Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adepticon Update

Well, I have been busy so thought I would let folks know where I stand on the preparations for Adepticon.

1 Numidians/Republic Romans for Hank Edley - Well this past Sunday the weather out here in Phoenix was good for shooting some primer, so I got all the infantry models primed white. I also got Green Stuff on the Numidian Elephant and finished off all the cavalry models cleaned up and equipped with spears. I also test painted up 3 skirmishing javeliners to see if I like the color. This week I will be busting out the army to get it ready for Adepticon.

2 Legends of the Old West Figures - Well I spoke to Jay in Chicago who is running the LotOW event on Friday night. Well he only needs a beginning level ($200) Posse of Lawmen for the event, he has enough to cover the rest of the game. As luck would have it, I happen to have just the figures ready to go. So I will be bringing about 12 models and the great thing is that they are already painted! WooHoo! Cross this one off the list!

3 Finish my LotR army - Well I dug out the figures and got them all primed and ready for paint this weekend as well. I am planning on running a Numenor force lead by either Isildur or a regular Numenor Captain. All I have done are 12 Spearman and one captain, I still need to paint up the bowmen and swordsmen. Well they are primed and ready to go, just waiting in the paint que now.

4 Figuring out how to Pack - Well have not figured that out yet, but I am thinking that the Numidian will get shipped out to Chicago so as to save me space.

Besides the above, I still need to make up a 1000 flyer's for Saguaro Paint Service. Good thing is that I can get them printed pretty cheap, but trying to figure out how to transport 100o flyer's. I am thinking that I will ship these as well.

And as if I did not have enough to do, I still have GitD in less than 3 weeks. Nice thing is that everything for Gathering in the Desert 2010 is ready to go. I pick up the Shirts this Friday, the prize support form GW showed up yesterday, packets & certificates are printed. Only thing to do is order the food. Event though it mostly done, it still feels like I have a ton of work to do.

One more thing, I decided to paint up a few items for the Red Dragon paint competition. I am doing Gandalf in his cart which got finished yesterday for the large entry. For the Battle scene I am doing Boromir's last few minutes with the mighty Uruk-hai Lurtz.

Everything was going great, models painted, based the minis on the display base and started to do the ground work. Well I choose a thin base that I picked up from Michaels a few months ago. But once I started adding the Liqutex to the base I started to notice that the base looked like it was warping. Well by the time I got the paint on it, it started to warp even more, so much so that it would not sit flat. So I had to start from scratch and removed the figures and used a thicker base. Now I just need to paint the ground work and it will be done.

All of this is being done while I look for real work and do commission work for Saguaro Painting Service, which I have 12 Old West figures for my buddy as well as a bunch of Fow Tanks.

So there you go...


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Hank Edley said...


Just get me the electronic file for the fliers. I'll handle the printing for you. Figure on 1200

I take it your doing 1/4 page or some other size other than full page?

You can just take it off my bill.