Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Red Dragon Entries and WIPs

Well today I finished up my two Red Dragon entries for Gathering in the Desert painting competition. First up is Gandalf in a cart, which if some of you remember, I was going to enter this last year in the Large category, but I was unable to finish it in time. For the longest time it sat painted in basic colors, I just was not enthused to finish it. So last week I busted it out and took a second look at it.

What was bugging me was the fact that the Gandalf figure had no reins in his hands! So I went on a mission to make a set of reins. I tried everything, but could not find the right material. I was about to give up when I noticed that I had some floral wire sitting around. I had a thought that maybe I could flatten out the wire like I do for spears (by smashing the wire on a anvil with a hammer). So I went to town hammering the wire. Well that was the ticket and it worked out great.

The second entry is called "Death of a Hero" it is between Lurtz the Uruk-hai and Boromir after the Fellowship breaks up. This was the diorama I was talking about in the last post about having the base warp on me. Well you can see from the photo that this base will not warp. All in all I like how it turned out.

And lastly here is a WIP of a Balrog that I was going to enter into the Large Monster category, but I realized that I bit of more than I can chew and would not have this baddie ready for GitD. He is a long way off from being done, who would have thought that this was a pain in the butt to paint!

Anyhow, just a quick little update, time to get back to the Numidians I am working on.


thereandblogagain said...

Dang man, those look fabulous. I think the reins for Gandalf's horse came out great. I've seen a tip like that somewhere else on one of these blogs. The dying Boromir diorama also come out very well. Does that broken horn come in that Amon Hem boxed set or did you get that from somewhere else?

A+ job on both of these.

Tim Kulinski said...


Thanks man, I am glad you like them. The Broken horn did come with the Amon Hen Box set. The two horn sections are on the same sprue that has the arrows in it.

Andrew said...

Do you have fireworks in the back of the cart? I can see little bright colors peeking over the edge.

Tim Kulinski said...


Yes their are firworks in the back. It comes with the model and really is nothing but a bunch of packages.

I wanted to model Gandalfs Staff, but I could not get it right with green stuff, so I ditched the staff.