Monday, January 11, 2010

The Begining of a Campaign


DrunkenSamurai & I have a good friend (Brandon) who has been wanting to do a 40K campaign for about 2 years now. Brandon has had an idea of what he wanted fro sometime, than he bought the Forgeworld book, Imperial Armour volume four - The Anphelion Project. Now real life (work, family, etc) have always gotten in the way of starting this. But with the New year upon us, there is no excuse to get started with it.

So with that in mind Brandon & I made the trip this past Sunday out to Empire games to start the beginning of the campaign. Now we will be using our own armies and not the ones listed in the book.

So I answered the threat of a Tyranid invasion on an Imperial city. Two Adeptus Sororitas units were dispatched to stall the Tyranid incursion into the city. Reinforcements would slowly arrive since the Tyranids appeared suddenly into this system, so it was up to the Sisters of Battle to hold them.

One unit deployed atop an Imperial building on the right while another unit took to the ground.

Although the Sisters had swept their positions with Auspex scanners but they did not detect the Lictors that were well disguised and hidden in the buildings.

Sister Chiana leads her Squad out to find the aliens that are invading this system.

The Tyranids bust out of Cargo containers that were brought to this planet from a long lost transport ship.

Through a window a Imperial citizens spot Tyranid warriors approaching! All they can do is hide while the authorities deal with them.

Sister Shannon's squad spots a Lictor trying to climb the building to assault them.

Mean while Palatine Grayza and her Celestine bodyguards spot another Lictor lurking in a building and open fire, reducing the foul beast to ichor!

Sister Chiana squad blunders into the Tryanids trap as the creatures spring from their hiding places.
Sister Shannon's squad does not fair well with the Lictor and it manges to climb to the top of the building while evading bolter & flamer fire.

But Sister Shannon bellows the order to close with the creature in the name of the Emperor! With faith of the Emperor protecting them, they quickly dispatch the foul beast.

Sister Chiana squad is able to wipe out most of the bugs that tried to ambush them, it seems that the Emperor is with them.

Meanwhile a Genesteller brood lord appears with some Genestealers and closes in on Palatine Grayzas position.

Somehow the Broodlord summoned more gaunts to his aid to assault Palatines position.

A bitter fight ensued with Palatine Grayza and her bodyguard, unfortunately Palatine group was overpowered as the Tyranids cut down the Celestines and pursued Palatine Grayza.

Palatine Grayza sent a com burst for more reinforcements and that her position was over run by Tryanids, her com then goes dead as she falls to the invaders.
The swarm then hits a squad of reinforcements as they arrive and quickly wades through the brave Sisters.

Sister Chiana squad is then ambushed by a hoard of gaunts that explode out of a near by building, quickly surrounding them.

Sister Shannon's squad is pinned down by Bio fire from the Tryanid warriors and can only watch in horror as their positions are over run. Sister Shannon watches as Palatine Grayza is cut down by the approaching swarm.

Just when hope seems lost, an Imperial Valkyrie approaches to airlift Sister Shannon's squad to safety. Sister Chiana fights and the gaunts buying time for Sister Shannon's team to be airlifted.

The last thing that is seen as the Valkyrie speeds away is Sister Chiana holding off the gaunts and giving her life to the Emperor. Sister Shannon vows that the loss' today will be avenged!

All in all it was a great game and was allot of fun. We had a few folks come up to us and ask how many points we were playing, when we explained that we were not using points, they seemed confused. We told them it was a narrative campaign and they looked at us as if we just did something wrong. .
I guess some 40k players are to entrenched in their thinking to play 40K any other way than besides tournament point based games. I feel sorry for folks that think that way, what ever happened to playing a game for fun and for a story??
Anyhow we had a blast playing and will be doing more of these games in the future.

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Pleasant colors on the nids and terrain :)