cheap overnight accommodations? 

All in all I am very please once again with Sarissa's offerings and will be buying more of there products in the very near future. Stay tuned for more pics as I work on these lovely kits...


Wednesday, August 19, 2020

KAT Attack truck

 Welcome Gaslands fan

I kicked out another cool conversion this weekend, this one I call KAT Attack and is a rather simple conversion. All parts are from the Implements of Carnage sprue from Northstar. I added the Ram, air intake, machine guns and the launcher to the rear, that was it.


The model is the Erikenstein car and was originally a grey color, I of course disassembled the car and stripped the paint and chrome off of it. Once dry I mounted the guns and launcher to the model. I had to wait to place the Air Intake and plow on after I put the car back together. Then it was a prime of black and wait to dry.

Slick looking profile

I painted with a mix of Creamcoate and Reaper paint to get the yellow then did a flesh wash from Army painter on the model/ At this point I liked how it looked, but once the wash was dry I went back in to clean up the wash in areas that I did not like how it pooled up.

Mean rear end

Once that was done, I went at it with my Vallejo Environmental colors to dirty it back up with rust and grime. Before I did that I added the decal of the skull (from a 40k decal sheet) to the sides. This little decal really makes the truck pop and ia a great eye catcher for the model. 

Ramming Speed!

So there you go, another build for Gaslands and only took a day to do as well, can't wait to get it on the track!


Monday, August 17, 2020

A Very Pulpy weekend.

 Hey folks,

This past weekend was a very productive weekend and it all focused on Pulp. A couple of buddies this weekend were doing a sort of Hobbycon weekend working on the new 40K box set that just came out and were looking for folks to join along. Well I am not interested in 40K nor did I buy said new version, I decided to work on what I had, so Pulp miniatures were on tap.

Models completed on Saturday

 I was able to complete five figures on Saturday and as Sunday rolled around, I busted out a few more models. Four out of the five are more old west, more like Mexican revolution, but they can be used in Pulp games, and the fifth model was a true pulp adventurer all from Pulp Figures..  

What a Wild Bunch we have there.

So I was able to get another five completed and as I was working on these, I got notification that my Sarissa Precision  order would be delivered today! So not only would I have completed 10 figures, but I was getting some terrain today.

Box from the UK smelling of burnt wood!

I ordered the Far East building pack, a dock and two Steam Powered launches all intended for Pulp gaming or Pacific WW2 gaming.

My terrain haul!

I was so excited to be getting my terrain that I started work on them as soon as it showed up. The first item I set about building was the dock, pretty straight forward kit, although I decided to add rope wrapped about the supports for the dock. Just some natural twine used for bracelets, which adds a nice little touch to the dock.  

part of the dock which includes another section, so a Paradox!

Once I had the dock assembled, I turned my attention to the steam launch, and I was very happy to be assembling these. And if you know me, I was a skipper on a very similar looking boat trudging down jungle rivers for many years. This kit is a neat little kit, in the picture below I have the hull completed and just have the canopy sitting there, my plan is to extend the canopy all the way over the boat and I will be using tissue paper for the canopy and making another set of frames to hold it up. The Steam boiler does go up towards the front, but I will be making a replacement that looks more like I am used to seeing in the boats I piloted. 

I get paid for the number I take out, not how many I bring back!

here is a combo picture of the dock and the boat together, which is perfect for what I am going to use it for!

Watch your step and don't step on your watch!

I ran out of steam and was not able to finish more on the boat, but will be working on it throughout this week. So stay tuned friends, more dispatches from the Jungle soon!