Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Whats up with all this Gaslands???

I have been thinking a lot about Gaslands Refueled of late and it has captured most of my hobby time and imagination. I keep purchasing more Hot Wheels, thinking about different tracks I can build and what new cars I can come up with. I am even dreaming of it, which is strange. And it seems I am not alone in this as most people that come to the game have the same thing happen to them. So, what is it that causes this? Drunken Samurai and I were talking about it last night before we played Kill Team. Here is what I am thinking the reason for it is.

First off, it’s a fun simple game, I mean the rules are complex once you start digging in, but overall, they are very simple set of rules. Movement is dictated by templates (very much like X-Wing), it does use specialty dice ( once again like X-Wing and other games now a days) and the templates are in the back of the book to photo copy and there is a dice chart for using regular 6 sided dice. Everything is in the book.

Secondly, no one is telling you what you must have in your list! Most big game companies will be more then happy to sell you unit X or Z for your game that you must have. Gaslands allows you freedom to build or use whatever you want and since Osprey only makes rules, you can choose any models to play with. There is freedom in that aspect as you can and are encouraged to do your own thing. That right there is huge as I think that is partly why games like Gaslands resonate with older gamer's.

Thirdly, it’s got to be the cost. Heck right now you can get the main rulebook for less than $20.00 on Amazon and as stated above, you can photocopy the templates from the book (or download them from Osprey) and use regular dice with the chart in the book. That leaves a few cars that you can either purchase or raid your kids toy box, and that it! How many other miniature games can you purchase that can have you playing for less then $20.00???

Now most folks will buy cars and much like myself, they start with Hot Wheels. Most Hot Wheels you can get for a $1.00 or less, which leads to you purchasing 5-10 cars at a time. I will admit, I now have more cars then I really need for the game. It seems that buying Hot wheels triggers collecting Hot Wheels! I now have a few “cool” cars that I will not use for the game, why you ask? Well I do not know! All I can say is that there are many cool cars out there and I seem to find new cars each day! Its funny, when I see a car that is more than $1.00, I ask myself if I really need it. I have no problem spending $30.00 on a single model but spend $3.97 for a car is crazy! It makes no sense but that is what goes through my head looking at cars.

Fourth, customization and conversions, Gaslands allows you to do some cool conversions on cars. I have been playing GW games for years and I have always loved converting my models, but as of the last few years, GW has moved to models that go together only one way. There is less and less options to convert models or it takes way too much time or money. (Who wants to chop up a $30.00 model?) But with Gaslands and Hot wheels, I can afford to convert to my hearts content. And there are companies out there that are offering parts for conversions like Northstar Miniatures cool Implements of Carnage sprues. You also have access to 3D printed parts as well, the sky is the limit to what gamer's have access to for the game.

So, with those four things, I have a better understanding of why Gaslands is so popular and why it has taken hold of me the way it has. The last time I felt like this was with Lord of the Rings years ago and all I really want to play or work on is Gaslands. It doesn’t mean I will not play other games (playing Bolt Action this weekend) but I keep thinking about Gaslands and what I can do with it.


Monday, February 17, 2020

Rough week

Ms. Sidney

No new hobby related work was completed this previous week, seems that real life thought I needed some stress in my life. Its funny how we take things for granted sometimes. I am glad that my hobby usually allows me some escape from the day to day rat race called life, but this past week I lost my hobby mojo.

So where to start, well as some know I am slowly taking commissions again for Saguaro Painting Service and recently I took on a commission for a decent sized Team Yankee commission of about 30 vehicles. For this commission I had to do assembly and it seemed that I was never going to get anything completed because the stack of plastic was not going down. Now this is usually not an issue for me, but this one just seemed to be taking a long time. To make matters worse, I am trying to get this commission completed by the end of the month, oh and one more thing the wife and I were supposed to go out of town for the weekend for Valentines, which would cut down on painting time.
So, I pushed forward, but then on Wednesday, our 16-year-old Black cat Sidney started acting very strange. She had recently lost some weight, but we thought that was normal for an older cat. But then she stopped using her litter box, which was a clear sign something was wrong. So, a trip to the vet was in order on Wednesday night and the vet told us that it would be $500.00 in tests, now the vet was very compassionate and told us we needed to go home and think about two things, one if we do the tests, it could be nothing or it could be something major. In his opinion it looked to be something major due to her symptoms she was having. So, the wife and I had to talk about the other option of having her put down. Well we decided with the vet that the quality of life for treatment, her age and the cost, the best thing was to let her go and make the tough call. She was scheduled for her last visit Thursday night.

So, my wife leaves for work around 6:00 am on Thursday morning, as she was getting of the freeway, I very large section of rolled up carpet padding came off a truck in front of her blocking her whole lane which hit her car. She knew right away that damage was done as she heard something crack and her something dragging. Luckily, she was able to keep control of the vehicle and was just around the corner from her work. The hit caused major damage to the driver side front bumper and front fascia of her car. Her work employees were able to “fix” the car to make it drivable for her trip home and she quickly made a call to our insurance and started a claim, I am thankful that I have a low deductible to pay.

Then as I am driving in to work, my brother text me to let me know that his wife’s father was just diagnosed with stage four terminal lung cancer and they were trying to process that! It seemed that we were being tested and I did not know how much I could handle for one day! All this bad news coming all at once was a lot to take in. I was pretty much numb at work with all the info I had received and was glad to be off on Friday.

My wife made it home and thankfully my son, daughter in law and grand baby came over that night, my son wanting to go with my wife to the vet to say goodbye to Sidney.  It was tough but was the right choice, it was made somewhat easier by the fact that our grand daughter was over and was a happy baby that night. We still have three cats and they of course spent that night looking for Sidney, which hurt us as they did not know what was going on. So, we showered them with lots of cat treats and played with them more than usual.
We decided that we would not go out of town and decided that we would just have a quiet weekend at home, we needed the time to adjust and comprehend everything going on around us. Sunday, I went to my local shop and many folks knew of my rough day and had very kind words. But one friend in particular was very sympathetic, and we had an awesome chat, shed some tears and made each other feel better.

And that’s what is important in this hobby of toy soldiers, the human contact we have with each other. Even though I did not play any games, my friends were there for me on a tough day, they listened and comforted me. To me, gaming is very special, out of all things I can buy, build, earn, time is the one most precious commodity that I can not get back and for my friends to take time out of their games to talk to me to make me feel better is an awesome gift! I am thankful for all my gaming buddies (you know who you are) that helped me this past weekend.

Sorry for the ramble, just had to get this off my chest.


Monday, February 10, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines...


This past Saturday my buddy Mike from Da Greenskins Blog ran a few demo games of Gaslands for our local shop, Imperial Outpost Games here in Phoenix.

First of many Demos
I think we ran about 6 games all together, 4 Demos and two regular games. The shop sold out of books and the 10 packages of the Implements of Carnage that they brought in. So all in all was a great day.

Cars on the track
We had lots of folks watching the game and the shop was running an X wing tournament and lots of X Wing players were taking notice of the game as well. Mike and I also gave out free cars to folks that played in the demo as well as if they purchased products for the game from the shop.

Hmm I was the first to blow up!

Followed by one of Mikes cars!

We also answered lots of questions on how to build and modify cars as Mike and I had most of our cars on display and to let folks use in the demo. And since we were giving out cars, people could see just how much we converted some cars.

Crowd favorite for converting!

Figure 8 death track with six players!

The great take away from this weekend was we had lots of folks play and are pretty excited about the game. The store owner, Darren was also excited about the game and actually pitched an idea of doing a 16'+ long track, something like the canyon scene from Fury Road. Well Mike and I are thinking about doing something like that for the next demo day.

A fun track that only two survived!
Now my mind is thinking how to build a 16'+ canyon for the next time we play, Mike and I started calling it the Devils Canyon Run or El Diablo run. Can you survive to the finish line? Time to get started on building some terrain now!


Monday, February 03, 2020

GSC Reinforcements

Saturday, I decided to put some time in at the paint bench and get some models finished up. I had the idea of working on terrain for Gaslands, but the best made plans!

So here are the newest additions to my GSC kill team:

New Cult leader with bodyguard!

Someone call for the Jaws of life??

Starting to see more Genestealer mutations!

We are the GSC!
So a quick update for this Monday morning, now back to the paint bench I go!


Friday, January 31, 2020

More Cars for the Carnage!

 Well I did it again, I built a few more cars for Gaslands Refuled this week. I have found that I really like building these cars and I am turning out at least three cars a week, have about 25 more cars to go!

So first up is this VW bug that Mike over at Da Green Skins Blog, he is a huge VW fan and he actually gave me this car a few weeks ago. The nice thing is that Hot Wheels distressed the paint job on the stock car. I added the twin machine guns to the roof and also added the wheel spikes (7/16" Snap button fasteners). I also did some weathering on the car, but that is about all I did and I think it looks awesome!

Mikes VW
next up was a simple Rat rod that I added the Mini gun to the side, I did paint up the motor which you can barely see and I also added a driver and passenger inside. But since I kept the tinted windows, you can barely see the people inside.

Rat Rod 
Lastly was this little delivery truck, the original model is already lowered and has the motor sticking out. I added the front plow, twin linked machine guns from my buddy Darren (3D printed) and on the back is a dropper. I painted this up almost in Singer Sewing machine green, I had a 67 panel side chevy van that I got from my great uncle in Casa Grande AZ. He was a Singer Sewing repairman and it was fitting to paint this up for him.

Green machine!
 So, there you go, three more cars for the Carnage!


Thursday, January 30, 2020

GSC Emerges!


Last weekend got in a couple of games of Kill Team with my Genestealer Cultists against Tom O’s Grey Knights and Robert’s Ad Mech. So, for the past few months Robert and I have been playing Kill Team with his Orks vs my Death Watch and out of the 12 games, the Orks only got one victory. We talked about it and decided that for the new year we would do new Kill Teams. Robert starting his Ad Mech and I started a Genesteal Cult.

Robert and I devised a Campaign and will be doing some narrative games using the rules. The basic concept is that the Ad Mech have a bug problem on their world and need to exterminate them. We will be sort of using this as and I-munda setting and just roll with a story line that we create. If other folks want to jump in, then fine, that will just make the story more interesting. We are all about the story and less about the points.

So to shake the dust off we got together to play a few games. Tom O came out and brought a 6 man Grey Knight team against my GSC, needless to say, I got shot up trying to cross the board. I allowed Tom to stay dug in and I tried to match fire power and charging against the Grey Knights. GSC is all about using terrain and making the enemy come to you, not charging across open terrain to try to get into contact with them! Lesson learned!

My second game was against Robs Ad mech in the Purge scenario, which is a GSC cult scenario out of the 2019 Annual. The scenario so me having to exit off the board via two spots on the board, or at least get within 2” of the exit point.Terrain was pretty good, but the Ad mech took up great spots to keep me from exiting, I tried to swarm one objective, but my dice decided to turn against me, I was rolling horribly and cultist started to drop. I made it to turn four before the cultist were broken. At one point my Leader went to charge an Ad Mech member, Robert took a shot needing a six, got it, I failed my save and he rolled on the Injury table, getting a six again taking my leader out of action! So, the GSC lost as we became broken once the leader went down with the lucky shot!

All in all both games were fun and have made me re think how I should play the GSC. Robert and I were talking about this and the GSC is all about ambushing lone models and using their strength in numbers to over power their opponent. Trying to engage in a fire fight or charging open ground will not work as well in Kill Team. I do enjoy discovering new tactics to use with this new team and look forward to many more games with the GSC!


Monday, January 20, 2020

Get your motor runnin!


Last week and this weekend was all about building cars for Gaslands, seems that its been a great motivator for me and the creative pistons are firing on all cylinders.

I had only planned on doing one more car, but I fell into a grove and got all of this done within the past four days. So here is what I did, first up is the last car completed this weekend and its a car based on a 1973 Dodge Charger SE. All I did was add the two guns to the hood and a launcher to the rear of the car. What I like about the model is the engine, unlike most Hot Wheels cars, this one has nice detailing to the motor. Once painted up it looks awesome, perhaps the best engine I have seen so far on a Hot Wheel car.

Rodger Dodger 73 Dodge Charger SE

Side profile

Rear shot

Another side shot

I also did up a 74 El Camino this weekend and all I did to this car was take out the window and replace with mesh. I also added the front plow and the two twin linked .30 cal guns to the hood. The rear engine detail is stock on the car but makes a perfect fit for a post apocalyptic look, definitely one of my favorites. 

74 El Camino ready to cause harm!

Get out of the way of that plow!

Jet Motor in the bed?
I have been using the Implements of Carnage frame from North Star, and two items that come on it are motorcycles that are the perfect scale for the Hot Wheels cars I am using for the game. So I had to paint these two guys up so I can use them. All I did was mount one to look like it was doing a wheelie.

Easy riders...not!

Racing towards you soon!
I have also been pretty active on the Gaslands Facebook page with my cars and I got a few messages from folks how I go about doing my cars. I did a quick how to post using this car below, its a 1970 Chevelle SS wagon which I cut off the back roof. I added a few things, Mesh, Harpoon gun, blower and Rue bar to the front. All in all took me about ten minutes to convert.

1970 Chevelle SS wagon converted
Once converted I did a quick paint job on it, I wanted the two doors and hood to look like they were from a different car, hence the paint job.

Harpoon Car

Looks like something my grand mother would drive!
So there you go, lots of cars being built for this fun little game. I need to start working on some terrain for this as well.