Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Old Skool neco!


I have had these three Hired hands from Old school Necromunda sitting on my desk for about a year now. To try to deal with my Covid-19 stay at home depression, I figured I would paint up these guys.

Old Skool Hired Hands
 Now, as most know, I can paint very fast, but these three models took me well over two days to paint. With everything going on in the world and having to work from home, I am feeling a bit depressed and have no motivation to paint. Our hobby is very much a social one, and the fact we have to stay away from folks is making me loose my drive for the hobby.

So in order to try to get back on the hobby horse I forced myself to paint up these three guys. I really do like the old figures, they have a lot of character. Not sure if I will ever use these guys, but it was nice to finally get them painted up.

Better picture of the dastardly three. 
Well, I had hoped that this stay at home stuff would cause me to get more done, but that doesn't seem to be the case, but I will try to get stuff done.


Friday, March 20, 2020

More Vehicular Carnage


I wanted to make sure I was posting every Monday, but real life and some such virus has caused the world to go into shut down. Well I have been trying to keep busy and here are a few cars that I finished last week.

First up a Aristo Rat car that I added an engine to the front, machine guns to the roof and the mesh inside. I really love this car, so much that you can do it and if you go over to Mikes blog, Da Greenskins, you can see what he did with his.

Modified Aristo Rat
 Next up is another Custom 71 El Camino, aka Jet powered El Camino. This one makes number three for me added to the collection. I still have about four of them to work on! All I did with this one was add the ram to the front, added the machine guns to the hood and added the spike to the wheels. I decided to go with a purple and yellow scheme, reminds me of something you might see the Joker drive around in a Batman comic book.

Joker inspired car!

Both new cars side by side
As I said above, I now have three '71 El Camino's completed out of the seven cars I have. Some folks in the Gaslands community said that perhaps Mattel is onto us with these cars, because you don't need to do much with them. Just add a few parts and your all set.

Three of a kind, sort of!
 The other car that I have is the Bone Shaker, which I have about a dozen cars collected. The latest one that I did I added the rocket tubes to the steel plated roof but kept the stock paint job on it. I find that I always use this car in demos and I am running them as an Idris team. I just love the rat rod look to the car and it has a huge skull on the front!

Perhaps my favorite car made.
 Beside the cars, I also have been wanting to build some tire barricades. I saw another Gaslander use Nerf darts cut up to make tire piles and barricades. Well I tried it last week when one of my cats found a dart under the couch. So I cut up about four darts and glued them together. I had hoped that I would not need to base them, but they were just to flexible for my taste. But for using some Nerf darts, they came out very nicely.

Tire Barricades

Closer look.
So there you go, sorry for the late update, will try to keep up with post during this "interesting" time we are all in.So stay safe people and hobby on!


Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Build it, and they will race it!


A few weeks ago while running demos at Imperial Outpost games we cam up with a cool large game concept for Demos. We talked about the scene in Fury Road of the canyon and thought it would be cool to build a canyon to race through. The idea was to have at least a 16' canyon. So I started thinking about how we could do it.

My idea was to take a 2'x4' MDF section in have in a jagged pattern so we could place the canyon walls on wither side. So a couple weeks later off to Home Depot for supplies. Well last weekend I started working on the canyon sections.

Canyon section (2 of them) taking shape.
I cut basically four sections and then glued down 1"pink foam onto then and roughly cut them into shape with a foam cutter. Then the fun part started of carving the fronts to look like rock, which is very messy.

 The plan is to use these for more than Gaslands. I can use them for Bolt Action or Flames of War and by keeping the back sides flat, I can place them together for a lager hill. Also I kept each end 8" wide so that they can all line up to make a bigger canyon wall or one side hill.

 Here are a few more shots of the carved rock work, which I will say again was a mess and not fun to clean up!

So next up is going to be the small detail work to be done, smaller rocks and dirt, still trying to figure out what I want to do about covering the flat areas, I have used Liqutex in the past, but this is a much larger area and would eat up at lease two jars of it.

So there you go, a small terrain piece for a few games.


Thursday, March 05, 2020

Stripping, not the pole dance kind.


This week I decided to try my hand at stripping factory paint off of the Hot Wheels I use for Gaslands. Up to the other day I just used 150 grit sandpaper to sand and rough up the stock paint before priming. But my buddy Mike from Da Greenskins Blog turned me onto Citrusstrip.

Magic in a bottle!
 Mike had found out about this magic in bottle from the interwebs and was highly recommended for stripping paint from metal (important point here) models. Do not, repeat do not try stripping plastic models, it eats into the plastic and in some cases will turn said plastic into a glob of melted plastic (may be good for Nurgle players!)

So since I will be doing a demo on weathering cars at the AZ Game Fair later this month, I decided to choose a model to strip. The lucky truck below was chosen and after I disassembled the truck, into the stripping fluid it went.

Lucky truck for stripping!
I placed the truck in the Citrustrip overnight and the next day I could tell the paint was coming off. I carefully used a toothbrush to scrub the body but the paint just came off without much scrubbing. I rinsed the body off (out side into my rocks) and this is what I had below.

perfectly stripped
Add caption
After I rinsed the body down, I took it inside and washed it down with warm soap and water to remove any residue that may have been left on the body. I then used a Krylon Camo beige for the car as the weathering effects I will use will show up nicely on the model. I did some basic painting on the bed, grill and rear bumper, but the rest is the beige paint and finally reassembled the truck.

New paint
Looks very clean
Some big wheels you have there!
After putting the truck back together and looking at it, I thought that a flat beige color for a real truck would look awesome, I know the current Rat Rod look is to use flat black, but man, I could see using flat beige and blacked out chrome would look nice on the real thing.

So next up is going to be rust and weathering effects from various manufacturers for the demo class, I will post after the class. But I think I found a new stripping fluid for metal models in the future. Now time to strip more cars!


Wednesday, February 26, 2020



Back to Gaslands cars tonight, here are a few cars that will be going under the knife for some modifications.

The luck chosen!
 First up is drilling out the rivets in the cars, I do this using my drill press and a new 7/16th drill bit. Makes very fast work to taking out the rivet heads. Now I see Hot Wheels restorers online that tap out the post to use self tapping screws, I just use super glue to reassemble them, I also glue the wheels in place as I don't want the cars rolling around the board while using them.

Clean removal of the rivets!
Two cars are actually from my grown sons car collection, the Green Super Bird and the White Chevy 4x4. I noticed on the 4x4 a date of 1983 on the car, so I did some searching and come to find out that this car is rather rare. I guess the cars after this had the Hot Wheels logo in the rear side window, well this car doesn't have this. So searching Ebay, this car goes anywhere from $10.00 to $35.00, wow, I bet some collector is going to have a heart attack when they see what I am going to do with this car!

First rare car I guess.
 Interesting when I took it apart, I did not know the doors opened, it has a spring inside to allow this to happen. Not I am not sure if i will keep the doors on or off for my build.

Spring for doors that open!
The second car is this Plymouth Super Bird, I really like the paint on this one and will keep that as is except for some light weathering. I did add guns to the roof which I then carefully masked off the paint to prime the plastic guns.  I also did not like the wheels on the car and swapped them for the wheels off the El Camino with Jet engine. I had to cut down the axle to get them to fit, but I like the rims on it better then the plain old looking Hot Wheels stock wheel.

Super Cool now!
Since I robbed the wheels off the El Camino, I needed to add wheels back to this car. So I used the wheels off the Implements of Carnage set and added guns and the Rue bar ram to the front. As my buddy Mike loves dual wheels on his build, I decided to do a duel set of rear wheels. it does make it look meaner from back with those jet engines back there.

Dual wheels for you my friend.

Looks tough and strong with dual wheels.
 Okay, off to the paint shop, will post more once completed, stay tuned Gaslands Fans!


Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Battle for the Western Woods


Robert and I got in a game of Flames of War on Sunday. We play Mid War and did a Eastern front game with me taking 100 points of Germans vs his 100 Points of Russians.

The Battlefield
 I had choose to be the Defender in Counter Attack and per the scenario I had Ambush and immediate reserves. First off the Reserve rules are funky, I could only take up to 60% of my force or 60 points. problem was it meant that I would have six tanks on the board to face off against Roberts force. I deployed to the left protecting a objective in the woods. The company commander and 2IC took up in the woods with two Panzer IV's while the 4 Panzer III were deployed in the wheat field.

Panzer III's hiding in the Fields of gold.
 Robert tried a different tactic, he rushed across the open ground to get right up in my face! 10 T-34's tried crossing the river and all but four made it across.

Crazy Russians crossing the river!
 If I remember five tanks fell victim to the German guns and the Russians were only able to knock out on German tank.

First Blood Germans.
 The remainder of the Russian tanks swarmed the company commander and he was killed in the volley leaving the objective open woods.

German commander falls

I shifted the panzer III's to counter, meanwhile the Russians sent two KV-1s toward the center objective. But the following turn my reserves showed up in the form of a lone 88 gun. It took a turn to get it in place and when it fired it killed on of the KV's

Germans barely holding on!
next few turns were close shooting in the woods and the Germans knocked out the remainder tanks there, the 88 opened up on the KV killing it outright.

Was a very close game this time and if the KVs had not went for the center objective and pushed towards the objective in the wood, the Germans would have lost the battle as the two Panzer III's could not hurt them and their high armor. Was a great game and was very interesting to see it play out.


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Whats up with all this Gaslands???

I have been thinking a lot about Gaslands Refueled of late and it has captured most of my hobby time and imagination. I keep purchasing more Hot Wheels, thinking about different tracks I can build and what new cars I can come up with. I am even dreaming of it, which is strange. And it seems I am not alone in this as most people that come to the game have the same thing happen to them. So, what is it that causes this? Drunken Samurai and I were talking about it last night before we played Kill Team. Here is what I am thinking the reason for it is.

First off, it’s a fun simple game, I mean the rules are complex once you start digging in, but overall, they are very simple set of rules. Movement is dictated by templates (very much like X-Wing), it does use specialty dice ( once again like X-Wing and other games now a days) and the templates are in the back of the book to photo copy and there is a dice chart for using regular 6 sided dice. Everything is in the book.

Secondly, no one is telling you what you must have in your list! Most big game companies will be more then happy to sell you unit X or Z for your game that you must have. Gaslands allows you freedom to build or use whatever you want and since Osprey only makes rules, you can choose any models to play with. There is freedom in that aspect as you can and are encouraged to do your own thing. That right there is huge as I think that is partly why games like Gaslands resonate with older gamer's.

Thirdly, it’s got to be the cost. Heck right now you can get the main rulebook for less than $20.00 on Amazon and as stated above, you can photocopy the templates from the book (or download them from Osprey) and use regular dice with the chart in the book. That leaves a few cars that you can either purchase or raid your kids toy box, and that it! How many other miniature games can you purchase that can have you playing for less then $20.00???

Now most folks will buy cars and much like myself, they start with Hot Wheels. Most Hot Wheels you can get for a $1.00 or less, which leads to you purchasing 5-10 cars at a time. I will admit, I now have more cars then I really need for the game. It seems that buying Hot wheels triggers collecting Hot Wheels! I now have a few “cool” cars that I will not use for the game, why you ask? Well I do not know! All I can say is that there are many cool cars out there and I seem to find new cars each day! Its funny, when I see a car that is more than $1.00, I ask myself if I really need it. I have no problem spending $30.00 on a single model but spend $3.97 for a car is crazy! It makes no sense but that is what goes through my head looking at cars.

Fourth, customization and conversions, Gaslands allows you to do some cool conversions on cars. I have been playing GW games for years and I have always loved converting my models, but as of the last few years, GW has moved to models that go together only one way. There is less and less options to convert models or it takes way too much time or money. (Who wants to chop up a $30.00 model?) But with Gaslands and Hot wheels, I can afford to convert to my hearts content. And there are companies out there that are offering parts for conversions like Northstar Miniatures cool Implements of Carnage sprues. You also have access to 3D printed parts as well, the sky is the limit to what gamer's have access to for the game.

So, with those four things, I have a better understanding of why Gaslands is so popular and why it has taken hold of me the way it has. The last time I felt like this was with Lord of the Rings years ago and all I really want to play or work on is Gaslands. It doesn’t mean I will not play other games (playing Bolt Action this weekend) but I keep thinking about Gaslands and what I can do with it.