Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sisters of Battle


I got asked in an email about my Sisters of Battle army and what do I have for it? Well I have a lot but none ever really made it onto the blog, sure bits and pieces have been posted, but not all of it. So I busted out the army for a few pictures. I also will be showing (in another post) some of the things I am working on and what I still need to assemble.

But lets get going with the current army...

First up is Saint Celestine which is used as an HQ choice. As you can see, I did some converting on this model, I really liked the Living Saint model by Neil Hodgson in the back of the current Witch Hunters Codex. So I took off the stock cape and added wings to her and did a little green stuff work to blend them in. Her armour is painted with a Pearl White from Creamcoate and has a nice shine to it. I also added a 40mm base to give it some stability to it.

Since this is a Witch Hunter army, I needed to include a Witch Hunter Inquisitor, this is my Puritan Inquisitor, he is pretty stock unlike my Radical Inquisitor below.

Here is a really old (1980 something) Inquisitor that my buddy DrunkenSamurai gave me. He has had a Power Sword added to him, Plasma Gun and a Dark Angel backpack added to him. I also added him on a 40mm base to give him some height. Since he is a radical, I decided to paint him up in bright gold armour, it seems to work on the model and fits with the radical feel, sort of a "Look at Me, I am A Bad Ass Inquisitor!"

Next up two Canoness' for a pure SoB army, nothing special here, just cool looking models.

These guys are either Inquisitor Henchman or stand in for Inquisitor agents. The three Van Saar figures are from an old Necromunda gang and work for henchman. And the Void figure stands in as either my Puritan Inquisitor in plain cloths or as an Imperial agent.

Every Sob army needs a few Priests, once again they can be Inquisitor Henchman or Priests depending on how I am playing the army.

Here are a few more Imperial agents, Shotgun boy is a converted Guardsmen, the Pirate looking fellow is converted using IG bits & Mordheim parts. and the guy carrying the Heavy Stubber is a converted Orlock figure withe a IG guardsmen. Once again they can be whatever I need them to be.

Here we have a Sister Hospitaller and a converted Limited edition Foundry figure to stand in for a Inquisitor. The Inquisitor has had a Power Sword & plasma pistol added to her. I also had to cut down the figure on the planted foot since she was a lot taller than most GW figures. She fits in nicely now.

Here are a few Cyber skulls for the Inquisitor group, the one in the center was a conversion so I could have another one.

Next up are some of the Elites, we start with Officio Assassinorum Operatives.

These are all stock figures and the only one that has not been in battle yet is the Culexus assassin, but he will soon.

Next up is a squad of Celestians, there is a total of ten, (ones missing from the photo) and I have used them as a stand alone unit as well as attaching them to the Cannoness.
Here is a ten man unit of Inquisitor Storm Troopers. I am still on the fence with these boys. They do not get all of the cool things that regular storm troopers get and for the cost they are not very useful, but they are in the army.
We next move to Troops:

There are three 15 girl squads, each with a Heavy Flamer and Melta gun. I used to run 20 girl squads, but have found the 15 girl units to be just right. In the second & third picture, the Veteran sisters have had weapon swaps done to them to add some differences between them.

Next up is the Fast Attack section:
I run a ten girl Seraphim Squad with two girls carrying hand flamers. I usually attach the Saint to this squad and use them to clear flanks and clear off objectives.

Next up is the Heavy support section:
Here I have two heavily converted Exorcists from old school Rhinos.

I found this conversion from Agis Neugebaur site. I really liked what he did and had to do two of these myself. I never liked the GW model for the Exorcist and these "feel" right for the Sisters.

Now the next two pictures are items that I just got together over New Years Eve, first up is some faith point counters.

I always forget that I have used Faith points and made these counters to remind me as well as my opponent that a certain unit is using faith points. The parts come from the Cities of Death sets and are used to fix atop some of the buildings. All I did was paint them gold and add them to a flat base.
Also something I did were these banners:

Since this version of 40K uses objectives, I wanted something that would say Inquisition and SoB. I got the idea from the Dawn of War computer game and all they are is a few banner poles stuck to bases. I had a hell of a time to get the decals to set, it seems that I have some old decals that do not have much sticking quality to them. After an hour of working with some decal setting solution, I got them to stick to the banner. I think they came out rather nice and they look better than the GW Neon Green flags in the counter set.
So there you go, that is my current Sisters of Battle army. In the next post I will show you what I am adding to the army and what is still waiting to be assembled, so stay tuned and keep uttering the Litany of Divine Guidance...


Eli Arndt said...

I like what you have done here, including a nice bunch of subtle but effective conversions.

Drunken Samurai said...

Hey! How about the picture of all the other stuff you have left to do?

John Lambshead said...

I am slowly putting together a witchhunter army. I have a box of sisters bought from before the last price rise.

Dean said...

Really nice Tim.... cant wait till we face off. Hopefully my IG will be near completion by the time I get back.

Will Mallette said...

I like the collection of figurines. I used to collect dragons of all kinds, but now, as a published author, I'm focusing on my latest book, The Magic of Fuller, "Keeper of the Stone". Keep collecting, and if you're interested in a story of wizardry, check out

Daughters of the Emperor said...

Love your army, I especially love the faith point counters and the mission objectives. It's the little things that really make a quality army stand out!

Tim Kulinski said...

Thanks folks for the comments, it always nice to hear feedback. Ever4ytime I bring out the Sisters I get comments in the shops.

The Faith point & Mission Objectives were ideas that DrunkenSamurai came up with for his Knights of Eden Space Marines, I just borrowed the idea, but your right, it does add to the army.

Little Death Miniatures said...

Great army! What's that limited edition foundry miniature looks great?